The Magic Girls 1, Revelations Part 2

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All of Cindy’s furniture was gone. Her entertainment center, her couch, her chairs; everything was gone from her once nicely furnished apartment. Instead there was a large heart shaped bed covered in rose pedals. There were large candle sticks placed romantically around the room. There was a thin pink curtain surrounding the bed, and Cindy could see through the curtain that the very sexy Hannah was lying on her back.

No longer simply nude, Hannah was now wearing a zip-up green sweatshirt with their old college logo on it and matching green thong. Her top was zipped down low so Cindy could see that was all she was wearing over her large breasts. She was squirming slowly on the bed, rolling around ever so slightly in her new college-based out fit. She rolled over and faced away from Cindy so she could see her perfectly shaped ass. Even though she was looking away from Cindy, she knew that Cindy was watching her.

“I thought we could relive some of that ‘college experience’.” Hannah said as she was obviously paying close attention to Cindy’s thoughts. “With a few special ‘additions’ of course.” Hannah said, referring to her powers. She caressed the sheets on the heart-shaped bed as Cindy looked on.

“I was going to say. This isn’t quite how I remembered college.” Cindy said as she stood there in her blue robe. Hannah giggled back, still looking away from Cindy. Hannah’s magic was roaming around the room and doing things without Cindy’s knowledge. She finally turned back towards the bed, away from Cindy.

“I think you need to get that robe off and get on the bed with me.” Hannah instructed.

With Hannah’s words the robe slowly started to untie itself from her waist. Cindy opened her arms and watched as the robe opened up and presented her figure once more. Cindy’s body, that she had thought was naked underneath her robe, was now adorned with a sheer loose blue baby-doll. At some point Hannah had simply put it on Cindy’s body, and Cindy had no idea when it happened. This short flowing dress was just barely long enough to cover up her panty-less crotch, for Hannah decided not to give Cindy a pair of panties underneath. Her breasts spilled over the top of the dress, and while her nipples were just barely covered up, they were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Even her shaven pussy was clearly visible beneath her baby doll. As Cindy continued to check her body out in her new lingerie, the robe was slowly pulled off of Cindy’s shoulders by Hannah’s thoughts. It floated off her body and then fell to the ground behind Cindy.

“This is definitely not how I remember college!” Cindy said happily as she looked down at her near naked body clearly visible beneath her sheer short gown. Cindy quickly realized how big a fan Hannah was of lingerie and playing dress up now that it seemed as though she was pretty much omnipotent. She looked down at her new sexy attire, for she had never in her life felt sexier.

“This of this as the way I wish it had been; you dressing up for me in sexy little outfits, us making love over and over again in our room and using my powers for both our pleasure.” Hannah said as she rollover over onto her back and giggled. It was obvious that her friend was becoming increasingly accepting of her magical gifts. Hannah opened her arms wide for Cindy, beckoning her to join her on the large red bed.

Without a second thought, Cindy leaned down behind her friend in her new outfit, and eased her hand up Hannah’s leg. Hannah moaned at Cindy’s touch, and slowly eased her own hands along Cindy’s arms. As Cindy climbed onto of her, Hannah’s hands sunk underneath Cindy sexy baby-doll and ran up around her large breasts. Cindy lowered herself onto her magical friend as she caressed her breasts, pinning Hannah to the bed. Wasting little time, Cindy opened her mouth and eased her tongue between Hannah’s wet lips as Hannah ran her hands up and down Cindy’s sides underneath her lingerie. Now full horizontal with her magical friend, Cindy kissed Hannah deeply and passionately. They ran their hands through each other’s hair, kissing and nibbling on each other’s necks. Their long sexy legs were intertwined, eased between each other, and grinding their thighs together.

“Please give me more, baby.” Cindy begged a she pried Hannah’s mouth open with her fingertips. She dove in and kissed Hannah deeply, and Hannah let Cindy’s tongue explore every inch of her perfect mouth.

“More magic or more love?” Hannah asked with her thoughts, for her mouth was preoccupied to talk. Cindy pulled away as Hannah’s voice echoed in her mind.

