A little fun at a relatives house

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One day after school, my sister calls me down to her house to help her with some computer problems. I am 15 years old about 5 10 185 pounds and not what you would call very hot, Lynn is 20 going on 21, 5 6 brown hair tits that would fit in your hands but they would still bulge out. Over the past 2 years I have been dreaming about having sex with her, I was even caught jacking off saying her name.

When I got to her house she greeted the same way she always did (a hug a kiss on the lips and every know and the w/ toung). I walked in and she sat down at the computer and proceeded to tell me about the problem. I was not really listing to her I was having very naughty thoughts about her and having me take away her virginity. I took the opportunity to lean in and start to kiss her neck and I started to lick her.

” What are you doing Adam”, she said
” Im sorry I got distracted a little bit, if your mad im sorry” I replied
” No don’t be sorry, I liked it keep doing it”
” Ok” I said ” no problem”

I kept licking her neck and she stopped talking about the computer problem and started to moan a little bit. I looked down and I saw her hand go in side of her skirt and she was feeling her pussie lips.

” Lynn, I don’t know if you know this, I have been fantasying about you ever since you were 18″
” OO Adam I have been thinking about you ever since the day you helped me move in, when I saw your bulging cock in your pants”
“OOO Lynn I want you so bad”
” I want you bad to Adam”

We stopped what we were doing at the computer desk and we moved to the bed where we made out, until I said, “Lynn are you still a virgin??”
“Yes but I have pleasured my self many times. Are you?
” Yes I am, I have been waiting for you”

Then she lays me down on the bed and she starts to talk my pants reveling my boxers and my all ready erect cock, she smiles at the size (About a full 10 inches), she leans down and starts to suck on my rod. She take is and deep throats it, she almost gags, but she continues work, I tense up and I shoot load after load into her mouth and throat, she swallows all of my cum and sucks my dick dry.
” Your are the best Lynn, now it my turn”

I take her and put her on the bed and take off her skirt to find her black panties soaking wet, I remove them and I start to massage her pussie lips, she lets out a great moan, I stick my index finger in and start to feel here inner walls, she just about had an orgasm right there. I stick 3 more fingers in and start to finger fuck her and she nearly had an orgasm there. When she did I swallowed all of her pussie juices and sucked her clit dry.
” O Lynn you taste wonderful”
” You do to Adam”

She starts to get me hard and I get on top of her and start to tease her vagina with the tip of my rod. I start to slide it in and she lets out a loud moan and she nearly had an orgasm again
” Are you ready for this??”
” Yes I am Adam”

I brace her against the bed because it might hurt a little. She did and I shoved it in all the way, she yelled out my name. Pretty soon we were moving is rhythm with each other as she approaches orgasm. She moans my name as she lets go. All of her pussie juices start flowing out and makes more lubrication for me to do my work. I keep going, she grabs some panty hose and stoped me, she tied it to the bottom of my package and told me to go back to work. Every know and then she would pull on it and at first I felt a small tremor then they got more intense and they felt like an earth Quack. As she approaches her second orgasm she braces her self, almost at the same time we orgasm and we pass out my rod still in her vagina. I wake up later. Its 5 pm and I got to get home to get my homework done. I leave a not for my sister.
” Lynn, You were really great. Im glade I have a sister like you that love’s me enough to fuck me the way you did. Make up another excuse to make me come down tomorrow and we’ll do this again.
Love Adam.

To Be Continued……….

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  1. ok first things first, you are 15 with a 10 inch cock, yeah ok, the way u right its like you are 10 years old,,,,,

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