Another Adventure

Another Adventure

O never knew what each new day would bring since she had become the
loyal slave to her loving Master Zeke. Before she met Zeke, her life had
been that of a hum-drum housewife. She had been married for 27 years to the
only man that had ever been in her life and he had nothing else to offer her
and seemed unwilling to try and fulfill her fantasies and dreams. Since
meeting Zeke, all that had changed. Zeke introduced her to new, exciting
things. Things that she had never thought of, things that she never knew
could excite her. A new lifestyle of constant arrousal and intrigue. The
BDSM life as a slave to a Master. After signing a contract committing
herself to permanent status as the dutiful and obedient slave to Master
Zeke, he gave her the name O in honor of the most famous of all slaves. O
wanted to live up to the honorable name that he had bestowed upon her and
was willing to do anything for her wonderful master.
Since meeting Zeke, O left her husband and moved into Master Zekes home
in Southern California, hundreds of miles from where she had been held
captive in an unhappy relationship for decades. She had submitted herself
totally to her Master.
On this day, Zeke came home from work at the usual time. O knew when
he would arrive and when he openend the door, she was waiting as she did
every day. She was kneeling erect with her hands clasped behind her head,
eyes directed to the floor, dressed as she was required to be at all times
while in the house, naked except for her slave collar, wrist cuffs and ankle
cuffs. Master Zeke entered and walked up to O, took her chin in his hand
and leaned down to give her a long sweet kiss. He said “I love you O”.
Then he said,”Get up slave and turn on my shower then lay out my tux”. O
turned and did as commanded.
As Zeke stepped out of the shower, O was there to dry him off and help
him get dressed. Zeke turned to O and said,”Get your leash and your cape,
we are going out.” O left and returned shortly with the items requested.
Zeke attached the leash to her collar and then pulled her arms behind her
and secured her wrists together with a clasp and put the hooded cape around
her, tying it in front with the silk ties on the cape. Zeke pulled O by the
leash out to the car. O did not know what was on Zeke’s mind, she was not
used to being taken out of the house dressed this way. He led her to the
car and she sat down. He put the leash in her mouth and climbed into the
drivers seat and they pulled out of the driveway to places unknown.
As they drove, Master Zeke did not utter a word and O dared not speak
unless given permission. The radio played Zekes favorite Oldies music and
it made O think of the time she had been given her slave test for her Master
Zeke. What was he thinking? Where were they going? After about 45
minutes, she found out as they pulled into a long driveway outside a large
house in the suburbs. Zeke led O out of the car and rang the doorbell. A
man answered that Zeke called John. He asked them to enter and led them to
the dining room where there were two other women and another man drinking
wine and talking. They looked toward the door and raised their glasses in
the direction of the new guests. Zeke removed the hood that was partially
hiding O’s face and John introduced us as Zeke and his slave O. The guests
nodded their approval and went back to their conversations.
John brought Zeke a glass of wine at the same time the butler entered
the room and came to Zeke who casually removed O’s cape. O felt the rush of
the cool air on her now naked body and at the same time felt the warmth of
her body flushing at fact that she was now totally exposed to this this
group of strangers. They seeme nonplused by her condition and went on as if
there was nothing out of the ordinary happening. John invited the guests to
be seated for dinner and directed them to their seats. Zeke pulled the
chair out for O and instructed her to sit down. She noted that her chair
was different than most, it had a huge polished wooden butt plug about 4
inches long and very large in diameter attached to it. Zeke nodded and
helped O lower herself onto the plug. She felt as if her butt was being
split open as she lowered herself onto the plug. It hurt at first but after
a few minutes she just felt a dull sensation of being all filled up in her
The guests were served their salads and all began eating. O looked
confused, since her hands were still tied behind her back, but Zeke leaned
to her and said “eat”. She looked helplessly at him and he shouted “Eat
Slave”. She blushed and the tone of his voice and buried her head in the
salad and began grazing. Each time she leaned forward to get another bite
she felt the pressure of the plug in her anus. She found that by lifting
herself slightly each time she got a mouthful, it made it easier, but she
was getting extremely turned on because each time she lifted herself up, she
had to sit back down so the but plug was plunging in and out of her with
each bite. She ate each entree without her hands including the prime rib
which Zeke thankfully cut into pieces for her. The rest of the guests
didn’t even seem to notice O’s situation as they carried on conversations
about the election, the stock market and sports. By the time dinner was
done, O had food all over her face and Master Zeke casually leaned over and
wiped her face with a napkin.
John finally declared,”Well Zeke, I think it is time for the main event
to begin don’t you? Let’s all retire to the den”. To which Zeke nodded and
