A Neighbor's Hand

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I was a boy at the prime of his teens coming into my own. At thirteen puberty was heading my way as I knew features of me were altering to a man’s body. I grew smarter as if I was beginning to know everything except one subject. Fantasies of a sexual nature started grow inside me causing a mixed amount of emotion and pleasure.
Not until recently did these fantasies occur but when they did they left me confused. Throughout my childhood it has always been acustom to believe that girls have cooties and they need to be avoided. But recently I’ve noticed a sort of attraction in a girl’s figure. Not just of my age but especially older women who are more filled out.

Is this nature…am I supposed to like girls? I thought to myself

I’ve had small sexual attractions to multiple girls I see through school and on the streets. I was still new on the subject sex only knowing what I’ve heard in school. Sex was apparently a popular subject among the older guys with them wanting to experience it. My friends were always talking about the female anatomy whether it be boobs or their butts . In a sense I was also curious about the female parts.
I spent time looking at the calendar in my dad’s garage at pictures of semi naked girls in bikinis and sometimes only their own arms to cover them. This drove the urges inside of me wild especially when pictures of the female’s behind was showing. There was one specific one I enjoyed that envolved a blond woman with a very sleek and sexy skin tone in a vermillion colored bikini except in this one she was wearing a thong. Her position drove of my anatomy to become hard and somewhat wet. She was turned away frome the camera exposing her buttox bent over the back of a wooden chair exposing a majority of her behind. It was a picture that influenced my urges into fantasies of wanting to grap or whack her golden buttox.

Recently, after a day of school I came home to find that moving trucks were parked in front of the vacant house beside mine. My mom came outside to greet me as I walked up onto the porch. “New Neighbors?” I asked eyeing the movers unloading.

“Actually, it’s neighbor.” she said in a gleefull voice. “It is a friend of mine from work. She said she was a year out of college and was looking for a house so I recommended this one.”

“Come along, I want to introduce you.” my mother said putting her hand on my back giving a slight push.

