Cheerleader Amber 12

“Hello, Amber.”

Still in her graduation gown, Amber turned to face the man. “I was wondering when you’d show up again.”

Mindy’s brother, John, grinned as he came towards the girl. “You knew I’d come back, huh?”

Amber exhaled and shook her head. “It was inevitable. Sooner or later, you were going to have to come back and see what had become of your handiwork.”

John grinned again. “So, what has become of my handiwork?”

“As if you didn’t know,” Amber told the man. “You got what you wanted. You got it all. I’m just a pathetic, little whore. I can’t help myself. I’ll fuck anyone or anything for just twenty bucks. I’ll humiliate myself in any way and I’ll hate myself for doing that and then I’ll go right on out and do it all over again. I had a kid. Did you know that?”

John nodded.

“I put him up for adoption,” Amber said. “I’m not the type for raising kids. I’m a whore, thanks to you, and a whore is all I’ll ever be.”

“You got that right,” John told her.

“You son of a bitch,” Amber shot back, but even as she was saying it, she heard John say something else.

Amber could feel her mind slipping away. Somewhere in the vast recesses of her mind, she knew John had fired a post-hypnotic trigger. She knew John was reprogramming her, but she also knew she was powerless to resist.

When she awoke, Amber knew she was in a cheap, little motel room. She knew she was still a whore and she knew she would always be but something was different, too. She knew she was a whore but she wasn’t just a twenty-buck fuck. She knew she would never sell herself so cheaply again. All those months of letting guy after guy after guy use her had taught her how to please a man and how to please any man, and now she would put that knowledge to work in her new vocation.

She looked at John and she smiled. She would do anything for this man. She knew what he had done to her and she knew how he’d changed her and still, the compulsion was irresistible. She would do anything for this man. He was her mentor. He was her God. He was her pimp.

“Can I suck your cock?” she asked simply and the man nodded.

The need to pleasure him was intense. As she dropped to her knees and as she unzipped John’s pants, Amber knew she would not be the last. There would be other girls, girls that she, Amber, would recruit and would bring to John and then he would control them, too. Amber knew she would not be John’s only whore, but as she took his cock in her hand and then as she slipped her mouth down over John’s shaft, Amber knew she would be the first of his whores, and for Amber, being first was good enough.

John groaned as his whore sucked on his cock and then he groaned again. She was a better cock sucker than she had been back on that first night when he’d hypnotized her, but then he figured that that stood to reason. After all, she’d had a lot more practice sucking cock since then.

John groaned again even as he stroked the girl’s hair. Damn, she was good, he thought. She was really, really good.

Amber knew the man was about to cum and she wanted it. She wanted to make him cum. She wanted to taste it in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of his cock so that she could stroke his member with her hand and then she again slipped him inside her mouth. Just a little more was all it would take, she figured. Just a little bit more.

John groaned as Amber’s mouth finally gave his cock the release it craved and then he was filling her mouth with his cum. The man groaned again as his cock shot even more of his load into the girl’s hungry, little mouth. He knew she swallowing his jizz. He knew she was fondling his balls, and then he shot even more of his cum in the girl’s mouth. Damn, he thought, that was so fucking good.

Amber loved it. She didn’t know if she’d been programmed to love it or if this was an uncoerced emotion, but Amber didn’t care. All she knew was she loved sucking on that cock and she loved swallowing that cum.

The only thing that Amber regretted was that it was over far too soon for her but then, it didn’t really have to be over unless she said it was because Amber knew how to get a guy hard again.

Amber’s hand fondled John’s balls even as her lively tongue stroked his shaft. She loved the taste of his cum on his shaft. Her mouth worked its way up his shaft and her tongue played with the end of that cock, eliciting a round of low moans from John.

Amber smiled to herself even as her tongue continued to diddle that cock. Yeah, she knew how to get a man hard, she thought, even as she sucked the end of his cock into her mouth. She sucked him hard and she made the man groan, and then with a loud slurping sound, she let the man’s cock go only to do it all over again moments later.

That cock was certainly responding to Amber’s tongue. It was getting harder and longer, just the way Amber wanted it and still Amber continued to suck on it. She licked and sucked and sucked and licked and the cock just got harder and harder.

Finally though, she pulled that cock from her mouth and her hand stroked that rigid shaft as she looked up at her man. “I want to feel this inside me,” she told him as her hand worked that cock.

Amber didn’t wait for a response from the man. She simply moved her body up and then she pressed her tits against the man’s cock. She let his cock slip between her fleshy mounds and then she pushed her tits closed around that cock. “Oh yeah,” she moaned again even as she moved her tits around that rigid cock, “this is what I want.”

