Cheating into college

Angel was the Vice President of her High School, a Varsity cheerleader for all four years, Varsity tennis team, and was on the Honor Roll.She had an awesome boyfriend, Jack, who played in the Basketball team and it was almost a year since they’ve first met. She was soon to become a college student, and she was aiming towards the Ivy League schools. She took the hardest classes in school and after she got accepted to her top choice Ivy League school, she started to drag on her studies. Especially her least favorite subject, which was Psychology. Her teacher was Mr.Stone, almost probably 250lbs about 5’10, a fat, slobbery teacher, maybe about 40 or so, always checking Angel out. She thought that was absolutely gross and always sat in the back of the class. Angel crossed her legs from the back of the class, watching his fat fingers write on the board. Gross, she thought to herself, no wonder he’s not married.

That day she was wearing a short denim skirt and a provocative halter top with flip flop sandals, her beautiful blonde hair in a tousled but sexy bun.

It was after that class when Mr.Stone handed her a note saying he needed to talk to her about something after school. Angel knew what it was. She was going to fail this class and that was a fact. If she failed any classes by graduation, her college was going to reject her. She needed an A, she just needed an A. Angel sat in a group of blonde cheerleaders in the cafeteria thinking about what she should do. Her mind kept on telling her, “fuck him”. Angel pushed that thought away thinking “no way.” There was no way she was fucking Mr.Stone. She thought and thought till her brains felt like it was going to explode. It was too late to raise her grades. After lunch, she went to her classes, only thinking about how she can get away with atleast a C. Her mind kept on saying, fuck him, and she kept on trying to get rid of that thought.

After her last class, her boyfriend came over and pushes her against the wall softly and they started kissing passionately. Their tongues twirled together and their hands were roaming all over each other. Angel was getting so horny, her boyfriend was so hot. But then she realized she had to go see Mr.Stone. She sighed and told her boyfriend..
“Baby I need to go see Mr.Stone, I think I’m in trouble. I’ll call you tonight?” She whispered slowly into his ears. To that, her boyfriend frowned and whispered back.
“Alright I hope everything is okay. I’ll call you at around 8.”
He kissed her lips softly and left her standing so horny and turned on. She walked furiously to Mr.Stones office and knocked.

“Come in.” Said Mr.Stone, there was a way he talked, a low voice breathing shallowly because of weight.

Angel opened the door, went in and closed the door behind her. She stood infront of his desk without saying anything. Mr.Stone looked at her crossing his arms, his huge body somehow fitting his master chair.

“Well Angel, I’m sure you know why you’re here. You are failing my class and I would have to give you a F. I just have to say, you should apply to other schools now, maybe a community college if it’s not too late.”

Angel’s jaw dropped in shock. A community college? That would ruin her life! She was getting nervous, putting her hands on the desk.

“No Mr.Stone I really can’t afford that. I really need atleast a C, can you please do something about it?” She said, in a begging voice.

Mr.Stone grinned a little, looking at her beautiful arms and a pretty view of her cleavage from her top. He could feel his cock getting hard already. She was gorgeous and he always thought that. If only she would decide to get sexual for an A, he thought.

“Well Angel, I’m sorry but you can’t raise your grade. I don’t have anymore assignments for you seniors.”

Angel bit her bottom lips as she saw a bulge in his pants. Oh shit, she thought. Maybe this is only way….

As she thought that, she grinned and walked around the desk, swaying her ass, looking right into his eyes. She stood behind his master chair, and put her hands on his shoulders, slowly sliding them up and down.
Then suddenly he turned around facing her, drooling a little from the corner of his mouth. For some reason this was turning Angel on. He put his hands on her waist, pulling her closer, their knees meeting. His fat chubby hands sliding up and down her waist.

“I approve of your idea. Very good idea. You won’t get a C if you do it right. You’ll get an A+.” He said with a grin.

Angel grinned at him suddenly getting so hot and turned on by his heavy hands.

“I will do it right Mr.Stone.” She says in a sexy voice.

“Good. Now kiss me Angel, kiss me like you’ve wanted me for the whole time. Come on now.” He grinned widely, saliva going down the side of his mouth.

