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When I finished high school I went to a graduation party
along a great wooded area,where drinking alcohol was readily available
being the jock that I was I followed a beautiful girl around the party
till we were finally in the woods which had long since been been forbidden to people
for what ever reason I had no idea,though I will admit there were signs all around
saying keep out enter at your own risk etc etc.
I kept following the beautiful girl further and further in to the forbidden woods ,now I was lost
though I still had her in my sights she would not stop in spite of my pleas and frantic yells.
Darkness had came and it was getting colder
still I had no idea how to get out of these most formidable woods
Finally I closed in on the girl as it started to lightly rain so it was easy to follow
her footsteps in the mud with my small flash light attached to my key chain.
finally I seen where the foot prints led into the opening of a secluded cave behind
some bushes completely out of sight from any passer bys.
I followed her foot prints on in to the cave entrance
I was amazed it was lit with torches
As I still followed the beautiful girl on in to the cave ever deeper
finally I came to a massive open area resembling a house
it was there the beautiful girl sat on a plush velvet couch
sipping on what appeared to be a bottle of wine
motioning for me to come over and join her
I of course jumped at the opportunity
sitting beside her I started drinking the wine
she told me as I was drinking ,the wine was for youth and beauty
of womanhood I was really feeling great
but I was also losing control of my actions
as the wine was putting me under some kind of control
she ordered me to put on a dress ,thinking I was under her control
completely as she also told me to put on a bra which I did as well
she told me after an hour the transformation would be complete
I said what transformation she said your femininity
I laughed at first thinking this as a joke as I still was not 100%
induced under the drug
but still I put the bra and dress on figuring this girl was kinky
but still she was good looking as well so what the hell.
after an hour or so I started feeling strange
she said the transformation is taking place
I said slurredly what transformation she said you are the chosen
one we needed a virgin woman and you are the only person we could get
lured in to the cave so I have decided to turn you in to a woman
to full fill the sacrifice of my people.
I said well honey I have bad news for you I am a man and not a virgin woman
she told me listen to your voice it is soft and sweet now,and your breast now fill
the bra and your penis is gone .
I felt she was right my breast were now enormous poking out of the dress as I felt them
both large and firm
Then I felt down where my penis had been it too was gone
I thought oh my goodness what has happened this is a bad dream
she brought over a mirror I was no longer recognizable in the face
I truely was a beautiful female.
I said you said something about a sacrifice she said when I said sacrifice I am too impregnate you
and take you home to the planet z as our race has no females anymore the sacrifice is you will give up your planet
earth and your man hood forever.
saying this she dropped her dress though having female facial features
her dick was enormous perhaps 16 inches I was in awe
I found I no longer had the power of a man as I was a woman in every sense of the word now
this alien with the big dick flung me easily over the couch and penetrated my virgin pussy
with her huge cock it was painful but enjoyable.
Then something happened some guys and girls from the party had
made their way some how to the cave as well figuring I was a woman being raped they killed this alien
and rescued me .
I married one of the guys and live as a woman to this day no one knows the true story but me.

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  1. lesbianlover

    that is a great story, u need to write another one, i am looking forward to it

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  2. trannie

    thank u check out my other stories especially school teacher getting taught I think u will like

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