John continued to moan as the girl fucked his cock with her tits. It felt good, really good, and yet, the man knew there was more to come.

Amber alternated between watching the man and between turning her face down and sucking on his cock as it slid between her tits. She loved sucking on his cock. She didn’t care if her love for his cock was natural or whether he had been hypnotically imposed it on her. She loved John’s cock and that was all that mattered to her.

She heard the man moan as she continued to slide his cock between her tits. She loved that but as much as she loved that, she needed even more.

She let his cock slide out from between her fleshy mounds and then she was moving her body up. She straddled John’s lap and then she was pushing her tits against John’s face. She could feel his face sliding between her tits. She pulled back just a bit. “Do you like my tits?” she asked earnestly.

“Oh yeah,” the man moaned.

Amber giggled. “That’s good,” she purred even as she pushed her tits against the man’s face, “because my tits really love you,” and then she moaned again as she felt the man’s face again slide between her fleshy mounds.

The man was kissing her tits and then he was sucking on her nipples and Amber moaned even as she held her tits against his face. He could do anything he wanted with her, anything at all, and that was just fine with her.

Amber pulled her tits back from the man’s face. She knew what she needed and she knew what he needed, too. She reached between her legs and she found the man’s rock-hard cock. She gave that cock a few, hard strokes but they both knew where that cock was going to end up.

The man moaned as he felt the head of his cock graze the lips of Amber’s drooling cunt, and then he moaned again as the cheerleader slut worked the head of his cock into the entrance of her womanly gate.

Amber held the man there for just a moment and then she moaned as she pushed her pussy down on the man’s cock. It felt so good going inside her, so incredibly good, and then she pulled her pussy up only to again plunge it down on that cock. It felt so good.

Amber gasped and then she moaned again as her pussy convulsed around that cock. Just the entrance of that cock in her cunt was enough to make her cum, and it took her a moment to
realize the significance of that event.

When this man had programmed her before, he had turned Amber into a whore, but more than that, he h
ad made it impossible for Amber to cum unless she first made someone else cum but more than that, every time she made a man cum, instead of feeling pleasure from the orgasm that issued from that event, she would always hate herself for what she was doing and for what she had been made to do, and although Amber didn’t think of herself as a lesbian, it was only when she made a woman cum that she could enjoy sex herself, but the more she did it, the more she craved it.

Only she hadn’t made John cum, not yet. And yet, she was cumming. She was cumming and she wasn’t having those feelings of self loathing she had come to expect and she was surprised.

She was still cumming as she rode that cock and then she realized what had happened. John had changed her when he had hypnotized her again. She still couldn’t cum by herself, but she could cum whenever she was with someone else. She was addicted to cumming and she would always enjoy it. He had given her back the pleasure of sex.

Amber smiled gratefully even as she rode John’s cock and in that instant, she gave herself even more fully to this man who had given her back the pleasure of sex. She would do anything for him, but right now, she needed to make him cum, and she knew that when he did, she would be cumming, too.

Her pussy bounced on the cock underneath her as she rode it hard. She wrapped her arms around the man’s head and she kissed him hard. She loved the feel of that cock in her pussy. She loved the way it massaged the insides of her cunt. She loved the tingles of pleasure that she got from it.

She knew she was going to cum. That’s all there was to it, but more than that, she knew the man was going to cum, too, and she wanted it. She wanted to make him cum.

Her pussy pounded that cock underneath her. She needed to make that cock cum. She needed it so bad. Her body was on fire, but she wanted to make that cock cum. She needed to make that cock cum.

The owner of the cock she was riding was groaning loudly and Amber knew what was cumming. It was inevitable. It was necessary.

John grunted as his cock came, and he could feel his cock shooting its load into Amber’s hungry cunt. Oh shit, he thought, that was good.

Amber sobbed happily as her pussy convulsed atop that cock. She was cumming again, and this time, instead of the revulsion that she had grown accustomed to when she fucked a guy, this time, all she felt was pure, unbridled satisfaction. She loved it. She loved having a man cum inside her.

She loved this man. He’d turned her into a twenty-buck fuck, but she knew that was a thing of the past. Her rates would be going up, way up. He’d turned her into a whore, his whore. He was her pimp and she was his whore. He’d be getting half of whatever she made, but she wanted him to get that. He had given her back the pleasure of sex and she loved him for that. She was his whore. She wanted to give this man her money. She wanted to give him her body. She was a whore and that was all she would ever be.

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