“Both.” Cindy answered with her own lips, and she dove in to kiss Hannah again. “I want to fly like you can fly. I want to feel all the ways that you feel pleasure. I want to live like you live.”

Hannah heard those words and smiled. She knew so much more than Cindy did, not only about magical powers, but about the reality they both existed in. As Cindy continued, Hannah thought about what magic she could use to please her sexy friend. As Cindy’s hands roamed under her tiny thong and around her perfect ass, Hannah searched her own imagination and sexy thoughts. There were so many ways these two sexy lingerie goddesses could have sex that night, yet there was so much Hannah knew she could show Cindy with her. But she didn’t want to dismantle Cindy’s reality with her powers all in one night.

Then Hannah knew. As Cindy continued to kiss and nibble at Hannah’s neck, Hannah again focused her magic yet again. Cindy suddenly felt lighter as she kissed down Hannah’s chest towards her large breasts. Hannah brushed her fingers along Cindy’s chin, and lifted her chin up so Cindy could look into Hannah’s eyes. Cindy saw that the sexy voluptuous body she was kissing and rubbing against was now glowing ever so faintly. Hannah lifted Cindy’s chin even more so, and Cindy soon found her body floating off of Hannah’s body and into the air. Hannah was gently lifting Cindy’s entire body up with just her fingers upon Cindy’s own chin.

“Kiss me.” Hannah said, and Cindy leaned forward and kissed Hannah’s lips as her entire body floated weightless above her and her heart-shaped bed. Hannah moved Cindy higher and higher into the air with her mind as they kissed, and Cindy soon found Hannah’s lips out of reach. Hannah giggled an innocent giggle, and waved a sexy wave goodbye to her friend as she simultaneously moved her friend into the air with just her magical thoughts.

“Now watch me play with my powers a little.” Hannah instructed as Cindy, in her sexy sheer gown, found herself magically held up near the ceiling by the telekinetic powers of her old roommate. Hannah had decided not to show Cindy new magic, but instead new ways the two of them could enjoy the powers she had already displayed.

Hannah arched her head backwards against the large heart shape pillows as Cindy watched from above. Hannah gorgeous breasts were pushed up towards her as Hannah’s squirmed sexily on her magic bed with her back arched. Hannah pointed at her own breasts, and Cindy watched in amazement as the zipper on the front of Hannah’s sweatshirt slowly started to unzip itself as Hannah’s hand slowly motioned down her own body. The zipper followed her magical hand, slowly revealing more and more of Hannah’s amazing cleavage. As the zipper finished its travel and unhooked on the bottom, Cindy saw Hannah smile the biggest smile she had ever seen.

“Oh, how I love having magic!” Hannah cried out as her zipper on her sweatshirt was unzipped by her amazing telekinetic powers. Suddenly her sweatshirt ripped open by continued use of her magic as it two hands pulled it open with amazing force and desire. She was now displaying her amazing breasts and ran her hands down her body. Cindy’s eyes roamed down Hannah’s intoxicating body as well, down to her tiny green thong as it hung on to her body while she remained weightless in midair by Hannah’s command.

Hannah waved her magic fingers down around her pussy, and prepared for yet another magical feat. Cindy watched little white specks of glitter float down from Hannah’s fingers like dust, and sparkle above the green fabric of her panties. The glitter quickly swirled around Hannah’s pussy, and started to form a vertical shaft. In a flash, Hannah had upgraded her once sexy green thong into a strap-on with a long, stiff, green dildo.

“Let’s fuck like we used to.” Hannah said as she looked up at her friend still pinned against the ceiling. She stroked her new toy as if it was her own cock, and smiled up at Cindy. All Cindy could do was nod as she longed to be fucked with Hannah’s strap-on.

With her plan moving into place, Hannah winked a sexy wink at Cindy. Then, as if she was on the surface of a pool, she closed her eyes and slowly sunk into the bed. She slipped her body completely through the sheets, mattress and all, and disappeared from Cindy’s sight. Cindy was still firmly held against the ceiling as she looked down at the now empty bed.

