The Beginning

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So I hope you read my story from before titled…”A Great Encounter with an old friend” well this is the beginning of the story with Ronnie.
I first met Ronnie back when I was a freshman in High School, he used to follow me around and do anything for me. It was truthfully creepy but sweet at the same time. Well one day he handed me a small piece of paper that had the words “will you go out with me, check yes or no” typed on it, it was so cute and I thought he was too so I said “yes,” there was the start of a wonderful 4 year relationship.
So me and Ronnie dated awhile on and off throughout high school, he then decided to move back to his home town but we stayed together. Well one Christmas he came and picked me up and took me with him back home. My first night there was one I would never forget and a beginning to a wonderful week.
To start when we got back to his house we sat in his room talking, he then looked me in my eyes and told me that he loved me with all of his Heart, Soul, Mind and Body and that he was the luckiest man alive. We sat staring into each other’s eyes for a moment before he gently placed his hands on my face and kissed me so passionately that my heart fluttered then skipped a beat and the whole world disappeared around me. As we locked into each other’s embrace we found ourselves forgetting about all other things. And as a wonderful person and sincere man would ask “are you sure?” and I couldn’t think of anything better so I answered “yes.” He started kissing my lips, then moved to my neck and as he removed my shirt he slowly started kissing on my collar bone, he then removed my bra exposing my 38C breasts kissing them and sucking on my nipples. He then started his way down my breasts to my stomach stopping at my waistline to remove my pants, he then kissed on…moving to my thighs all the way down to my ankles and back up. By then my panties were soaking wet and my pussy pulsating, longing for him to insert inside me, so I asked him…no…more like begged him to stop teasing me and make love to me. He finally decided it was enough and inserted his thick, 8inch penis in my pussy I felt a sensation I never felt before…at first it hurt but then I got this massive feeling of pleasure. He started to slid in and out softly kissing my lips softly and nibbling on my neck making me go even more wild. I then begged him to start going harder and faster which he obeyed…by this time my whole body was quivering with pleasure and I started to climax he noticed this and smiled “why are you smiling baby?” I asked and said “are you ready to experience the best orgasm that you will ever have?” I nodded while trying to also figure out what he meant. Then I knew…all I felt at that moment was him cumming and I cumming at the same time which made my legs go weak, and made me lose my breath and all I could do when I caught it was scream his name. We laid there for awhile wrapped into each other’s arms talking how we never wanted to let each other go. The next morning I decided to get up and take a bath while Ronnie was still sleeping. As I ran my bath water and stripped off his shirt that I picked up off the floor in the room I didn’t hear him walk into the bathroom, he walked up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist kissing my neck. “Good morning babygirl” he said, I turned and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes kissing him with all the passion as the night before “good morning baby, I was gonna take a bath, I thought you were still sleeping?” “I was but when I no longer felt your warm body against mine I woke up and heard the bath and decided to come join you.” As we got into the warm bath he laid me against him lathering me up with the soapy water rubbing my breasts and moving his way to my thighs. He then started to rub his hand to the inside of my thighs and rubbing his fingers along my clit as he saw the enjoyment in my face and body movements he started rubbing faster and faster then inserted his fingers inside my ever so wanting pussy as he moved his fingers in an out I started to get the feeling of a climax but he stopped right before I reached it, he then laid me on my back and started making love to me…that was the best time I had ever had with any man and I felt so wanted and loved at that time…To Be Continued…

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