Josh finally gets Ashleigh

She was usually pretty confident around people, but not Josh. He intimidated her not because he was bigger or stronger than she was, but because of who he was. He was the percussion leader of her college band and the lead snare drummer. He lived and breathed music. He practiced all the time, and because of his lack of socialization, he was also the biggest and most uptight asshole ever to walk the earth. He was cute, and he knew it. He had always been chased by girls, but he never bothered with them because they were fickle and needy. He had been hurt before, so now he just didn’t bother. The crushes didn’t affect him at all. He just concentrated on drumming and drinking his way through college.
His sophomore year changed all of that. He was still focused on music, but band was different. There were several new freshmen percussionists, but one was a female! There were only two other girls in the percussion section: one was a bass drummer and she was his age and the other was a volunteer from a different school who didn’t show up half the time. The new girl played the cymbals, and she had no previous music training at all. She was pretty with her curly brown hair that fell past her shoulders and blue-green eyes. Josh demanded perfection from his drum line, and though Ashleigh tried her best, she sometimes messed up. She knew Josh was watching, and that made her nervous, partly because he was cute and mostly because he was the best drummer she’d ever seen. Other people agreed. The music people she talked to said that Josh was the best they’d had in a LONG time. And that he knew he was good, and that’s why he was so crabby all of the time.
At first, Ashleigh was afraid to talk to him because of his status. Over the course of her first year, she developed a crush on him. She never told him, but everyone could see it, even Josh. He never gave her the time of day or showed any interest in her, but secretly he was intrigued by her. She was nice to everyone, and she hardly ever gave him a hard time, except when she was angry. She always went out of her way to say something nice to him at the end of every rehearsal, and while he thought it strange, he was flattered all the same.
Summer came and went, and it was the beginning of his junior year and Ashleigh’s sophomore. He came back to find that she still had her crush on him. She still complimented him and tried her best to play up to his standards. She became frustrated easily, especially when the instructor asked her to play something differently when she’d already learned it one way. She had learned to joke a little bit more with every one, though she was still the most sincere. She seemed less interested than the previous year, and that made him wonder why. He began to watch her in band when she was playing. He found himself thinking about her every now and then, especially at the most inopportune moments. Josh continued to drum and drink. He would drink every night, whether he was alone or other people came over. He would be sitting around, drinking, and all of a sudden, Ashleigh would pop into his head. She was sweet and na├»ve, not at all the type of girl he used to go for. This year, though, she would make more sexual jokes and comments than last year. He wondered what it would be like to be with her. Absently, he began to touch himself over his jeans. He was buzzed but not drunk. He put his beer down and unzipped his pants, his hand wandering into his boxer briefs. He stroked himself, imagining it was Ashleigh’s hair. He ran his hand down the side of her face, down her neck to her chest. He began squeezing the shaft of his penis, from the base to the tip, pretending he was squeezing her breasts. He took a hold of his dick in one hand and his balls in the other. While still jacking himself off, he massaged and pulled gently on his balls, wishing Ashleigh were there to do it for him. He was experienced at masturbation, and he came too soon. He went to the bathroom with his pants still open to grab a towel to clean up. He looked at himself in the mirror, and that’s when it hit him. He could have a party; she would come. He could get her drunk and ask her to stay and help him clean up. Then he could see privately if she would put out.
Counting the days until his party, Josh continued to watch her. He watched her bite her lip in frustration, and in his room late at night, he pretended it was his lip, his chest, and his dick she would bite and nibble on. He watched her crash the cymbals, imagining it was his ass she was crashing her hands against, as he made her scream again and again. Every once in a while, a bulge would appear in the front of his pants, and Josh became grateful that he wore a snare drum during practice.
Finally, the day and hour of the party arrived. Josh checked to make sure he had enough alcohol for everyone. The party was underway and in full swing in less than an hour. Josh always had a beer in his hand, making the rounds like a good host, which was unusual for him. No sign of Ashleigh at all. He began to get disappointed, thinking she wasn’t going to show up. He was talking to Lindsey, the girl bass drummer, Kris, and Thom, two of the other percussionists, when Lindsey’s cell phone rang. She answered, plugging her ear with the other hand because the music was turned up. Josh told Kris to go turn it down a little. He could hear Lindsey’s end.