Then Cindy felt something bump into her ass. She gasped as she felt something slide between her legs. She felt something firm creep up against her pussy. She looked down at her own body looking for answers, and saw a pair of hands emerge from the very solid ceiling she was pinned to, and wrap around her large breasts still tucked her tight bra. These delicate hands started to caress her breasts, and she felt a body ease up against her back instead of the ceiling. Cindy tried to turn her head and look behind her, and as she did she saw Hannah’s face pass through the ceiling as if the ceiling was liquid.

“I know you like in from behind.” Hannah reminded Cindy as her head slipped through the ceiling. Hannah quickly pushed Cindy away from the ceiling as her body emerged from the ceiling. She took hold of Cindy’s floating body, and spread her legs apart. As Hannah fully emerged, she pushed Cindy lower back towards the bed. She placed her hands firmly on Cindy’s back and moved her hips back and forth, allowing the tip of the strap-on to rub against Cindy’s pussy as two girls floated lower and lower back to the heart shaped bed.

Cindy landed back on the bed on all fours ever so softly, and felt Hannah’s body ease up behind her. Hannah leaned down over Cindy body, allowing her breasts to rest on Cindy’s back as she whispered in her ear.

“I want you to cum for me, baby.” Hannah whispered. She reached around and caressed Cindy’s large breast with a free hand. Hannah pulled at the small strap that held the side of her top up, and lowered it down Cindy’s arm, allowing her huge breast to hang free.

“Yes?” Cindy moaned as Hannah went even lower down her body, and quickly danced around Cindy’s nipple with her tongue. Cindy looked down at her now free breast, and then over to Hannah’s gorgeous face as Hannah hung over her body from behind.

“I want you to feel my magic.” Hannah said as she looked at Cindy with her sexy magical eyes. Hannah leaned in and kissed Cindy on the lips as she eased the strap-on around her pussy. Then with perfect aim, Hannah slid the large strap-on into Cindy’s wet and awaiting pussy.

“Oh yes… Mmmm.” Cindy moaned into Hannah’s mouth as the plastic toy slid inside her wet pussy. The toy was already wet up and ready to go as Hannah’s hips eased it in and out of Cindy’s pussy. As Cindy thrust slowly back against Hannah, Hannah started to kiss around Cindy’s neck, matching the movement of her hips with Cindy’s.

“That’s what I need. Fuck me.” Cindy called back to her. Hannah pressed her hands firmly against Cindy’s back, and lifted her body backwards. She arched her back upward, and looked down at Cindy from behind as she continued to slowly ease the huge toy in and out of her pussy. Hannah latched onto Cindy’s ass with her hands, and spread Cindy’s ass and pussy wider as she pushed the toy inside her to new depths. Cindy had no choice but to fall forward against the heart-shaped pillows as her arms gave out beneath her.

With her ass and pussy firmly in the air, Hannah increased the speed of her thrusts. She fucked Cindy harder and harder as Cindy clinched the sheets below her. Hannah’s large breasts flopped with each thrust, bouncing as she looked down at her friend and fucked her. Cindy’s hands roamed around her own new breasts, and she frantically pulled at the remaining strap to free her breasts from their constraints. Soon her hands pinched at her own nipples as Hannah pounded her from behind.

Hannah fell forward over Cindy, reached around, and caressed Cindy’s breasts as Cindy leaned her head backwards and met Hannah.

“You like that?” Hannah said as she increased the power of her fucking even more. She slammed against Cindy’s pussy as the two girls’ bodies jerked in unison. “You like how I fuck you?”

“Yes. Fuck me, baby. Yes!” Cindy cried back. Sweat began to form down Cindy’s exposed back, and Hannah could feel the warmth radiating off of her. Hannah reached down and grabbed hold of the back of Cindy’s gown, which was still down below her breasts. Then with a swift yank she ripped it off of Cindy’s body, leaving her completely naked. Cindy watched as Hannah tossed the blue gown, and despite the thorough fucking she was receiving from behind, she saw that the gown was still perfectly intact. Hannah had not damaged the gown at all, but merely pulled it right through Cindy’s body with her magical desires to get Cindy naked again. Hannah truly loved dressing up and stripping her sexual partners.

