The Monkey Princess

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The Monkey Princess was a girl with supernatural powers, who lived in a subtropical forest with thousands of small monkeys serving as her natural minions. Called Kyrinia and looking like a young Evangeline Lily from ‘Lost’, she was known throughout the land for her legendary carnal appetite. Though her monkeys never took part in her sexual activities, they always helped facilitate them. She rewarded them by endowing them with myriad supernatural powers and greater intelligence than normal monkeys. These would serve as the generals in command of the others. Higher in the hierarchy were the monkey demons, which were simply dead monkeys she’d resurrected. This morning, as she decadently lay on her stomach in one of her many royal huts, with only monkeys witness to her scantily clad bum, she felt only lust. The cute little grey, black-faced monkeys constantly chattered around her, bringing her half-peeled bananas, nuts and berries. She lifted her head to look at a proffered banana, but the small hand gripping it made it seem all the more huge and phallic. She groaned then let her head slump back against the pillow. ‘No more bananas! Shoo! Get out! Get out!’ she cried. The little monkeys obediently scampered out, chattering and giggling. The princess absent-mindedly lifted one of the unpeeled bananas, assessing its potential. She briefly entertained the thought of shoving it somewhere, but then threw it back onto the heap of offerings. With a groan she let her head slump back against the pillow for the thousandth time. She drummed her feet against the mattress in a tantrum of listlessness, then started screaming in frustration. This soon attracted the attention of the monkeys, who started swarming around the hut. A general poked his head through the open door. ‘Do you require assistance?’ ‘What I require is a good FUCK!!!’ the princess screamed. The general scratched his head, then examined an imaginary louse under his fingernail while he considered her options. ‘Tonight the island tribes are having a dance. We could disguise you as Lulita. Our spies found her arranging a secret midnight rendezvous on the other side of the island, with a boy she never met. If you decide to take her place…’ ‘Yes!’ the princess exclaimed. She was sitting up now, wide-eyed with excitement. ‘You must treat the real Lulita as an honoured guest while I’m gone’ ‘She will dine on our best fruit, nuts and berries, albeit as a temporary prisoner’ ‘Yes! Please convey my apologies to her, but I just can’t help myself’ As she danced in the deep orange firelight disguised as Lulita, the princess could feel the tribesmen’s desire all around her, could feel that each wanted to get inside her. This made her knees weak with lust, but she knew she had to save herself, even though her whole body ached for sex. Her areolas were taught cones, her nipples constant protrusions pressing against her thin cotton shirt. They ached and throbbed, but she knew she mustn’t touch them. Every ounce of her lust had to be saved for her secret meeting tonight, long after the festivities had ended and everyone was asleep in their huts. She suppressed a moan as one of the dancers accidentally brushed her left breast with his elbow. Her nipples were already swollen, but this unexpected contact made them burn with an even greater hardness, sending a shiver of pleasure through her whole body. Later that night it was time. She couldn’t believe the moment had finally arrived. For six more hours she’d danced with the tribe. It was midnight now, the fires were dying embers, their light replaced by the light of the full moon arisen from behind the mountains. She climbed out the back window of Lulita’s hut then up the wall, then down into the soft white sand amid the bushes. The island was full of these high thorny bushes with glossy leaves. She ran barefoot between them, her long wavy brown hair fixed in a ponytail. She’d let it loose at the meeting place, where she’d let everything loose… She forced herself not to think about it, determined to save every scrap of tension. After jogging for hours, she finally arrived at the other side of the island. Miles of bushy hills, as well as a low mountain with waterfalls, now separated her from the tribe. Following the monkey general’s directions, she finally came upon the hill with the small, bright-green bush. It stood out like a bright, luminous green bikini, even in the moonlight. She saw the boy emerge from behind it and wave to her. He greeted her shyly, then took her by the hand, leading her up the hill. When she saw that he was about to speak again, she hushed him. ‘No words,’ she said, trying to sound like a simple tribe girl. The boy nodded in silent agreement as they climbed up the hill then descended to the bottom, until they stood well hidden between two hills. Achy and sweaty with lust, the princess longed to let some virile boy get inside her skirt. She gazed longingly at the bulge in his light-brown shorts, then turned away from him, lifting up the edges of her skirt slightly to invite him. When at last his penis shot into her hot slick pussy from behind, she let out a shout of long-awaited satisfaction.

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