Time Trader 1967

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“Pump that cock…harder…I said HaRDer! That’s it…now faster…come on…WORK it!”
Quay was almost there…but this piece of meat was starting to piss her off (which by the way…was never a good thing)
…so as she yells “Fuck”…she suddenly is on top and pauses long enough to take in the look of total confusion on the pieces face. She laughed…took a deep breath and said…
“Now…lets fuck.”
Quay assumed a squatting position and while thrusting found the best possible point for balance. She then began to fuck him from the inside of her pussy. Her muscles gripping his cock and milking it…so tight that he was yelling in pain and ready to cum. She eases up and tells him to relax (thinking…what a bitch). She releases her grip somewhat and begins to stroke him…pump him…ride him…she reaches down and clamps the base of his junk to prevent him from cumming.
She then tightens her muscle…rides him and is lost in a frenzy. His screams intensify her pleasure. She shifts into high gear…she feels the hot blast shooting up inside her…it ignites her senses…every fiber of her being is on fire…alive…awakened…satisfied.
Quay showers. As she is getting dressed she surveys the room. Messy. But it always is. She laughs…1967 the Summer of Love. Bodies…everywhere drained of all blood and missing sex organs. Hmmm. A real mystery.Think they will ever figure out that it was a time traveling Nympho?
Just as she fades from this dimension she says…”Not likely.”

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