Hannah lifted herself back up as her hips thrust against Cindy. She placed her fingers at the top of Cindy’s bare shoulders, and then ran her fingernails down Cindy’s sweaty back, leaving red scratch marks as her fingers moved down towards Cindy’s back. At the sensation of pain, Cindy arched her back upward. Hannah pushed Cindy back down on the bed hard, and her head bounced against the pillows.

“I want you to cum!” Hannah yelled as she was becoming more dominant.

“Yeah?” Cindy cried. She felt the strap-on grow inside her like a real cock as Hannah demanded it fill Cindy up even more. She felt it go deeper and deeper inside her. She latched onto Cindy’s hips with her hands and thrust into her as hard as she could. Hannah though about Cindy being pulled against her harder, and Cindy felt gravity in the room change as all things were now being pulled towards Hannah. Cindy again looked up from her position stuffed into the pillows, and saw her picture frames on the wall again behind pulled towards Hannah. They clung to the nails in the wall by their tiny wires.

Hannah looked down at Cindy’s breasts as they bounced furiously below her, and she thought about touching them. As she hung onto Cindy’s hips from behind, Hannah thought about pinching them. Cindy soon felt fingers on her nipples. She felt those thoughts of Hannah’s as if they were real.

“Oh fuck!” Cindy screamed as the sensation drove her over the top. As she cried out, the doors to her balcony burst open, and a warm wind blew into the room. The picture frames ripped the nails out of the wall as the force was too much, and they shattered on the ground.

Cindy’s body jerked against Hannah as she came harder than she ever thought she could. Cum poured from her pussy onto Hannah’s awaiting strap-on, and Hannah knew she had pleased her friend as it was now so easy to move her toy in and out of her friend. Cindy lost control of her body as pleasure was all she felt. She finally collapsed onto the heart shaped bed, and the warm wind ceased to blow.

With Cindy lost in bliss, Hannah’s body slowly rose from the bed as she floated back up into the air. As she rose from her friend, the strap-on returned to its place deep in Hannah’s magical mind. Hannah floated above Cindy, now completely naked, and could easily see that she was too satisfied to move. Hannah looked down at her naked friend, and slowly eased down against her. As her soft breasts touched Cindy’s wet back, Hannah whispered into Cindy’s ear.

“You have no idea what is happening, do you?” Hannah asked her, but Cindy could hardly hear her for she did have no idea what was going on. She was lost in her pleasure. Hannah looked away from her friend and instead to the doorway that led to the balcony. Hannah floated up off her friend again, and up above the bed. Arms out stretched and toes behind her, Hannah floated through Cindy’s living room and towards the open air blowing softly in from the night. Cindy saw Hannah’s perfect body float away from her, and watched as Hannah tucked her toes back down beneath her so that she could softly land at the edge of the doorway.

As she landed, she let the loose green sweatshirt she was hardly wearing fall onto the floor behind her. Completely visible to anyone who happened to be lucky enough to see, Hannah stepped her gorgeous naked body out onto Cindy’s balcony. Hannah didn’t care who saw her. She wanted them to see her. She wanted the world to see her perfect nude body.

Cindy watched through the doorway as Hannah ran her hands up her thighs, around her pussy, and placed her hands calmly on her own breasts. She turned back to Cindy, and motioned for her to join her outside. Cindy ignored the rest of reality and its rules, and slowly climbed off the bed. Without thought, she stepped out onto her balcony, equally naked, and stood there with her blonde friend. They were well over ten stories above the city streets below, and Hannah let the moonlight beam down onto her perfect curves. Hannah wrapped her arms around Cindy’s naked body and pressed their large breasts together. They were well over ten stories above the city streets below as the moonlight beamed down onto their perfect naked curves.