stood up. He took O’s arm and helped her out of her chair. As she stood up
she felt the plug slip out and she felt relief but also felt a bit of regret
because she was nearly ready to cum. Zeke took O’s leash and led her to the
In the middle of the room was a slant board, similar to the kind you
would find in a gym, except this one had several rings up along the sides as
well as two large rings about three feet apart on the floor and another
large one at the top end. There were five chairs in a semi-circle around
the foot of the board and the guests took seats to watch. Zeke led O to the
slant board, he unfastened her arms and ordered her to lay down on the slant
board. He fastened her arms to the ring at the top of the board while John
secured her ankles to the rings on the floor. With some pieces of rope,
they spread her thighs as far apart as possible and tied them to the rings
on the side of the board, thereby exposing her shaved pussy to all the
guests. Then with a long length of rope, they laced her back and forth from
ring to ring so that she was tied snuggly to the board and could not move
except for her head. The final touch was a ball gag put firmly in her mouth
so that she could not do anything but moan. Then John and Zeke sat down in
the two remaining seats.
It was quiet for a few minutes then O could hear the footsteps of
another person entering the room. She was totally helpless and exposed and
had no idea what was going to happen to her, but she knew that whatever it
was, it was what her Master wanted and so it was what she wanted. O lifted
her head as much as she could to see who had come into the room and saw a
large hulk of a man with a shaved head and tattoos all over his large arms.
He was carrying a black bag, similar to what a doctor might carry and he
placed it on a small table alongside the slant board. He took out a number
of medical looking items and placed them on a s
mall tray then looked at
Master Zeke, who nodded for him to proceed.
O was extremely excited and wet as well as apprehensive as to what was
about to happen to her. Her breasts rose and fell as she brea
thed with
excitement. She saw the man take a cotton ball and pour a liquid onto it,
which he immediately applied to her cunt lips. She felt the coolness of it,
then felt her lips go numb. He produced a device that looked like a gun
used to pierce ears and placed it next to her labia on one side. He grabbed
her pussy lip firmly and she felt a sharp pain as he pulled the trigger and
pierced her labia. O jolted and let out a muffled cry, but could not move
or keep him from doing the same to her other nether lip. O finally realized
what was happening. Her master was marking her as a slave.
Now the piercer turned his attentions to O’s beautiful breasts. He took
her nipples between his fingers and pinched them until they were erect and
hard. O thought to herself “Oh no, will he be piercing my nipples too?”
Her question was immediately answered as he rubbed the cotton balls on her
nipples. He produces a long sterile needle and placed it against her right
nipple. O bit into her ball gag as hard as she could but it was hard to
supress her scream at the searing pain when he plunged the needle through
her nipple. Tears were streaming down her face as he did the same to the
other nipple. He placed a permanent gold ring in each of them and did the
same on her labia. The throbbing in her groin and her nipples was
extrememly intense, but she knew that if Master Zeke wanted it, she would
endure anything.
Next, the hulk got the needles and ink in order to place a tattoo on O.
Zeke stood up and looked into O’s tearful eyes. He said “O, I have placed
these rings on your body for my pleasure and yours and now I will place my
mark upon you. This mark will identify you as my property from now until
forever. Right above your beautiful pussy, I am having the circular mark of
the BDSM lifestyle and around it will be the words “Slave O- Property of
Master Zeke” In addition, the BDSM mark will be place on top of your wrist
so that others that practice our lifestyle will know that you have accepted
your place in life. I do this because I love you and I want you to be my
slave forever and I will be you master forever. I place this lock on your
labia lips and lock it so that it may be opened only by me.” O looked at
Master Zeke with love in her eyes and hardly noticed the pain that the
tattoo artist was bringing her. John stood up and looked at O. He said,”O,
you have heard your Master Zeke and his pledge to you, do you accept this
arrangement and agree to give yourself totally and freely to him?” O
nodded. “Very good”, John exclaimed, I now pronounce you Master and Slave.
The group all stood up and applauded. They shook Zekes hand and gave
him a hug. Each of them gave O a kiss on the forehead and sat down until
the tattoos were finished. Then the two women released O from her binds and
led her to a large bathroom with a huge shower. They both undressed
revealing that they too had gone through the same procedure. They took O
into the shower and washed her all over. After drning her off, they all put
on their collars and cuffs and walked out of the bathroom. Together they
knelt in front of their masters holding their pierced nipples out proudly,
locking their hands behind their heads and turning their eyes to the floor
awaiting their next command.

Another Beginning

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    you are a sicko

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    It certainly had my interest.

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