The dream job

Sean had finally gotten the transfer he had wanted all along. He had been in the education industry so far for this aim. He had this dream when he was a student, and now he finally had a chance to realise his dream.

He sat in the office smiling to himself, looking at all the pretty and intelligent girls walk pass. This was a girl’s school, and he was the headmaster. He still recalled peeping in enviously to the girl’s school that was opposite his home when he was young, hoping to see some pretty babes and satisfy his lust. Now, he was in control at a girl’s school. He was newly in charge, and he would take time to familiarise himself with the school, and its girls. He saw some girls walking in with the look of innocence of their faces, typical of a schoolgirl of their age, and he was determined to cast away their veil and make them show their true flirtatious selves. Under his leadership, the girls would experience enjoyment they previously never even had chance to think of.

He was not going to be hasty about this. After all it was a risky venture. He was going to look for opportunities and also create some of his own, and make full use of them.

This was a girl’s school famed for its beauty, yet they also had the brains to excel in tests, which made them so desirable to other people, including of course himself. And now he was in sole control over them. He was getting excited at this thought. He would make a new school environment, created specially for himself.

He was surveying the school grounds, staying late to finish up the administrative work, and possibly even more. The whole school was quiet and quite dark, and he did not see any thing. Until, he heard a strange voice coming from the netball room. He decided to keep quiet first, and see what was happening inside the room.

He peered through the windows, and was astonished at what he saw. There, inside, were three gorgeous girls having a threesome. They had all stripped naked, and were moaning and groaning from their orgasmic experience. One girl was licking the clit of another girl, while fingering her own hairy pussy, moving her fingers rapidly and almost reaching orgasm. The second girl was sucking the nipples of the third girl, savouring the firm breasts that the third girl had. The third girl was fingering the breasts of the second girl amid her sexual excitement, admiring the size of her nipples and comparing those to her own. The netball team had always been known to have have cultivated strong bonding, but who would have known that their level of intimacy would be to this degree! In the girl’s school, there must have been a lack of boys to fufil their sexual desires, so they turned to lesbianism.

Sean felt his heart beating faster, and his boner stick out. He was rubbing them frantically, masturbating to orgasm in front of this erotic scene. Finally, he reached his top, and cum spewed from his pecker. Now, he had to make the girl’s halt their enjoyment, and provide some enjoyment for himself.

He knocked the door, and opened it, and saw the bewilderment of the girls who were unsuccessfully trying to cover their bodies. From the vaginal fluids strewn around their bodies, it was obvious what they had done. Sean regained his authoritative tone, and asked the girls harshly what they thought they were doing. The faces of the girls reddened, and they looked embarrassed, but fear was clearly imprinted in the eyes. Doing an act like this was against the school rules, and once they were discovered it would result in automatic repulsion. None of the girls wanted to leave a good school at this, and risk being scolded by their parents and destroying their future.

THe girls looked almost pleadingly at Sean, but their emotions betrayed that they did not hold much hold. Sean still showed that stern face which he held when he addressed the school, and the girls believed that he was a strict disciplinarian. They would have to leave the school, with all their hopes and dreams dashed.

Sean looked at them, and admired their luscious bodies and shapely legs. Most of course, their breath-taking breasts. They were still young, yet that had C size cups that any woman would be proud to have. He was of course not going to send them off. He had not had his fun yet.

He said in the same harsh tone ” I will have to send you all away, which is following the school rules. This is the inevitable outcome for all of you, unless….”

The girls all looked at him, eager to listen to what his conditions were. Sean continued, ” Unless all of you listen to all my commands. Once you disobey me once, you’re out of this school”

The girls nodded in unison, prepared to do anything as long as they did not have to leave the school.

Sean was laughing to himself secretly. This was his first catch, and he was going to enjoy himself with them. After that, of course he would make the whole netball team listen to him. And finally, his aim to make the whole school come under his total command. He smiled as he thought of that day, while thinking at the same time of what he would ask the girls to do.

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