“Just because I keep my magic a secret doesn’t mean I keep my sex a secret.” Hannah told Cindy as they stood naked on her balcony, and she quickly leaned in and kissed Cindy softly on the lips. Cindy welcomed Hannah’s kiss, not caring who happened to see her with this impossibly gorgeous blonde as they continued make love. As Cindy let Hannah pry her mouth open, she felt Hannah’s finger ease inside her dripping wet pussy. She opened her legs slightly and let Hannah’s finger roam inside her on her own balcony.

“Mmm. You’re so wet.” Hannah moaned as she kissed down Cindy neck and probed her clit with her fingertips.

“It’s your fault.” Cindy laughed back, and Hannah’s finger continued to move in and out of her. “God, you feel so good.”

“I prefer Goddess, thank you.” Hannah joked back, and she lifted her fingertips from Cindy’s pussy. Still wet with Cindy’s cum, Hannah licked her wet fingers and let Cindy watch her as she tasted her once more. With Hannah’s words, Cindy realized that she was in fact a beautiful goddess. There was no other definition for Hannah as Hannah could do so many magical things, yet she obviously wasn’t an angel, a witch, or any other fictional magical being that Cindy could think up. As she watched Hannah suck on her own fingers, Cindy began to finally completely accept Hannah’s magic as real, and simply that.

“Good girl.” Hannah said as she answered Cindy’s thoughts, happy to see that what Cindy was thinking was exactly what she hoped for. Hannah jumped from the balcony, and sat upon the railing of Cindy’s balcony. She wouldn’t float or fly for fear of anyone who was actually watching might see her use her magic. Cindy was fearful that Hannah was sitting on her tiny railing with a ten story drop behind her, but Hannah obviously didn’t give it a second thought. She spread her legs wide, letting Cindy take in the sight of her shaven pussy once more

“But no more thinking. More doing.” Hannah continued, and then pulled Cindy between her legs. Cindy found happiness and pleasure as her face was firmly pressed between Hannah’s breasts as she sat above her. Cindy nuzzled between Hannah’s epic breasts, running her hands all over them. Hannah arched her back as Cindy placed her mouth over one of Hannah’s nipples and began to lick and caress it with her tongue. Hannah closed her eyes as she felt Cindy’s touch, and ran her hand through Cindy’s long dark brown hair. All Cindy could think of a she sucked on Hannah’s breasts was that these were the breasts of a Goddess; magical and beautiful.

As Cindy continued, Hannah prepared a surprise for Cindy in her mind. With her hands all over Hannah’s naked body, Cindy suddenly felt a sensation between her legs. She felt warmth dancing around her pussy and her tiny waist. She felt something wrap around her, and then soon felt weight of something between her legs. She stopped pleasing her friend, and looked down at herself only to find that amazing green strap-on that Hannah had used to fuck her with was now on her. She quickly looked back up at Hannah who was still seated on her railing, and Hannah had her finger placed coyly between her teeth as if she was playing the ‘innocent and cute’ role.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” Hannah asked as she sat on the nailing completely naked with her finger still innocently between her teeth. Before Cindy could answer, Hannah pounced from her seating position and straddled her naked friend. Cindy was shocked, yet as Cindy caught her, she soon realized something amazing about Hannah. As Hannah looked down at her with her arms now lying on Cindy’s shoulders, Cindy realized that Hannah weighed no more that a few pounds.

Now as light as a feather, Cindy held Hannah up, and slowly lowered her onto her large strap-on. She eased the toy inside Hannah’s pussy with ease, and Hannah moaned as she was penetrated deeply with the toy. Cindy found it so amazingly easy to lift Hannah up and down, fucking her as she straddled her on her balcony. She let Hannah ride her toy as Hannah’s breasts bounced up and down before her eyes. Cindy ran her hands up and down Hannah’s sweaty back, and almost had to hold Hannah down as her near weightless body almost bounced off her of toy.

Hannah held on tight to Cindy’s shoulders as she rode her. She was in ecstasy as she enjoyed her public display of lesbian sex. Unknown to Cindy but well known to Hannah, there were several gawkers now watching these two gorgeous naked girls fuck outside. The sight of these two women with porn-star bodies and supermodel looks enjoy each other on the balcony so passionately had entranced a few onlookers from the apartments across the street. Hannah sensed their eyes her body, and welcomed it as she was no stranger to having sex in public. The knowledge that she was now being watched only made her want Cindy to fuck her even harder. She looked down at Cindy, and pushed down hard so the strap-on would penetrate her deep.

