With my friend

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I lived with a man for a few months after my marriage broke up, he was a close friend of mine for many years. After a night out drinking we got home about 2 in the morning and sat down to have a glass of whisky and a fag before lights out. It must have been the volume of drink we had had but he then admitted to being gay, I looked at him with a frown only to have a reply from him so I like men. I admitted to him that I was not very knowledge able on the subject could he elaborate. His reply was to my surprise to move towards me looking in to my eyes and kiss me on the lips. I did not pull away from him so he wrapped his arms round me and kissed me again only longer and slid his tong in to my mouth. He them pulled away and took a drink from his glass and looked at me. To his surprise I said ok make love to me and make me love you. We agreed to move to his bedroom where we both stripped off and got in to bed. He was all over me with his hands and lips exploring every fold in my body this felt very odd but very exiting to me my body was buzzing with excitement. When he had finished and came back up to look in to my eyes I said I would try this out but have never done it before. Doing to him what he had done to me only when I got to his dick I began to lick and kiss it while holding his balls and rolling them gently in my hand. His dick went from limp to erect very quickly as I slowly pumped his erection licking the shaft and sucking the tip until after a while I felt the shaft swell and he erupted in to my mouth with a warm slightly salty cream. As I cleared my mouth and moved back to look in to his eyes he had a big smile on his face and said thank you. He asked me if I would go all the way, what I said you want to fuck me to this he replied yes. Ok I will try I said and he slowly rolled me over and spread my legs, I felt a cool gel land on my ass and a sudden shock as his fingers slid in to me. After a while when he thought there was plenty of gel in place he lay on my back with his hips between my legs and wisped I will be gentle. I felt the tip of his erection slide across my skin until I could feel it near my hole, as He slide is erection in I gripped the sheets and bit the pillow that hurt at first until he was all the way in then the feeling of pleasure came across me. The feeling of pleasure as he slid in and out his thighs landing against me and his balls slapping in to mine was so good and went on for what seemed like an eternity until again his erection swelled up and I felt the warm cream fill me as he heaved a sigh of relief and I felt good. When he with drew and lay there for a few min I felt so good and thought I have done it at last. We sat in bed and had a smoke and a drink while we chatted, to his surprise I said I had always wanted to do that. I then started to tell him of my fantasy that had been with me for years. That is for another time

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