UFO Hunter

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I had worked for the government for many years, climbing my way to head of my own team. We would explore UFO’s. There have been times over the years where we found and saved some grays as they are know and some silvers both are from the same world but no civilian knew any of this.
We got called out to a crash site. The army had already secured the site and it was up to me to investigate what lies inside the craft. Never seeing this type of craft I moved cautiously and was able to open the door using sound waves which is typical with most crafts. The door opens and everyone is on edge so guns are pointed towards the inside. Seeing nothing I order the men to stand down and move in wearing my hazard suit. I slowly walk in looking for any signs of life. The craft was large and I took my time looking around. After finding nothing I ordered the men to stand down, then the door started to close.
‘It’s Ok’ I said “it’s probably automatic’ I reassured everyone. The orders were only one person in a craft at a time for safety reasons. The doors finished closing and I could see outside the craft even though they could not see in at me. It was like looking threw clear glass. I looked around careful not to touch anything when I heard a whistle sound and then felt something stab me in the back. Whatever penetrated my back paralyzed me. I stood frozen, unable to move or even yell for help. I could see no one knew anything was wrong as I could see they were just standing around talking. Soon I could see something out of the corner of my eye. It looked a little like an octopus but with many more tentacles, as it moved around in front of me I could see it had different types of tentacles. Some had small claw like things on the ends others looked like small fists and the other had small fingers three on each tentacle. The head of this thing was round had no eyes but several small slits all around it that I thought might be mouths but I could not tell. The small claws gently cut my clothing off me while the fingers pulled the cut clothing away. Layer by layer I was stripped naked.
Scared and not being able to communicate with the outside I stood paralyzed and naked. The tentacles that looked like fists moved over my body like noses sniffing around. They rubbed my nipples then in total fear they opened up exposing hundreds of tiny sharp teach and latched on to my breasts around my nipples. The pain was immense as they took a stronger hold with every second. I could feel my chest getting tighter but soon the pain subsided and I waited for what was to happen next. I was now starting to feel more and more at ease as I watched fluid replacing my spinal fluid, the yellow moved out the green moved in and I became relaxed as I am lifted into the air by the tentacles.
‘Help’ I cried in my mind. The tentacles that had little fingers now moved around my cock and stated move jerk me off. I could not do anything to stop it, but as I grew hard it moved more rapidly. Then the fist tentacle moved over my head of my cock, once again fear gripped me as it opened up exposing its tiny teeth and wrapped itself over my cock, this time no teeth. It was like I was getting a blow job and it felt good. One of the tentacles with the claw move around my belly then around my balls I watched as the claw retracted and it pushed its way into my ass secreting a oil around itself for easy access. I could feel it moving around deep inside my ass then I could feel it doing something inside that started to make me cum even as fear was around me.
‘What are you doing’ I tried to ask but still very much paralyzed with nothing coming out of my mouth. My chest was feeling so tight and I tried to see why but was unable to look anywhere but straight ahead. I could see more green stuff moving into my back threw the reflection of the panel in front of me and it made me so relaxed I was almost was asleep. Then the claw came and I watched in horror as it slowly sliced open my stomach. Now many tentacles were moving in and out of my stomach yet to the unnerving site there was no pain, just the euphoria of the tentacle up my ass and the one on my cock. I could only see the reflection and watched as I was rearranged in side. Then the utmost freighting thing happened, the monster cut off my balls. I watched intently as it moved them and sewed them into my abdomen. Then it cut off my cock. I swear a tear fell from my eye but I could not tell you if that were really true or it was my fear controlling my thoughts.
The thing move swiftly and sewed me up and change things in seconds then a bright light moved over all the incisions and it was healed and it was like I had never been cut. After all was done I stayed in the air as the thing now started moving its tentacles in and out of my ass. Somehow it made me enjoy the whole thing, even wanting more. I could see the fluid that moved in and out of my back was turning yet another color, purple, then the creature move in front of me, looking me over as to question what it should do with me next, but it knew, it knew what it wanted and how it was going to get it all from me.