“That’s what I need!” Hannah cried out, and she placed her ands on Cindy’s face and kissed her deeply as Cindy thrust up into her pussy. Cindy clinched her hands onto Hannah’s ass as she stuck her tongue into Hannah’s mouth and pressed her large bare breasts against Hannah’s. Cindy pulled at Hannah’s ass and spread her wider, getting deeper and deeper inside her pussy. These new deep sensation came at such a surprise that Hannah arched backwards and cried out.

“Oh fuck!” She screamed out to the city around her, and Cindy smiled as she continued to fuck her. Hannah latched back onto her friend’s shoulders, and with passionate eyes, she glared down at her.

“Get me inside. I want to cum!” She instructed her.

Cindy did she was told, and carried her weightless friend back through the doorway. Cindy only made it a few steps inside when suddenly Hannah’s normal weight returned. The sudden change caused Cindy to loose her balance and fall forward onto the carpet. With a crash, Hannah fell on her back with Cindy on top of her, but this new found position with Cindy on top is exactly what Hannah wanted.

Cindy drove her strap-on into Hannah as she pinned her to the ground. Hannah glared at the doorway the two nude girls had just come through and it slammed shut. Hannah was safe to use her magic again. She latched onto Cindy’s back with her arms, and pulled her tight against her as Cindy’s strap-on penetrated her pussy with a powerful force. Cindy slammed the strap-on in and out of Hannah as her large magically enhanced breasts bounced before Hannah’s eyes. Hannah ran her hands around Cindy’s front, and latched onto Cindy’s breasts. Cindy moaned as she slammed her harder and harder, enjoying Hannah’s touches.

“More!” Hannah cried, and Hannah clinched Cindy’s breasts firmly in her hands. Instantly, Cindy felt her breasts grow in Hannah’s hands. They grew larger and larger right before her eyes. While the rest of her perfect body remained the same, her breasts simply inflated into Hannah’s magic touch. They became too large. They were giant. They were so massive that no bra would ever hold them. They were too big for any normal person to ever achieve. They remained in Hannah’s hands as her nipples could now easily reach Hannah’s mouth. That was what Hannah wanted as she quickly latched onto Cindy’s nipples with her mouth.

“It hurts.” Cindy cried out as her back was quickly becoming sore from the weight of her new breasts.

“Okay… okay…” Hannah managed to utter as Cindy continued to slam her. “Suck on mine. Please!”

As Hannah let go of Cindy’s breasts, Cindy felt their weight fade away as they quickly shrank down to their normal size. Normal for Hannah’s magic meant Cindy’s breasts were now Ds at the smallest. Hannah quickly placed her hands a foot away from her own breasts, and soon her firm breasts grew outward towards her hands. They grew larger and larger as she lie on her back, and Cindy ran her hands over Hannah’s large mounds as they grew out to Hannah’s hands. Together, the two girls caressed Hannah’s impossible magic breasts as Cindy slowed her strap-on in and out of Hannah’s pussy to increase the sensation.

“Suck them…” Hannah said, and Cindy leaned in and grabbed Hannah’s left breast with both hands. Holding it still, she lovingly licked her nipple while she fucked her. Cindy sucked her nipple hard as Hannah’s hands fell back against the carpet and she moaned into the air. Hannah arched her back higher, and Cindy felt Hannah’s body slowly rise from the ground. Knowing that Hannah’s magic would soon be out of control, Cindy decided to push her over the edge. Cindy suddenly increased her motions, fucking Hannah harder and harder and forcing her back to the ground before they both floated away.

“Oh yes! Like that!” Hannah screamed, and she pushed herself against Cindy. Cindy let go of Hannah’s large breast, and placed her hands on the ground to support her body as she fucked Hannah harder and harder. Hannah’s huge breasts bounced against Cindy’s. Hannah latched onto Cindy’s shoulders and pulled Cindy down between her breasts. As Cindy’s face wash mushed between Hannah’s breasts, she drove the strap-on as deep and as fast as she could into Hannah.

