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Upon entering the hotel room she always had reserved in her name, Lisa couldn’t wait to get a hot, steamy shower. It had been 30 years since the world had alien visitors come and ask to live here. And witting months there was such places as Alien check ins. Lisa was a supervisor at her station in New York city. Today she had had to calm down an enormous slimy worm like creature that looked as if it had come from the move Deep Rising. It had a language that few of her employees were able to understand but from what they gathered it said it wanted to lick Lisas pussy as if she were going to die. Lisa was flattered but she didn’t show it. She had the security guard escort the worm out. Now as she made her way to the bathroom, she shed her clothes off leaving a trail to the shower. First was her skin tight black dress that hugged her lush curves so well. Her tan skin complimented her short blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. Next was her black see through bra which when it slid off, revealed succulent DD tits bouncing with every step she took. And last was her black thong and red stelletos. Her ass was round and firm. She had an hourglass figure that could make any head turn. Her pussy was shaved except for a small landing strip. So smooth. Letting the water run down her sexy body, Lisa couldn’t help but feel turned on by the worms exclamations from earlier. She hadn’t had a good fuck in a while and wouldn’t mind having a good pussy lick either. Then she made a plan to call up her old friend for a hot night after she got out. After drying off and wrapping a robe around her she stepped out if the bathroom to come face to face with the exact worm from earlier. It hurtled at her and Lisa couldnt move for some reason. One if three tentacles from inside it’s mouth came out and slithered around Lisas ankles. Finally Lisa screamed and tried to retreat back into the bathroom. But it was too late. The thing had it’s grip in her and made her fall to the floor and slide her towards its mouth. Poor helpless and defenseless Lisa struggled to get free but now her legs were knee deep in the worms mouth. It spread her legs a bit and its tongue slid up to her pussy slowly. Slurping her smooth toned legs as it did. It’s mouth was hot, wet, and slurping. It finally reached her awaiting clit and started to lick it. Teasing at first to make Lisa give in. At first Lisa didn’t give in at all. She was screaming and trying to grab anything but getting no where. Then when she felt the fat wet tongue work on her she started relaxing. And this confused her. This thing was starting to eat her while eatting her out and she started to enjoy it! Her mind completely released the whole thing that she was going to die and turned to having an orgasm! How this was possible was beyond her. Then her mind stopped thinking all together as the worms slimy tongue got faster. Lisa started to moan.
“Oooh, oh yea! Ooh god yes!” she said letting get arms go limp, sliding above her.
The thing progressively got faster and had the other two tenticals come out and play with her fucking rocking tits. They made them bounce, work the pink hard nipples and squeeze them. The fat slimy worm was enjoying it’s sexy ass Lisa. Now Lisa was waist deep in it’s mouth and her body was hot. Her breathing was getting more rapid and heavier. As were her moans.
“Fuck yea! Aaaawwww shit! Yes! Oh eat me! Fuck lick me! Lick it!” she said moaning loudly now.
It wouldn’t be too long before she came. The worm knew exactly what it was doing. It was working her clit until the perfect moment. Slowly it’s lips slid over Lisas big tits sucking on her like a damn lolli pop as it took her. Reaching her neck. The other tentacles kept playing with her breasts, foddling them and by now Lisa was so close to coming it nearly drove her insane! This was the best god damn pussy licking she ever had and she didn’t care if she was about to die!
“Aw fuck yes! YES! Lick it! Oh fucking EAT ME! Fucking EAT ME YES! YES! YES!” she screamed.
Her hands were made into fists and she wrapped her legs around the worms massive tongue as she was cumming.
A pair of twoo foot long teeth emerged from the monsters upper mouth right above Lisas heart ready to strike. And finally Lisa reached her Climax.
“Ooooh!! God yes! Aw fuck!” she screamed once more.
And as soon as she hit her climax the teeth came down piercing her heart and killing her instantly as she was climaxing. A perfect bliss.
The last seen of Lisa was a hand being sucked into the worms mouth. Lisa had become one hell of a wet sexy meal!

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