Slowly I started to move, first my head then my back. I moved my head and looked at what was done to me, I no longer had a cock but a cunt and my tits were large and full as the tentacles slowly released their teeth grip on my breasts. A second tentacle moved into my ass but it felt great, I was confused with the sexual feeling and the release of pain in my newly found breasts. Slowly I was put into a standing position, weak but able to stand and not much more, all the tentacles moved out and away from me. I looked at myself turning my head slightly to see myself in a mirror image of one of the control panels. I was now a full fledge woman! I reached out and took hold of something to steady myself from falling. I looked down at my new cunt only to see the hair falling off my legs, then I watched as the same thing happened to my arm hair; soon I had no hair at all anywhere on my body. The fluid was still flowing in and out of my back but I had no energy to fight to remove it. The creature moved away and I could see another one coming closer to me. I tried to move and bang on the window but could barely walk from exhaustion. A tentacle wrapped around my head and injected things into my head making hair grow instantly. Soon I had long flowing dark hair where there was very little before The second creature moved around me wrapping me with its tentacles, it had only one type of tentacles, long with a fist type at each end. The tentacle itself was long about two inches wide and controlled with great dexterity then one would think from a long arm with no bone in it.
My arms were wrapped with two tentacles each and the same with my legs and one around my hip and one around my chest wrapping me several times around. I could only watch what was to happen next. One tentacle moved into my new cunt another moved into my ass and somehow I wanted it in my ass. I don’t know why I just did. Then a tentacle moved and with suction cups started sucking on my nipples which stood erect and secreted milk, it felt good and bad at the same time. It felt great being milked but hurt a little as I gave up the milk. I could see the tentacle that was buried deep inside my cunt was filling me with something as did the one in my ass.
The tentacle in my back changed color again moving back to a yellowish green. My whole body began to feel such erotic pleasure that I had never felt in my entire life. Then the tentacle that was in my cunt moved towards my mouth, my head was moved back as far as it would go and my mouth forced open as the tentacle moved into my mouth filling it with a salty liquid as it gushed out and down my cheeks and on to the floor. More gushed out of my ass and my tits at this point were begging to stop being milked. Then all went quiet, the tentacles once again moved out of me but waited within inches of my body. Then out from the middle of the creature came a small tentacle pink mush different than any of the other tentacles I had seen or had contact with. It moved slowly over my body that was still in mid aid from the tentacles that held me up. It played gently with my tits moved a few times in and out of my ass then it moved to my clitoris. It began rubbing it slowly then making it wet and played harder with my clitoris. My hips began to buck like I was on a bucking machine in some rodeo bar. I moved bucking and swaying my hips madly then I started to orgasm even blowing my load all over the pick tentacle. Then the pick tentacle launched itself deep into my cunt and filled me with an off white sticky substance that made me feel even more horny then just seconds before. For some reason I cannot comprehend I looked outside and I could tell no one was moving, everyone was still, as if time had stopped. I stayed up in the air for some time having orgasm after orgasm. Then like before all the tentacles but the ones holding me up moved away. I was breathing heavily but I was now very horny. I could see a tentacle moving from behind all the other tentacles. It was larger than all the rest about three inched wide with a large sack that wrapped around it near the body of the creature, as it moved closer my legs were spread further apart. It rammed itself deep into my ass causing pain that felt it was tearing me apart. It filled my as with more sticky white stuff then pulled out and rammed deep into my cunt, but instead of feeling such pain I only felt sexually charged. I wanted it fucking me hard and deep. I loved every inch each thrust and each filling of the white stuff, this went on for what seemed like hours then pulled away. I stayed hanging from the tentacles as the white stuff dripped out of all orifices.
I pasted out from the large orgasms and the entire ordeal. When I awoke I could see that something was growing inside me. ‘Oh no! I’m pregnant’ I thought to myself. In no time at all I was giving birth, but there was no pain not screaming only the feel of passing something threw my cunt. I felt relieved when it came out and was taken away only to feel yet another but this time it was coming out my ass and it hurt. I could feel it tearing my ass apart and then it was out. The big tentacle moved in and once again fucked me long and hard making me have orgasm and orgasm, only to feel the birth cycle start all over. After giving birth a second time the tentacles put me safely onto the ground and the one in my back injected me with a orange fluid before pulling away.
The door opened and I crawled out on my hands and knees, when I reached the door the floor raised up making me fall out and down the ramp stark naked. The craft lifted up and was out of site before anyone started to move about. Soldiers ran over pointing their guns at me. ‘Who are you?’ they yelled at me and I pasted out.
I came too in a hospital bed tide down still naked and with no sheets on me. The doctor asked where I was. ‘I am here in front of you’ I replied. You are not the doctor and the ship was only there minute before it took off and left you in place of the doctor so who are you? I now understood, the creature somehow stopped time and made me its bitch, or used me for breeding and I loved every minute of it. I now wanted to be fucked and used and felt this was my true calling.

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