The Magic Computer

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My name is Mitch. When I was going through my endless supply of porn, my computer suddenly froze. A download popped up. My computer looked completely different. All that was on it was a ‘search friends’ box. I typed in a girl I had been crushing on for a while, Sarah. A video popped up. It showed what she was doing right at the moment. I had just missed her shower and she was getting ready for bead. On the rest of the screen it had her mood, what she was thinking right now, her loves, her hates, and pretty much anything about her that I wanted to know. I first clicked on her mood just to see what it would do. I typed in sad and she immediately started crying. I decided to change it back to happy cause I couldn’t stand seeing her cry. I thought I could have some fun with this, so I clicked on her thoughts. I typed in dick. She kind of froze for a second and I then started smiling. I scrolled down and saw her measurements. She was a small girl, about 5’7. Her measurements were 30-24-29. I clicked through there and changed the 30 to a 50. She lost her balance and fell over. I still kept them pretty big. Her new measurements were 38-25-38. Ohh she was looking good. I changed her hair color to blonde too (I have a thing for blondes). I changed her mood to horny and then her thoughts to me naked. I wondered if I could change what was wearing… sure enough I could. I gave her a sexy see through top with no bra and a thin, white thong. There was one more magic box. “Change location” I changed her location to my bedroom. It worked! There she was standing in my room. I changed her actions to ‘sucking my dick like a whore’. She immediately went after it. Eventually I changed her action to something plain and simple: Sex. I let her do all the work and we went at it until we both couldn’t take it anymore. She fell asleep with me still inside her. My wildest dreams have come true. I made her think to wake me up by making out with me and we were already ready to have sex again that morning.

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