They Came During the Night

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About three AM, I was awakened by a very strange noise outside for we lived in the country and it wasn’t a normal noise. I got up and looked out the window to see if I could see anything that didn’t belong in our backyard.

It was too dark to see anything other than a faint glow along side of the old barn. When I get woken up like this I usually have to investigate being our car got broken into three times. Now we have 12 gauge shotguns by the front and back doors and Dad trained me how to use them very well.

I slipped on a pair of shorts and a T shirt and clod hoppers, as Dad calls them, and headed out the back door, grabbing the Mosberg 500 as I passed by it and checked to see if it was loaded. Ya, five in the gun and five more on the stock, all triple O buck. The early morning air was a bit on the crisp side sending, goose bumps all over my body and my nipples were standing at attention and as I walked. My T shirt was rubbing them, making them even harder and it started in turning me on for I felt the warmth creeping over me. I shook my head to see if I could get my mind on what I come out here for. I now saw the glowing light in front of me, but it looked as if it went beneath the side of the barn for the glow was coming from beneath the side of the barn in kinda a trench that was plowed right up to the barn. I got down on my hands and knees to see if I could see and I couldn’t. I went to the front door and entered the barn, creeping slow and as quiet as I could be not. I didn’t walk out in the open, but hid myself from anyone that might be in there.

I came upon the object that was making the glow and it was a metallic object about 12 feet long. It was kinda flat and about 8 feet wide and 4 feet thick. I couldn’t see the front of it for it was buried deep into the ground. There was a definite heat coming from all over it and it appeared to have some markings on it, but I’ve never seen any writing like that ever before. The smoke that was rising off it really burned my eyes; it was really pungent and kinda made me gasp for some good, clean air.

I took the muzzle of the shotgun and kinda probed the end that was sticking out of the ground and it gave a definite ring as I tapped it. “Metal, wow,” I thought to myself. Now where did this come from? I found a hammer and a big flashlight on what was left of the bench where it came through the wall. The bench that was all in disarray-everything scattered all over the place.

I took the hammer and started tapping the side of the object and then I listened but heard nothing. Again, I tapped three times, louder this time and I listened. I could hear a whirling noise, but that was all. I went closer to the end that was sticking into the ground and repeated my signal. “Whoa, what the hell was that…?” I thought as sparks flew in every direction and startled me so much I fell back onto the ground. I lied there in disbelief for a moment, gathered my senses, and again tapped the object and no answer was heard. Kinda disappointing that it didn’t answer me this time in some way.

I’d had enough of this for I was getting cold and I decided everything could wait until morning and when Dad got home. We’d check it out together in daylight where we could see a lot better, so I turned and started back to the house, taking my time looking all about to see if I could see anything else. Nothing. I closed the sliding door and took about two steps and this big serpent creature wrapped itself around my waist and lifted me off my feet, startling me so much the gun went flying. “What is this thing?” I thought to myself. Another one taking hold of my right ankle and pulled me towards the object that was in the center of the tentacles. Tentacles were thrashing wildly about when another took a hold of my other ankle and held me almost upside down over the thing that’s in the center. The tentacles look like the arms of an octopus, but they were lot longer with bumps sticking out on what, I guess, is the bottom side of them. Some of them had something like a canoe paddle on the ends, but they had what looked like silver dollar sized suction cups all over them. They led to the thing that was in the center that hadn’t moved nor done anything yet.

