What it is like with Anuyasha

Wow… Anuyasha. He’s sexy as HELL, fun to be around, and a very, very, VERY good fucker. I swear he nearly blows my back out!! And for the people who forgot who I am, I’m Kanutsai, his girlfriend and best friend.

“KANUTSAI!””WHAT?!””HI!!” said Anuyasha. “Get up!C’mon let’s go fishing. We have to eat something.” I replied angrily,”Then why the HELL did you wake me up?! I’m tired from last night.” Well, last night we fucked till bout 3 in the morinin’!! “And,”he said,”you said that we would go fishing in the morning.” “Well,” I said,”then let’s go.”(I HATE it when he does that!)
When I got up and realized he was all ready to go,I wasn’t!!! So I got up and got dressed in the usual bikini like komoto.I walked out of the hut we built a couple days ago andsaw that he was behind me with his sword(which i love cause its like mine)tied around him.”Why do you have your sword?” I asked. “You’ll see,”he replied with a grin that I soon to recognize means he thinking about doing something while I’m not looking.

So we caught enough fish to last us a while . But as i was setting the crab line, I found him behind me with his hands on my hips swaying.” What are you doing?””Swaying to the music of the sea,”he said,”and kissing you.”As soon as I heard that he was kissing me on the lips, still swaying to that music of the sea.

After he started kissing me, he started kissing my neck,and I found myself moaning. Then his hand went up my shirt(and I let him this time cause he caught me a the right time)and he started squeezing my breasts.Then the top came off. After that his came off. While he was sucking on my nipples and while i moan like an idiot,his pants go down. Then I started kissing him on the lips(I don’t do the dick sucking stuff)
and he took my capris off. he started fucking me so good.”Now why am I ,OHHHH’ doing thisOOOOOOOOOO?”Because,,mmmmmm,we wanted tommmmmmmmmmmmmmoh fuck.””OHHHHHHHHHHH ok then….”Then Anuyasha said,”Do you want to get pregnant?” And while I was getting ready to climax, I screamed out,”NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”And so he got out of me and cummed in the water.

But before we got at it again, he showed me why he brought out the sword. He started sliding the edge of the sword down my back as carefully as possible. Because of the light touch, I started to shudder and moaned very loudly.Then we got the crab and the fish, grabbed our clothes, went inside and you know what happened after that and if you dont, there was alot of screaming moaning and cumming.

So that’s my life with the hot and very,very, VERY sexy Anuyasha.

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