Underground tournament – prequel 2 – the search

Deep beneath the ground… even lower than the underground base a tournament was planned. The basement of the underground base consisted of state of the art technology. The computers that were not preassembled when they got here in the first place. In total there were around 10 computers all linked up to each other through a router which also connected them to the internet. The computers also had access to several satelite signals whether it was theirs or was broken into. For this mission, however, only their own satelites could be useful. A certain ninja, under the orders of the owners of the base, used the satelites to his advantage.

“Hmm… this might be a bit… difficult,” Goro smirked as he sat in front of a large-screen computer monitor. The green haired ninja leaned back as he typed away on the keyboard. A search engine appeared in neon letters along with a large list of names arranged in alphabetical order. The database compiled until it included every single address that existed on the entire planet. Goro stopped his work for a few seconds and looked down. “Well now… how’re you down there?”

“Mmm…” a brunette complete in leather bondage equipment responded with a whimper. She had the ninja’s entire tool in her mouth which she pleasured quite eagerly. She was nude except for the collar she wore around her neck and shackles around her ankles and wrists. She appeared to be of college age though Goro was pretty sure she had a full-time job of some sort. Definately below her mid twenties though as the ninja recalled.

The slave-girl had very supple mounds and an athletic body. Her hair was braided into two pony tails which reached all the way to the small of her back. She was around 5ft 5 and weighed around 120lb. She had a very soft face with few traces of freckles if examined close enough. Her wrists were each hand cuffed to the back legs of her captive’s chair and her legs were chained to the floor beneath the desk. She knelt there beneathe the computer lab desk as she sucked on Goro’s cock.

“Keep it up, slut,” Goro smirked as his hand brushed against the slave girl’s hair in an affectionate manner. Then, he grinded the girl’s face into his crotch which caused her to gag and force the cock deep down her throat. After some time, he finally allowed her some air before he returned to his work. “Now… let’s see here… people whom could defeat the boss, huh? I suppose… a battle level of around… 600? Hmm… better type in 500 then.”

Just as soon as he typed in numbers and he pressed enter, the screen changed into a global map of the world. Goro leaned back as he looked at the world map and enjoyed the sensation the slave-girl below was giving him. When a beep sounded Goro quickly sat up in time to see a red circle surround a small part of Japan.

“Oh! Already found one, I see…” Goro smirked as he moved the mouse and clicked on the circle. The map zoomed in on the selected area. This was soon followed by a profile that appeared on the screen.

Energy signature unknown
Energy type: demon/nature
Name: N/A
Age: N/A
Location: unknown village in Japan
Battle level: 772bp
strength: B-
speed: AAA
defense: D-
spirit: C+

“Oh! Well then… an unknown already? This just keeps getting better!” Goro exclaimed. He suddenly realized that the slave-girl suddenly stopped and looked at him. Angrily, he said, “did I tell you to stop? You’ll be punished for that… now keep sucking.”

“Yes sir…” the slave girl replied before she resumed sucking on the ninja’s cock. After a few minutes, Goro finally released his jism into her willing mouth. She was ordered to clean up the mess with her tongue before she was finally released from her bonds.

“Now… I don’t know what to do next so you’ll have to take over,” Goro smirked as he stood up and patted the seat. After the now free slave girl sat down, the green haired ninja began to walk off. Before he did though, he grabbed a random lab coat someone left before and threw it towards the slave girl. The girl gratefully wore it over her body. Goro continued his instructions, “you try and find out as much information as possible about this unknown fighter. Try and locate some other energy sources while you’re at it. Inform me when you learn something.”

“Um… Master Goro… what will you do then?” The slave girl asked with her head bowed down.

“Hmm… to meet this mystery person of course,” Goro replied with a sly grin as he carefully returned his tool back into his pants. “Now don’t do what I won’t do while I’m gone. You know what will happen.”

“…..” the slave girl shuddered at the thought before she resumed Goro’s unfinished computer work.

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