Bless Me Father pt.3

She laid her head back on the desk, her tears streaming down her face. “Lynn, your pussy is very, very wet. I want you to tell me the truth…Don’t be afraid,” His voice was gentle now…” did the spanking make you feel good, down here.” He gently rubbed her pussy slightly, in a gesture, and brushed against her clit. She was so hot, so swollen from her masturbating, and then the spanking, that she gasped and grunted, and pussy juices squirted out., She began to sob as she grappled for his strong hand, gripping it to her splayed clit and wetting all down his palm.

“Okay, I see, you don’t have to answer that question” he said in a gentle soothing voice. Lynn sobbed, her pussy aching and naked and spread wide..
Father Paris then stood up… ” well, my child, it seems you have indulged in a far greater sin … your soul will need to be cleansed thoroughly….”
Lynn laid on the hard lacquered table, still nude from the waist down. She closed her legs, and sobbed quietly with humiliation.
“Lynn” Father Paris began…” You have been tortured by the mortal sin of Lust, and I am going to cleanse you of this”…”But…he continued” you have to be completely open to me, or it will do no good. Do you think you can be a good girl for me?”
Lynn nodded, sniffling.
“That’s a Good girl”
“Now Lynn, you need to tell me every time you have done this before..”
he was walking across the room now with the magazine in his hand. ” how many times have to played with yourself, Lynn, and do not lie.”
“IM not sure, I don’t remember..” SWAT!!!!
He cracked the rolled up magazine across her thigh. ” LYNN, I am NOT going to ask again”
his voice was stern.
“Fifty, Farther, about fifty times” she cowered.
“Do you put your fingers inside yourself?”
“Yes, Father…”
“Do you rub your self to make your pussy wet?”
“Yyyes father” she stammered.
“Have you played with your rectum?”
“Please Father Paris, please don’t make me tell you…” she sobbed.
‘did you play with your rectum, Lynn? Answer me.”
“Yes! she was crying, “Yes Father I played with my pussy and rectum…”
Sobs shook her body as she laid on the table,her pussy open, her soaked panties around one ankle.
“Lynn, this is very important, think carefully…did anyone do this WITH you?”
Oh God, she thought, as she recalled her and Janna, her roommate, were playing with each other one night. Her thoughts were whisked back to her and Janna, in their nightgowns, tickling, and rubbing each other, playing with each others nipples, and rubbing their hairless pussies together.
“Lynn, answer me!” his voice jogged her thoughts back to the present.
“Yes, father…we played with each other, and rubbed our pussies on each other until we were wet.” She whispered, almost with beaten resolve.
“this is very, very serious Lynn. You have been an extremely bad girl.”
He then went over to his desk, and pulled out a long whip with leather straps on the end.
“Remove your clothes, Lynn, and lay down on the desk…”
“NO!!!!, PLEASE father, I’ll be good, Ill be good I promise!!!!! “She begged, as she clamored off the table and fell to her knees in front of him, hanging on his waist, she pleaded, still naked from the waist down.
PLEASE Father, I’ll do anything, PLEASE!!! Don’t whip me again, I will be a good girl!!”
“This is not to punish, it is to help you get past these lustful thoughts, Lynn.”He said, as he rubbed the back of her hair.
“I don’t have any lustful thoughts, Father, Please, I promise!! I don’t! I Swear!!”
“Lynn,” he said, ” stand up, and spread your legs apart.”
She stood erect, and spread her legs for him. ” Wider, please…” She knew if she went wider, she could not control herself. ” Wider, Lynn.”… She obeyed, and spread her legs wide, her clitty exposed.
He cupped his strong hand onto her swollen, soaked pussy, and rubbed her pussy, spreading it apart with his strong fingers. Shock waves went down Lynn’s legs, and she felt the warm wetness drench his hand and her inner thighs. She grabbed his hand to her pussy, and pressed it tight, and gasped, and moaned. He gently, slightly fingered her cunt, just the tip of his middle finger inside it, and she started to shake. She hugged his broad arm, and wiggled her clit on his hand.
” Ooooooooh, oooooohhh Father, Ohhhhhh…Please Father, Don’t,please don’t…..,ooooOhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh!!” She moaned, and felt her pussy quiver, she was at the brink, and he pulled it away, and showed her his wet sticky palm. ” You see, my child, you are still in the grips of Satan’s lust….Now take off all of your clothes, and lay on your back, and spread your legs apart. I won’t hurt you, I promise. We have to get to work. It is up to us to release Satan’s grips, and release your burning lust.”
To Be Cont………..

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