“Hey. What’s going on? Oh, not much, just hanging out here at Josh’s with Kris and Thom…No, the party is still going…No, I don’t know when it’ll be over. I think it’s okay if you swing by…Josh won’t care…His apartment is on the corner of 10th and College. Apartment 7…Okay, you’re welcome. See you in a bit. Bye” She stuffed the phone back in her pocket.
“Who was that?” Thom asked.
“Ashleigh. She just got done with work and wanted to know if the party was done yet and if it’s okay for her to come now, even though it’s ‘so late’.” Lindsey replied with a smile. Thom and Kris just nodded. Josh pretended like he was indifferent also, but inside he was ecstatic. He hung around in the living room, pretending to be checking on the food when there was a knock on the door. Robert was closest to the door, and he opened it before Josh could get there. He pulled Ashleigh inside, shut the door, and dragged her by the elbow to the kitchen to get her a drink. She laughingly protested and tried to pull away, claiming that she didn’t drink. Indignant and stung, Josh turned his attention back to the food table. He watched discreetly as Robert made her a mixed drink, and she refused it. He saw her get her own glass and ice and pour just Diet Coke in it. She covered the top with her hand as she picked it up, looking up at Robert and grinning. He was drunk, Josh knew, and he saw Robert down the mixed drink with a shrug. Ashleigh laughed and turned away. Drink in hand, she moved around the living room, saying hi to various people. She made a beeline for Lindsey, Thom, and Kris in the dining room when she saw them, and she stayed with them mostly. Josh made one more round as the good host, then went back to the group. He walked up behind Ashleigh just in time to hear her say to Lindsey, “Isn’t this Josh’s apartment? I haven’t seen him. Where is he?” He smiled to himself. Lindsey pointed right behind Ashleigh, and she turned around. Josh’s face lit up in a grin as he welcomed Ashleigh to the party. Ashleigh had only seen Josh drunk once before, at a football game, so she clearly wasn’t used to the friendly, outgoing Josh. She cleared her throat and smiled nervously at him. As the night went on, Josh would find excuses to go talk to her in the group, then leave for a bit and get himself another drink, then go back over. Ashleigh began to get used to him talking to her, and her nervousness melted away. She even began to flirt with Josh, just a little, but he was enjoying it, and he surprised himself by flirting back. He didn’t think he would actually get to interact with her th
is much until the
party was over. He grew unsteady in his walking, and he stumbled while going back over to talk to her. She reached out and grabbed him, keeping him from falling. She caught his arm and put it around her shoulders, and put her arm around his waist. She took his beer bottle from him and put it on a table.
“Easy, there, Josh. Come on, let’s go sit down, okay? Nice and slow, there you go, honey. Easy.” she said, helping him over to the couch. He fell backward onto it, trying to pull her with him. She resisted, but ended up half on top of him anyway. She pushed against his chest, trying to get up, but he kept his hands on her shoulders.
“Shhh, don’t move, Ashleigh. It’s okay.” he whispered thickly. She quit squirming long enough to realize that her hip was resting against something hard that had previously been soft. Her eyes popped open as she realized what it was and what was happening.
“Josh, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing.” she protested softly, still pushing on him. He ran one hand quickly down her shoulder and down the front of her shirt, his palm passing over her breast and nipple. She instantly froze.
“No, baby, I’m not drunk. I know exactly what I’m doing, and I want you.” he replied. She leaned down and whispered in his ear, and it took all of his self control not to cum right there with her breath in his ear.
“This is a party, Josh. There are people around. I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret later.” she told him as she broke his grip and rose from the couch. He laid there, watching her as she sat down on the coffee table across from him. She turned her head sideways, smiling at him and reached out to brush her fingers through his hair. He smiled back at her. “You’re a mess,” she said fondly, running her hand down his cheek. “Is it okay if I take care of you, though?” He nodded, swallowing hard.
Slowly the night waned. Ashleigh brought Josh water to drink when he got thirsty and denied him more alcohol. Everyone either went home or passed out in the living room and kitchen. She walked around carefully, cleaning up the empty beer and wine bottles as best she could. She put them in a garbage bag, and when that got too full, she began piling them on the table. She had almost gotten them all picked up and was putting them on the kitchen table when Josh wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He put his chin on her shoulder and swayed side to side gently. He made sure his hips brushed against her ass, and with every pass, his cock grew harder. He kissed the side of her neck quickly, then more tantalizingly, opening his mouth and sucking gently. She squealed as his lips tickled and turned to face him.