Still I was being held kinda spread eagle, upside down over the thing in the center of the wailing tentacles. Now I had several more creatures holding different parts of me tightly and three smaller ones began to explore my body. One went beneath my shorts and three beneath my T shirt and one wrapped itself around my breast making it stick out hard taking what looked like a suction cup on the end of it latching onto my nipple pulling it into itself. Harder it pulled and another one did the same to my other nipple. If I wasn’t held so tightly, I could rotate my hips a bit for whatever they were doing to my nipples was really getting to me. In fact, I was holding back an orgasm that was building inside of me for some time. Now for these tentacles were really getting to me in a way I never have experienced before. God, now the tentacles are moving me to and fro, almost driving me into this thing in the center to way up high to where I almost hit the bottom of the hay loft, side to side, twisting and turning me. The tentacle that was going into my shorts had one of them paddle ends and it positioned itself right onto my vagina and one part was right on my clit and that alone was driving me to the point of having a climax, but I was holding them back. I didn’t want to cum on this thing that was invading me. Now another has invaded the leg opening of my shorts. With a sawing motion, it wasn’t long before they were pulled from my body. The same happened to my T shirt, leaving me totally nude and nothing for protection from these invading tentacles. The one that got hold of my clit has now entered my vagina, sucking on every nook and cranny, hitting my G spot several times already and when it does a surge of ecstasy shoots through me almost making me cum beyond control. In and out it’s going and rotating at the same time. God, I can’t hold it back. I’m cumming on these invaders of my body ceskjfkhviuhncvkxdfjp vwj! OMG…I am drenched in fluids I never knew I had that was flowing from my nipples and flowing from my pussy. It was not watery, but thick, more like a man’s cum. No, thicker by far and HOT. It must be 110 degrees, almost to the point of burning. God, again a rush of feelings I never knew I had in me. I no longer hurt. The fact is I’m finding these tentacles very sensuous and they’re taking me to new heights, making me have screaming orgasms, one right after the other and each building in intensity.

OMG the thing in the center has grown a humongous cock-like looking thing and it’s throbbing and squirting a blue fluid while the tentacles are pulling me towards it and spreading my legs apart. It positions me directly over it and the fluid squirts into my womb, so warm. Damn, it’s making me cummmmmmm again. Oh God, again I can’t stop cumming from this thing, the fluid, so warm, so thick-each squirt has stayed in me, refusing to leave my love canal. It fills me but still none leaves me. I’m now pulled down onto this thing. Damn, it must be 9 inches around and 12 inches long and it has a head that’s almost twice the size as the rest of it. It has small tentacles protruding all over it and they’re wailing all about.  Oh God, I like this, but what?  This thing is growing in me…OMG it feels as if it’s plugging me, so it won’t come out. I’m pulled up kinda off it till the swelling has me pinned from the inside then I’m pulled back down onto it and each time it grows a bit farther in me pressing already on my cervical opening. It’s trying to spread me apart so it can grow deeper inside of me. I feel no pain. All is pleasure. I want more and more, is what I’m saying. The two creatures that had held my breasts have now completely covered them with-I guess it’s their mouths-and still it tries to pull more into them. It feels like the time I put the cows milking machine on them, but much stronger. There’s something that’s inside that’s flicking my nipples constantly and only varying the intensity. With the steady movement of them sucking (that’s what it feels like) on my tits and the movement of this gigantic cock buried deep in me and flared out so it can’t leave, I should be totally satisfied, but NO, I have a stronger feeling than I’ve ever had of desire to have more and more of this thing from another galaxy far away. Right now, I am so pleased and yet, they’re not through with me yet for I still feel it growing and getting a lot larger and deeper inside of me. There’s no pain, just total bliss. The sun’s coming up and Dad will be home soon and here I am like he’s never seen me before, I thought. Wow, that thought sure left me quick. It seems like the only thing I can think of is this alien invading me and how good it feels. Like the waves of the ocean each wave I have a climax followed by another and another and other yet I’m not sore in any way I feel so damn good. Can I have more please, PLEASE, PLEASE give me what I ask! God, I feel it understands me for it just grew more, I can feel my body stretching to accommodate my requests. Oh, what a friend I have made. No more than a friend-a lover. My alien lover, I don’t want him or it to go. It’s got to be a him for he’s pleasing me so much, more than I ever have had. The rays of the sun feel so good on my abused body. Abused? No, I don’t think so for somehow I think it knew what I wanted and just how much. Oh wow my whole body feels as if I have a thousand feathers caressing me. If Dad sees me I know he will try and kill this thing. I got to protect it from all harm, it would be same in my room, but how do I get it there? Lordy be, I’m in my room because the creature either reads my thoughts or it understands my feeling. I think, “You have a few more things you have to do before my Dad comes home. Hide your ship, rake out the lawn so no one sees that you crashed. Repair the barn with old wood and restore things to where they were some 8 hours ago.” God, I’ve been pinned by this creature for 8 hours or more! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, No, don’t leave, can you make yourself to where Dad can’t see you? Thanks for changing yourself back for I want to see you. You can stay in my bed all day long or turn yourself invisible and tie with me all day long Yes, oh yes tie with me please, don’t ever leave me.

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