High School Part 1

Mike had recently turned 18 and loved the girls at his high school. He was however to shy to ask most of them to do anything even if it was minor like how was your day. He spent his nights masterbating to fantasies of the girls he only wished he could have sex with. This all changed to this virgin of 18 who had recently turned 18 with one Sunday morning.

Mike is about 6’3″ with brown eyes and short brown hair. He wore glasses and was semi-athletic. Around 220lbs and slightly overweight. Mike had a close group of guy friends but outside of that there were only a few girls that he felt comfortable being around.

Mike had walked into his first class and half a sleep sat up rather quickly as Christine walked into the room. She was about 5’6″ with long blonde hair past her shoulders and fair white skin Her eyes were like greenish blue. She had fairly large breasts that all the guys seemed to notice but her best attribute was her ass. No matter what she wore her butt always seems to draw the attention.

Mike was wearing the usual casual baggy shirt with boxers and a pair of shorts. As Christine made her way to her seat her cleavage was moving slightly as she walked with her unzipped mini pink jacket and a white top exposing her belly button. She sat down and her tanish pants slid down slightly exposing her black thong. The black matched the darkness of her bra which shown through the white top.

As class continued Mike would occationally look down at Christina’s Thong or her breasts as she moved they moved. Mike wouldnt look for to long knowing if he got caught staring at her he might cause problems. Toward the end of class Mike couldnt help himself anymore he got to fantasizing about what he could do with her. He found himself staring at her longer and longer periods of time.

As Mike was looking at her thong she said.

“What are you doing.”

Mike thought he was caught and looked up into her eyes. Another classmate said.

“What did you say Christine.”

She looked over to that person and said

“Oh never mind.”

Mike thought he was safe and that she wasn’t talking about him. He thought to himself there was no way she could be talking about me I didn’t look very long. Just then Christine gave Mike a letter and his heart stopped he thought he was done for he opened it slowly and it read:

Mike I saw you looking at me and it’s not the first time is it? I see you all the time I’ve even seen you pop a little tent in your shorts if you know what i mean. It makes me think of what sick things your thinking about. The thought of what you might do to me then again I think of what you might do to me and I start to get a little hot. Wait till after class and we can talk together down the halls.

Mike got confused after reading this letter was he gonna get in trouble? What did she mean by getting hot was it because of him? Did she like me? After class Mike waited till only him and Christina were in the class she walked up to him and said.

“Lets start walking.”

They got into the hallway and there was a little silence as the started walking till she said.

“Mike you were looking at my thong werent you?”

“Yes.” he replied softly.

“How did it make you feel? she asked.

“Oh…I don’t know.” he said shortly after.

Christine told Mike to stop walking and looked him in his eyes.

“Don’t lie to me it did something I saw you with a hard on.” she responded with stricter tone of voice.

As Mike’s eyes drifted to the floor she reminded him loudly to look up.

“Quiet down please someone might hear you….It..It…It made me feel like doing stuff to you.” Mike said as he expected her to be offended.

Christine said. “What kind of stuff?”

Mike’s face turned red. “I dont know if i could tell you what kind of stuff.”

Then show me. *Christine motioned the the girls bathroom and said* “Lets go.”

They walked in together and mike put his hands into his short pockets as Christina locked the door. “Now show me.”

Mike didn’t know what to do and after a few minutes of him stuttering to find the words she said. “Well…Youve seen my underwear not let me see yours.”

Mike thought to himself I dont know whats going on but what the hell. He took off his shorts and exposed his cartoonish like boxers. His penis wasnt hard yet but you could see the shape through the boxers. Mike put his hands overhimself.

“Now thats better. We need to get that cock of yours some life now.” She dropped her jacket on the floor and unbuttoned her pants as she walked over to Mike. She took mikes hands and placed them above her waist on the side of her stomach. Then pushed herself forward her body felt his limp penis as it started to move.

She kissed Mike on the cheek and moved toward his lips. As she kissed Mike’s lips and gently sucked them Mike started to realize this is for real and starting moving his hands toward her waist. Christine knew she finally got Mike into it and the kissing became more intense and Mike became the aggresive one.

He sucked on her lips and started to nibble them. He continued and caught Christine off guard when Mike stuck his tongue into her mouth. His tongue was met by hers as they probed each others mouths. As they kissed she could feel herself getting wet as Mike began to wander. He moved slowly to her butt and starting feeling them and softly grabbing them. She let out a little sigh while they were kissing like she didnt expect it.

Mike not completely knowing what he was doing kept moving his hand place to place as he went up her back and gently touched her stomach. His hands eventually wound up traveling to her hair her cheeks and her face she directed them to what she wanted. She put his hands on his zipper and Mike got the point as he lowered her zipper.

She stopped suddenly from kissing Mike and turned around. Bent over infront of Mike she leaned back and starting grinding his enlarged penis as she pulled down her pants.

“Is this what you were looking at my big ass.” Her pants were off now and she was slapping it for Mike and licking her lips.

Just as suddenly she started she stopped and got on her knees. She quickly stripped mike of his boxers and smiled.
“This will do really nice.”

She put the tip of his throbbing cock into her mouth and started licking it. Mike took off his shirt and starting moaning. She used it as a sign to continue and started to go deeper on his cock. Mike ran his hands through her hair and forced her mouth deeper and deeper. She was starting to breath heavy as she tried to deep throat him. Taking in all of his bulging member into her mouth and using her tongue to stimulate the penis. Mike kept using his hands on her more and more and she finally said.

“Now it looks like your ready do what you want with me.”

Mike ripped her top off and undid her bra. Her breasts bursted into the open as Mike started to caress her big boobs and touch her hard nipples. She started to moan as she continued to suck. Mike couldnt take it any more and wanted to come and feel good so bad. He told her to get up quickly and moved her thong aside. She was bent over the sink and they could see each other in the mirror.

Mike started to fuck her doggy style and they both were breathing harder and harder. Mike went deeper and deeper at a fast pace he knew he was gonna come but he couldnt leave her with out anything. He slowed down his pace and massaged her nipples and breasts. This allowed her to feel more pleasure as she inched closer to climax. Mike then reached over her and rubber her pussy and clit. This extra hand dexterity helped her get closer as Mike picked up pace again Christine screamed and Mike moaned as they came together. They
were both tired and ended up sleeping on the floor next to each other.

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