“You’re still drunk, aren’t you?” she said matter-of-factly as she put her arms around his neck. He kept his arms locked around her waist, but he dropped one closer to her ass cheek.
“No, I’m not. All that water has sobered me up, Ashleigh, and I want you. I am not going to regret it,” he said softly, looking her in the eye. He leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. Fireworks flew between them as he caressed her lips with his, probing his tongue gently into her mouth. Her mouth opened to his touch, and as her tongue touched his, she returned his kiss with assertiveness, her body arching against his. She moved his hand down to where it was directly on her ass, and he cupped her ass cheek and squeezed. Ashleigh put one hand on the side of his face and toyed with the back of his neck, pulling him closer. She slid both of her hands to the waistband of his jeans and opened the button and unzipped the zipper. She took hold of his shaft with both hands, dropped to her knees, and kissed him through his underwear. She found the front hole in his underwear, poked just the tip of his cock through, and licked it like a melting ice cream cone. Josh put one hand on the table to steady himself, narrowly missing knocking over the bottles and cans. Ashleigh looked up in his face and stood up, keeping her mouth on his cock. She walked backwards, bent over, directing him gently by the head of his penis to follow her to the bedroom. He only too happily went. She led him into the room, left him standing in the middle by himself, and shut the door. She grabbed his ass from behind as she French kissed the sensitive area on the back of his neck and feather kissed down his spine. He shivered in response, and she carefully slid his pants and underwear down to his feet in one motion. She kissed his ass, spreading his cheeks and licking his asshole. He moved his legs wider, stepping out of his clothes. She sat down underneath him and vigorously licked his perineum from his ass to his balls. She sucked one in gently as she alternately squeezed, tugged, and massaged his other testicle, smiling as she heard him moan softly and felt his hand sliding over his shaft. She stilled his hand and put it on top of her head. He looked down at her, and she looked up at him as she licked the underside base of his penis. She nibbled from the base to the tip, underside, and licked the swollen head once. She encircled it with her mouth, not touching his penis, just blowing hot breaths on his wet member. He groaned and tried to thrust his hips forward slightly, but she moved her head with him. He slid his hand from the top of her head to the back of her head, intending to help her, when she suddenly slammed her mouth onto his cock, deepthroating it, touching her nose to his pubic hair. She sucked with her lips and breath and made a swallowing motion over and over, allowing the muscles in the back of her mouth and upper throat to massage him all over. His groans turned into outright and unintelligible moans, punctured with a “Fuck yeah!” or “oh, baby, that feels good!”
Ashleigh put one hand on the base of his cock and made a V with her fingers. Sliding her hand up and down his shaft, she bobbed her head back and forth from the middle of his member to the tip, back again, and to the base and back to the middle. Her fingers became slick with her saliva mixed with his precum. His hand on the back of her head began to apply pressure as he thrust his hips, sliding his stiff cock in and out of her mouth. She grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling him close and pushing him away. As his cock slid out of her mouth, she would smack his ass, spanking him. Then he would plunge it into her throat again, and she would suck his brains out through his dick. She ran her fingers over his asshole, sliding just the tip of her finger inside experimentally. He was tight, but she didn’t know how he felt about having his ass fucked, so she stuck with the tip of her finger.
His ass grew red as she spanked him, so she took ahold of his balls once more while he thrust her face. She could feel the cum building in his cock and balls, so she worked harder and faster, using one hand to jack him off as she sucked him in and out.
“Baby, I’m going to cummmmmmmmm!” he moaned as his hips bucked, releasing his cum in her mouth. She pulled his ass to her, jamming his spurting cock down her throat, again making the swallowing motions. Then she grabbed his balls and rubbed them, making sure she got it all this time. His knees buckled as he finished releasing his load down her throat. There was a little bit of cum that was in her mouth, and it dripped slowly down the side of her face. Luckily his backside was facing the bed, and as his knees gave way, he sat down hard on the bed. Ashleigh followed, never allowing his cock to slip from her throat. She felt it grow soft in her mouth, but she held it there, rubbing the insides of his thighs. She took his cock from her mouth, placed her warm hand over it, and felt him relax. She sat down on the bed next to him, facing him. He put his head on her shoulder, sighing in pleasure. Please leave comments. What should happen next?

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