As Hannah’s body began to glow again, Cindy knew she was close to pushing her magical friend over the edge. The pictures flew off the walls and crashed onto the ground. The ground beneath the two girls started to rumble ever so slightly. The windows blew open and the magical warm wind soon caressed these two naked sweaty girls as they fucked on the ground.

“Yes! I’m cumming!” Hannah screamed, and her body quaked. Light poured from her, and blinded Cindy. As the orgasm took Hannah, Cindy was soon tossed aside. She fell over and bounced her nude body onto her own carpet, shielding the light from her eyes with her hand. As the light began to dim, she found Hannah still lying on her back on her carpet. Hannah was naked and sweaty and smiling a large satisfied grin as she ran her own hands up her body. She had not burst into a million diamonds as she had done before, and Cindy watched as Hannah’s giant breasts seemed to shrink back down to normal proportions. Little vapors of light seemed to radiate off her body like steam as she was in bliss. As Hannah’s body returned to the way Cindy remembered it moments earlier, Hannah looked over at Cindy. Her smile showed she as the grateful for the sex that Cindy had given her.

“That was glorious, baby.” Hannah said as she ran her hands over her large breasts. Cindy smiled back as these two naked girls like next to each other on the carpet,

Cindy reached out with her hand and caressed Hannah’s soft face. But to her surprise, she couldn’t touch Hannah. Cindy’s hand sunk through Hannah’s face as if she wasn’t there. It was like Hannah was a hologram; untangle and impossible to feel. Cindy tried to touch Hannah’s body, but still found it impossible to even caress her sexy nude body. Her hand sunk all the way though Hannah’s body and onto the carpet below. Hannah looked down at Cindy’s hand as it had passed right through her own body.

“Ha!” Hannah giggled as she noticed that Cindy couldn’t touch her. She looked over to Cindy, and looked deep into her eyes. “It’s always different when I cum. My magic goes a little haywire.”

Hannah pressed her hands against the carpet, easily touching the carpet below her, and quickly lifted her body up so she could stand in Cindy living room. As she stood, she ran her hands up her naked body, still tingling from her orgasm. She ran her hands up her hips. Around her pussy, and around her firm ass. Cindy looked up at Hannah, her sweaty naked body standing over her as she lie on the ground. Hannah looked down at Cindy as she caressed her large breasts, still enjoying her bliss-full moment.

“Stranger things have happened, believe me.” Hannah said as her eyes opened again. Hannah then looked towards her heart-shaped bed and began to walk towards it as Cindy lie on her back. Hannah didn’t stop her walk and Cindy watched in shock as Hannah feet stepped and sunk right through her. Hannah walked through her as well as over her, not giving her actions a second though as it was still true that their two bodies could not touch each other.

As Hannah passed by Cindy as if she didn’t exist, she walked towards the heart shaped bed that still sat her room. Cindy climbed up to her feet, and watched as Hannah held her magical hand out towards the bed. Hannah’s hand started to glow ever so slightly, and the whole bed quickly faded into nothing right before her eyes. Hannah then turned back towards Cindy, and saw she was still wearing the green strap-on.

“Oh, that too.” Hannah said, and she pointed at Cindy’s toy with her fingertips. Like the bed, it too vanished instantly the second Hannah pointed at it, and Cindy was now completely naked. Hannah looked past Cindy to her sheer blue gown set that had been tossed aside.

“Oh your clothes!” Hannah said. She then walked towards Cindy again. She didn’t walk around Cindy but instead walked directly towards her. Cindy had not time to move as Hannah’s body suddenly merged with her own as she walked. Her breasts, her face, her waist, her entire body passed right through Cindy again as if she wasn’t even there. For a moment, the existed as one.