Angel took a quick breath and leaned in, putting her hands on either side of his shoulder and kissed his wet lips. His tongue opened her lips apart, sliding it inside her mouth, tasing every inch of her pretty mouth, her lip gloss tasting like cherry. His hands were rising higher on her back, under her tight little top. Angel sucked on his tongue loving how kinky this whole thing was.
Mr.Stone pulled away from the kiss and smiled into her eyes, leaning in to lick her lips.
“Good Angel. Now take my shirt and pants off for me. Get down on your knees between my legs baby.” He says, sliding his hand on her waist, pulling her down to her knees. Angel just grins with her sexy look, kneeling down between his legs, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. As she unbuttoned them, she kissed and licked down his fat flabby chest, sucking on his nipples as he groaned with pleasure. She took his shirt off and threw it on the floor, then unbuckled his belt, his flabby stomach getting in the way. She could feel his hard cock getting harder. He lifted his hips a little so Angel could take his boxers and pants off him. She thought she would be disgusted but actually she felt turned on, and she could feel her pussy getting swollen.

“Goooood baby. Now Angel baby, I want you to suck me. You know you’ve wanted it baby. Suck on me good, get it hard and ready for your tight pretty pussy.” He said, breathing heavily already, sliding his fat fingers along her lips.

Angel took his hard and extremely thick cock into her hands, then opened her mouth wide and sucked on it. Mr.Stone groaned out loud, watching her, his drooling increasing. He slid his hands on her soft shoulders watching the pretty sexy girl sucking on his thick hard cock. She moaned a little, making his cock harder and throbbing already.

“Baby come up now…I need to taste you and we’re going to play a little.” Mr.Stone said, pulling her up. He turned her around and leaned her over his desk as he stood up, pressing his cock against her beautiful tight ass. He lifted her skirt revealing a soft skinned ass with a blak string thong. He massaged her ass with his fat hands, sliding her thong down her ass, lowering his face to the front of her ass.

“Do you want my tongue and cock inside you baby? Do you want this thick thing inside you Angel baby?” He said, breathing heavily.

“Mmmmmm god…yes I need it, I want it so badly Mr.Stone, please fuck me and eat me.” She says, her breathing so heavy now.

Mr.Stone smiked as he slided his tongue from her asshole all the way down to her clit, flicking his tongue licking the juice she produced for him. Angel moaned out loud as he did so.

“Oh mr.Stone please fuck me, please fuck me. I want you inside me so much, I wanna feel your hard thick cock inside me!!” Angel screaming, getting Mr.Stone so hard and sweaty. He gets up and slides his fat fingers in her pussy making her squirm, loving it. A beautiful blonde girl wanting her cock was one of the best things that had ever happened to him. He slowly took his cock and jammed it into her without warning,pumping against her hard, his fat s
tomach slapping against her ass. Both of them moaned loudly, his speed of fucking getting so fast.

Mr.Stone I want you so bad…I need you to fuck me right now. Please fuck me PLEASE. I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel you.” Angel screamed.

Mr.Stone jammed inside her, stopping still, his arms going around to her beautiful tits, squeezing them, his cock throbbing inside her tight, wet fresh pussy.

“Do you want me to cum inside you Angel baby? Do you want my sperm? Do you want it? How bad do you want it?” He asked, his breathing as heavy as ever, still pumping her hard.

“I want you to cum inside me, I want your sperm, I want to get pregnant with that sexy sperm please get me pregnant, god I want it so bad, OH please mr.stone I want your baby, fuck me! fuck me!” Angel screams.

Mr.Stone smirked and was ridiculously turned on with what she was saying to him. Hearing his name called out by this beautiful girl made him squirt and cum so hard into her pussy, filling her pussy with his fresh cum, cumming so much that it was leaking out of her pussy. He felt her pussy tighten as it released her cum all over his cock. He quickly turned a panting Angel around and squeezed her beautiful tits kissing her mouth, sliding his tongue all over her face.

“Mmmm Angel baby that gets you an A+.” He grinned smiling into her eyes. Angel not being able to reply, still panting, feeling his cum drip down the side of her inner thigh.

“Oh mr.stone…thank you so much. that felt so good….” She said, kissing him back.

“You may go now. But promise me you will be back atleast one more time before graduation.” He demanded as she walked towards the door. Angel turned around and grinned.

“I will for sure Mr.Stone. Thank you for such an awesome time.” She said.

“Good luck at Princeton Angel.” Mr.Stone said, as she closed his office door.

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