The Assistant Principal Chapter 1

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*RING!* Sounds The Lunch Dismissal Bell To Go To The Next Class. With My Eyes Still On Him Not Realizing What Had Happened, A Voice Breaks In My Daydreaming. “Hello, Its Time To Go, Stop Staring At Your Little Boyfriend, Come On” My Friend Is Saying As I Snap Out Of My Fantasies Of What I Know Will Never Happen. My Friend Knows That I Have A Crush On Mr. B. She Knows I Prefer Older Guys Than My Age. I Go To My Next Class While Glancing Back At Him Until He Is Out Of Sight. I Usually Feel Sad After Leaving Lunch Because Thats The Only Time I Really Get To See Him, Unless He’s Walking Around School Or At The Bus Loop. And Its Even Worse On Fridays. Knowing I Have To Wait A Whole Weekend Till I See Him Again. All I Think About After Seeing Him Is, Well, Him. I Daydream About Him In Class And Think About Him While Driving Home, Almost All The Time. Hes Just So Perfect.

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