Alone in the class room

Everyone had already finished their test, except Patricia. She wrote slowly and included any bit of information she could think of. Mr. Richards was a great teacher. He was so smart. She wanted to impress him. She wanted him to know how much she wanted him. The bell rung, and she wasn’t finished.
“If you’re not done, come back seventh period, that’s my free period.” He told everyone. She handed him the unfinished paper and went to her next class.
When seventh period rolled around though, she was the only one their. He was talking on the phone and handed her her test. She tried not to look at him. He distracted her, and made it hard to concentrate on her paper. She had him two years ago and still kept all of the papers from then, she had taped the smile faces on her door back then. She wrote as much and as long as she could, hoping she could talk to him for a little while before going back to her class. He hung up just as she wrote her concluding sentence.
“Hey, Mr. Richards, I have these Lord of the rings cards, I know you like that kind of stuff, want to see?”
“Sure.” She pulled out a deck of tarot cards.
“Would you like me to do a reading?”
“OK.” She laid the cards out, happy to be alone with him, talking to him on equal footing. She found out alot about him, more than she had known before anyhow. “These are very interesting, mind if I look through them?”
“Not at all.” The more she could keep up this discussion, the longer she could be alone with him. Noone else was going to come in the room, and there were no more classes that day. “Maybe you could try to do a reading.” She palmed the devil card and another to go on top of it as she shuffled, then she placed them on top.
“Now you draw the cards. The cards react to the reader and the subject both. They dont tell you anything you shouldn’t know about me.”
He dealt out the cards. The fool in the past, The Devil in the present, and The King of Swords in the future. She feigned embarassment at the hand.
“What does that mean?” he asked her.
“Well, the fool is the past. It means i’ve been hopeful.”
“About what?”
“Well, I guess you should know, since I got this hand with you dealing. I’ve had a crush on you since tenth grade.” He smiled at her.
“Don’t worry about it, alot of kids have crushes on their teachers.” He had an incredable smile. She wanted to kiss him so bad. “Besides, I knew that. I saw you wait until you knew you would walk past me to walk to your gym class. You’ve grown up alot though, I can tell.”
“Not exactly…I still…”
“I don’t mean like that.” He winked at her, stopping her heart. “So what’s the Devil?” She swallowed hard.
“Well, that’s in the present position. That represents the uh…” She was shaking, even her breath was unsteady now. “The desires of the flesh.”
“That sounds like more than a crush.” Mr. Richards said to Patricia with a playful grin. She licked her lips and looked him in the eye.
“Yes it does.” Her entire body stiffened as he leaned across the desk and kissed her softly on the lips. She smiled as chills ran down her back. “I’ve wanted that for two years Mr. Richards.”
“There’s noone around. Call me Jake.”
“Alright, Jake.” She kissed him back, running her tongue around his lips, and sliding it smoothly into his mouth. She loved the feel of his goatie ticling her chin.
“You know I saw those pictures you used to draw. They were very interesting. You left one in the class once.” She didn’t answer, she just blushed and looked away, wondering if that was aproval or not.
“Maybe it is more than crush. Maybe not. I know I don’t have a chance in hell, but I think I love you Jake.” The look he gave her was almost confused. He kissed her again.
“You know where I live.” He whispered to her. “Prove it.” She smiled at him, and gthered the cards back up and returned to class, hopefully.

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  1. You really need to work on your typing and fluency. It’s not as interesting when words are spelt wrong, and things are all jumbled.

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