For that moment, Cindy could see what the inside of Hannah’s body looked like. It wasn’t brains and blood and bone that Cindy saw; it was memories. It was in that moment that Cindy could see Hannah flying through the clouds on a sunny day in a long white gown with her angel wings spread wide, soaring with such freedom. She had her hands stretched out wide as she flew among the birds high above the world below. In a flash, Cindy saw Hannah on a giant king size bed in some mansion somewhere. Her blue lingerie was falling off her own body as she wore glowing white jewelry that dazzled on her ears, neck, and wrists.

But Hannah was not alone, for at the end of the end stood a beautiful supermodel her a sheer blue shirt pulled down and revealing her large firm breasts. Her panties had already slid off her body to reveal her tiny pussy. She just stood there, near naked and waiting to pounce on Hannah and join her on the bed. For some reason Cindy knew that this house was this supermodel’s house, and she knew that this girl was some elite celebrity who was keeping her lesbian affair with Hannah a secret. Cindy knew that Hannah’s attire and jewelry were not some magical creation, but actually bought for Hannah to wear for this occasion. Before Cindy could enjoy the sex between these two lovers, the memory vanished in another flash. Cindy saw Hannah lying on her back on the floor of some living room. It was a frat-house, and three naked college guys were standing above her with their huge cocks in their hands. They were jerking off onto Hannah’s nude body, and she was loving it. She ran her hands over her body as they covered her figure with their cum. She was in heaven.

Cindy found herself back in her living room, still naked and still standing. She was lost in what she just saw, and turned back to Hannah who had successfully walked through her body. Hannah had her glowing hand outstretched, and Cindy watched the lingerie she once wore disappear as it lie on the floor. Hannah turned back to Cindy as the glow left her hand, and smiled as Cindy was staring at her.

“What?” Hannah asked. “Did you see something you like?” Cindy wasn’t sure if Hannah was talking about her memories or her body that was still on display.

“I’m sorry, but it’s time to go.” Hannah told her.

“What? Why? Can’t you just freeze time and stay and play some more or something?” Cindy asked.

“Ha. No.” Hannah answered as she strutted her nude figure back towards Cindy. “Time is something I don’t like to play with. Besides, you have to wake up soon.”

“What?” Cindy asked, wondering what Hannah was even talking about.

“Sorry, you were right earlier.” Hannah said with a disappointed look on her face. “This has been just a dream, and it’s time to wake up. I can’t control that.”

“No!” Cindy cried out, trying to hang on to the evening.

“Sorry, baby. Maybe in another dream we can have fun again. After all, I am your dream girl.” Cindy suddenly became groggy. Her living room, as well as Hannah who stood naked before her, became very blurry. She couldn’t see. The room started spinning around her. She was totally disoriented. She was falling.

Suddenly, Cindy sprung up from her couch in a cold sweat. It was a couch that didn’t exist in her living room a moment ago. It was her old couch. The sun beamed in from her windows as Cindy found herself sitting up on her couch once more. The morning had come, and Cindy slowly rose up from her reclined position, and found her living room exactly as it was before Hannah had come over that night. There was an empty bottle of wine on Cindy’s coffee table, and one wine glass all by itself.

Cindy felt groggy. She felt slightly hung over. She looked down at her body and saw the same jeans and pink top she had worn the night before still on her body. Not only that, but her body was as she remembered it and not the way Hannah wanted it. Cindy was in complete disarray, but soon found answers as on her coffee table was her cell phone with one missed call. After a few buttons were pressed, a voice spoke to Cindy.

“Hey, Cind. It’s Hannah. I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. I know its late but something came up and I had to fly out of town. But hey! Next time I’m back in town, I’ll look you up and we can meet up again. Later!”

Cindy turned her phone off in disappointment. Hannah was right. Despite the vivid memories of the night before, it was obvious she had started drinking alone and dreamt the whole thing up. As she rose from her couch, still slightly confused and weary, she thought how ridiculous it was that her old lesbian fling from college would have magic powers. As she walked towards her bathroom to prepare for work, she shook her head and laughed at the idea that quiet little Hannah was really a sexual being that could fly and walk through walls and move things around with her thoughts.

Hannah; a goddess. It was surely a sexy dream, but obviously not true. Obviously … right?

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