Surprises can happen

Ashley closed the window on her computer showing this semesters grade reports. She was surprised to have gotten such a good grade in the one subject she had spent her college career avoiding. The next time she saw Dr. Smith, she intended to thank him Earlier in the semester he had rebuffed her attempts to raise her grade. In such a small liberal arts college it wasn’t uncommon for a struggling student to spend time with a professor getting the extra “tutoring” they needed. The college was known to recruit professors by telling them “that the winters may be cold, but the students are friendly.”
As Ashley pulled her blouse over head and onto her athletic body she still had difficulty understanding why John Smith refused her. After all she had perfect breasts and a tight abdominal region that only goes with hours of gymnastics and working out.
When she had approached Dr. Smith in his office she made sure her blouse showed her breasts and the tight skirt hugging her hips did not hide her trimmed and shaved pussy when she bent over.
This was the same outfit she wore when she seduced her history professor Gloria Stevens. Ashley rubbed her ass thinking about Gloria since she liked to punish her students. Ashley’s ass hurt for more than a few days from the spankings she got at the hands of Dr. Stevens. Ashley still wondered if the grade was worth the pain and humiliation she suffered.
Dr. Smith he was sitting behind his desk and never showed any emotion as she bent over showing her breasts, dropped her pen only to pick it up showing her pussy and ass to him. She used her best “come hither” facial expressions to convey what she was willing to do to pass his course. Dr. Smith had pulled out a pad of paper and written information; she was convinced that he would provide his home address only to be crushed when he finally told her that she had two options: drop the course, or seek tutoring help. As he handed the paper to her he told her that he had listed the names of three good tutors there. He also went on to tell her that winters get cold her and he would hate to see her get a cold and she should dress more warmly.
With a red face Ashley had stormed out of his office. No one had ever refused her and yet he had. She was actually looking forward to fucking him. Of all the professors he was the best looking and the most athletic.
Regardless, tonight was her night and Ashley wanted to go and play pool at a local pool hall only five blocks from her apartment.
Ashley was cold when she arrived at the pool hall and was thankful it was warm inside. She ordered a beer for herself and saw that there were no available pool tables. A familiar voice sounded behind her from Dr. Smith.
“I see that you took my advice about dressing to avoid getting cold.”
Turing around Ashley smiled “Thank you for the grade in the class Dr. Smith.”
“You earned that grade yourself,” replied Dr. Smith
“I didn’t know you played pool, I have a table if you promise to call me John,” Dr. Smith said with a smile.
Ashley followed John admiring his ass and broad shoulders. He normally wore dress pants but looked good in jeans. When they arrived at the pool table John offered Ashley the break since he had already racked the balls.
Ashley smiled “I like balls, they are fun to play with.”
For the first time she saw emotion in Dr. Smiths face, could he have noticed her in his office she wondered?
The evening was filled with playful banter and sexual innuendos. Drinking beer might not have been such a good idea because Ashley kept thinking about fucking John. Several times she had to go to the bathroom to use tissue to wipe her wet pussy. She figured tonight she would have to rub her own pussy and think of Dr. Smith until she came.
When the pool hall closed for the night, John offered to walk Ashley home. When they go to her apartment she asked if he would check her apartment for intruders since there had been some recent break ins around the neighborhood.
John walked through the apartment with her noting that she had a roommate that wasn’t home yet. All night that girl had been leaning over and driving him mad, what a body and he could hardly keep his eyes off her tits and ass. He still kicked himself for not taking her up on her offer during the semester but at the same time he had to be careful. He spoke to Ashley “The apartment looks good to me.”
Ashley turned noticing a bulge in his crotch. She smiled and said “so you are human, would you like me to adjust your cock so it is more comfortable?” While she reached out and stroked his crotch feeling his hardness. Breathlessly John looked at her, it was too much. After the teasing she had given him in his office during the semester and now Ashley was here in front of him stroking his cock through his jeans.
“yes, he whispered.”
Ashley unbuttoned his jeans and while slowly unzipping she reached into his pants to feel his hard cock. Nice, she thought to herself, at least seven inches, probably eight inches. She pulled his jeans to the floor revealing well muscled legs with his manhood tucked into boxer briefs. She kissed his legs and smelled him as she worked her way up to unbutton shirt.
John reached down and guided her heard to his as he bent over and kissed her. She returned the kiss passionately pressing her body against his; he reached down and grabbed her ass pulling her into his body. She reached under his shirt and pushed it off; they broke kissing to remove his shirt. She stepped back to admire his body, the muscular chest gave way to sculpted abdominal muscles finally she looked at his crotch and she could see his cock was so hard and stiff through the boxer briefs.
She went to her knees and pulled his boxer briefs down, he had kicked his shoes off and she took his socks off as she pulled the briefs to the floor. Starting at his thighs she kissed upwards and could hear him moan in pleasure. Reaching upwards she stroked his legs finding his balls and playing with them until her mouth was there to suck on his balls. She felt his hands on her shoulders, then on her face. He pulled her away for a moment.
Looking down at Ashley John reached with his hands and milked pre-cum onto his finger then he wiped it on her lips. He enjoyed seeing her lick her lips and he bent down to kiss her, tasting himself on her lips. Whispering in her ear he told her to suck his cock.
She wanted to suck his cock, but she also planned to fuck him like an animal. As he bent back straight she rubbed his balls while she took his cock into her mouth. His cock was big, filling her mouth, and she loved it. She felt his hands on her head expecting him to shove her head down, but he didn’t. How many times had someone shoved her head down gagging her? She was going to suck his cock like it had never been sucked before.
Taking his cock out of his mouth she kissed the head and shaft playing with his balls. His moans of pleasure told her that he was enjoying this, she ran her hand on the inside of his legs and felt him shudder, she was done teasing him, and she wanted him to cum in her mouth. She took his cock back into her mouth, taking it all the way down. God the head of his cock felt good on her throat as she started to move back and forth increasing the rhythm.
She felt his body get stiffer and his legs were trembling, his moans were louder and he was shouting “Oh God, I’m Cumming.”
The amount of cum surprised her as she momentarily gagged but this was a load she didn’t want to spit; she wanted to swallow all of John’s cum. He tasted good and she licked his cum from his cock, milking his cock for any that hadn’t come out yet.
She got up and kissed John again. Whispering into his hear that she wanted to fuck him. Looking down at Ashley John wanted nothing more than to fuck her too. Reaching down he grabbed her ass and squeezed it.
“I hope your ass is as tight as it feels” he huskily said to her.
Ashley didn’t care where he f
ucked her, only that she was going to get fuck by him. She re
ached over and grabbed is already growing cock and said “Why don’t you find out for yourself.”
John looked at her and said “Oh I will let’s finish this at my place, I don’t have a roommate to bother us.”
With a smile Ashley helped gather clothes, this was going to be a night to remember.

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