The Reckoning pt 1

May 29, 2013

I awakened alone to find myself in the same place as I was when I passed out. The rest of my unit left me to die as I was bitten by one of those..things. I knew I was going to turn eventually so I told the others to leave me with a gun that had a single shell in it. Better that than the alternative I thought. I’m now awake, fully recovered, and can hear them coming yet again…for some reason..I’m still alive…

Run girl get outta here! a man yelled as Ashley made her way down a dark alley. She had been traveling with a small group of people trying to make their way north to Canada and beyond. Now all had been cut down except her and another, a former cop named Kevin. As she ran down the alleyway she could hear his gunshots and then his screams of pain, and after that nothing. Ashley quickly hid behind a dumpster and huddled in fear. She stayed there for what seemed like an eternity but wasn’t more than a few minutes before she got up and started to slowly make her way down the street. No sooner did she get on the street good did five more of those zombies close in on her. Fear took over, and she panicked. Before she knew it she had tripped over a water drain and was lying on the cement. As the five zombies were closing in on her she remembered thinking “this is it, I’m about to die!” All she could do then was scream for help, though she knew in her heart none would come…

Joseph looked at his arm where he had been bitten. It had been over three months and no change. But over the course of those months he had become stronger, faster..and hungrier. Despite the average person who ate three meals, he was eating six to seven a day. In fact he was raiding the local grocery when he heard the screams. They took him by surprise because he had not seen a living person for a while now. “Whoever it is probably already dead by now” he thought to himself as made his way outside to the street. What he saw then surprised him. Five zombies had surrounded a young girl lying in the street. Joseph could not help but notice how beautiful and innocent she looked lying there and seeing those “things” around her..rage and instinct kicked in. Before HE even knew what he doing he drew his .45 and shot two in the back of the head. Joseph then closed in on the remaining three and drew the blade from his side. Slicing the head off one of the other zombie’s shoulders he then sliced another’s off and in the same motion with his other arm threw the gun in the last zombie’s face. Joseph pulled the trigger without any remorse, and watched as the thing fell to the ground. Joseph looked down at the girl lying before him. You alright? Yeah, thinks to you, Ashley said as she climbed to her feet. OW! I think I sprained my ankle!! Joseph turned his head as he could hear more zombies coming their way, possibly leading them because of the gunshots just fired. Well look I may have saved your life just now, but I am NOT carrying you, so if you wanna live to see tomorrow then I suggest you keep up! Joseph then took off down the opposite side of the street as fast as he could. When he looked back he saw Ashley struggling to keep up with him. Dammit!! he thought to himself. This girl is more trouble than anything! He ran back to her side. Don’t you know there are several hundred of those things heading this way right now?!? I know that, but it still hurts! Ashley screamed fighting back tears. Joseph looked up and could see them coming out of various alleyways and shops. Dammit! he thought to himself again as scooped her up. What are you doing? Saving your life! Joseph said as he ran. Ashley could not help but be impressed by the sheer strength and speed this man possessed. Not only had he killed five zombies in a few seconds with minimal difficulty, now he was running with her in his arms like a cheetah in the jungle. How can he do this??

When at last Joseph stopped he noticed an empty farmhouse. Wait here, Joseph said as he set her down gently. Ashley looked around nervously and was expecting that gunshot any second. But to her surprise Joseph walked out of the house and motioned for her to come inside. Or do I have to carry you in too? he asked. I can take care of myself just fine thank you, Ashley said as she made her way inside hobbling. So I’ve seen, Joseph said as he shut and bolted the door behind them. Ashley wanted to argue that statement but couldn’t, she thought about those zombies around her and how this man had saved her. Joseph then took his fist and smashed the kitchen table in half. What did you do that for!? Ashley screamed. Firewood, he said and pointed at the fireplace. He then broke apart scraps and proceeded to stoke the fireplace. Before long both were sitting by the warm fire. Ashley couldn’t help but notice that the man was extremely handsome. Much more than boys her own age. The more she thought about it the more attracted and aroused she was getting. At the same time Joseph couldn’t help but admire the young girl beside him. She was 18, maybe 19, 5’8″ B cup tits, nice ass, and more curves than a race track. Joe, is all he said. Excuse me, Ashley asked? My name, it’s Joe what’s yours? Ashley, everyone calls me Ash though. Hmmm a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, Joe said as looked her up and down. you really think I’m beautiful? Ashley asked as she looked into Joe’s eyes. Instead of responding verbally Joe instead leaned in and kissed Ashley softly on the lips. Softly at first but both gave in to desire and kissed passionately. As they kissed Joe wrapped his arm around her back and laid her down gently. He then proceeded to help her shirt off and admire her gorgeous breasts which he then proceeded to lick and suck. A low moan escaped her lips as this strange man she didn’t even know was exciting her more and more by the moment. After a while Joe raised himself up and started taking his own clothes off. Ashley couldn’t help herself anymore and struggled to get her shorts off. After they had both stripped to the buff, finally, they locked in one more kiss and the whole time ran their hands over the other’s body. Ashley could not help but notice how built this guy was and was immediately getting even more turned on. Joe could not take it anymore, and grabbing his manhood guided it into Ash’s awaiting puss. Pushing himself in fully both moaned with ecstasy. Their bodies moved like one, slow at first and then faster and faster until both were on verge of climax. Oh god I’m gonna cum! Ash screamed. Joe just kept pounding as he hit his orgasm the same as hers. They both collapsed in each other’s arms. They laid and talked for a while until Ash finally went to sleep. After that Joe got up and got himself dressed. He looked around the old farmhouse and opened the door looking outside. He then looked at the beautiful girl lying in the floor by the fireplace. I’m sorry Ash, he said already regretting what he was about to do as closed the door behind him…

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