I did as she ordered and walked casually across the yard and on to the porch of our new neighbor where my mom rang the doorbell. A moment later a figure turned the corner and came into view. As she approached closer a bolt rushed through my body noticing her appearance. She was as gorgeous as a sunset. At this point and time there was no sexual attraction I’ve experienced close to this one. The girl had smooth pale whit skin with feathery semi-curly blond hair. She wore a tight blue tanktop exposing that ended right above her belly button that showed her female figure. As for her shorts they were off white jean shorts that were less that a fingertips’ long down her magnificant legs.
She opened the door and with a smile she greeted us and motioned us inside. The house was bare with small clusters of boxes and appliences scattered about. As she looked at me my legs trembled and sweat began to pour off me.
“Hello” she said staring at me with her gorgeous blue eyes.
“Hel…um…hello” i said studdering nervously.
“My name is Tammy and I guess I’m your new neighbor.”
Luckily my mom said the next words introducing me. “This is my son Alan.”
“He is so adorable!” Tammy stated rubbing her hand smoothly across my face.
With that statement my face blushed and my body trembled more. Tammy led my mom and I to the available couch sitting in the midde of the living room. We sat down and her and my mother began a conversation. As they were talking I continued to examine Tammy’s stunning figure as she sat cross legged on the corner of the couch.
About a minute later my mom turned to me along with Tammy and said “As you know your dad and I are leaving on a two week business trip. Tammy and I were discussing that if you want to you can stay here and help her settle in instead of going to your grandma’s house.”
Excitement ran through me was I knew I could be around Tammy and her stunning body for two weeks. “Yes that works.” I said trying to hold in the anticipation.
“Run home and gather your things and come right back over here.”
About ten minutes later I arrived back on Tammy’s front door with a suitcase full of clothing ready for a stay. My mom and Tammy came outside where my mom gave me a hug with the simple words “Stay Good!” She then turned to Tammy and said “If he is trouble I give you the right to punish him anyway you choose.”
A brief moment later my mom left and went to ready her trip. As for Tammy she asked for me to come inside and make myself confortable. The night went smooth as we had a dinner and watched television. Around ten o’clock I was told where I was to sleep. It was an extra room upstairs where a bed and a couple lights were placed. I said a goodnight and layed down to rest thinking of my new crush and what I would dream of doing to her.
The next morning, I got up and ate a breakfast that Tammy prepared before helping her with moving equipment. Things were going smooth through the day until a shelf caught a string on Tammy’s jean shorts tearing them slightly. They were the same pair she wore yesterday which excited me that I could fantasize over her perfect legs and butt.
“Shoot.” she said rubbing against the tear. “I’ll be back, I have to go change.” She walked up the stairs and headed to her room.
All my urges were set off by those words. Knowing she was up there depantsing made all of me go wild. All I’ve thought about all day was what she was like under her clothes. To me this was a chance to find out. It was almost against my will that I snuck up the stairs where the door to her room stood. It was to my surprise it was left craked open where I could get a peek. I knew this was wrong but I couldn’t resist a chance of seing this girl without pants.
I slowly crepted my eyes to the crack of the door where I found out I was just in time. I looked in to see her facing the wall opposite of me unbuttoning her short jean shorts. My penis became semi hard watching her slowly pull them off exposiong a thin pink thong as she bent over almost touching her toes. It reminded me of the calendar in my dad’s garage. With that image I couldn’t help but twitch. In that gesture fear struck me as I accidently hit the door knocking it open.
There I stood exposed and caught in the act. Tammy quckly jumped turning around sharply still without pants on.
“Alan!” she screamed and grew a look of fury across her face. I was shocked, unable to move. My mouth dropped and my legs became wobbly. I had no idea what to do.
“We’re you peeping at me changing?” she asked.
“Y…um…sort of.” I said trying to avoid more trouble.
“You should be ashamed!” she cried.
The worst part about this was she was facing me still without pants on. The only thing covering her was a baggy t-shirt that just came down enough where her panties weren’t visible. It was stimulating me still making it hard to calm down. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help it.” I said almost in tears.
“You couldn’t help it…well I just want to hear what your parents have to say.”
“No…wait!” I cried. “Please don’t tell. I’ll get grounded and not be able to watch t.v.”
“What do you expect me to do?”
“I…I don’t know.”
“You need to be punished somehow.”
I stood there in front of her trembling silent as a muted t.v. After a moment she seemed to come to a conclusion. “I have given this thought. I understand curiosity at your age is high but you must keep it at bay. If you don’t control it you will have trouble down the road. To do that matters like this need to be delt with by serious punsishment. It
leaves me with two options: One, you can let me tell your parents and get grounded or two
, you let me give you a spanking with your pants down…you decide.”
I had never been spanked before let alone with my pants down. I objected to the idea but I absoluetly didn’t want to get grounded. I thought for a moment and held my head down “spanking…” I said shamefully.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes” I said in a whisper.
“I want you to know that it is going to be painful. I want to you to learn a hard lesson, Alan. It is needed.”
Nervousness drew up inside me as I waited for my fate. Still with her shorts off she sat down on the bed and motioned me over. Every step I took I drew more more shaky and paranoid. At my age I wasn’t comfortable of letting Tammy see my private areas knowing that my bare behind is about to be exposed to her.
She pulled me right beside her legs and said “Unbutton those and pulled them down.” I did as she commanded unbuttoning my pants and slowly pulling them down to my feet and kicking them aside. I stood there embarrased that my pants were down exposing my white briefs.
It may seem weird but a little part of me wanted to be spanked. I’ve always wanted to know the feeling and pain of the punishment. As I stood there her armes reached over and her fingers made their way inside the elastic of my underwear. With a thrusting motion she pulled them down slowly exposing my semi hard penis.
I saw her eye it and what seemed to be a small grin grew on her face. I stood there in front of a sexy figure with my pants and underwear down exposing my ass waiting for a beating. Tammy led me across her lap by latching to my balls and sticking my penis between her bare legs. Her smooth legs gave a nice cusion for my penis giving a soft comforable position making it out to be quite pleasureable and pleasing.
Her hand slowly and gently rubbed against my open backside saying “This is gonna hurt…you ready?” At the moment I was about to say yes two gentle strikes alternated the cheeks making small CRACK sounds causing little pain. SMACK SMACK SMACK is what I heard and felt as she swiftly turned by cheeks the color of an aged Coke can. For two minutes she whipped and slapped by ass not stoping nor saying a word. Tammy then paused giving me a brief second to catch my breath. She continued with more swats making the pain worse. It had felt like someone had sat a hot pan on my behind. She smacked and smacked praising “You…SMACK SMACK…need…SMACK…to…SMACK SMACK…learn some respect.”
Tears started to flow like a water being squeezed out of a wet rag. I felt a sense of pain crawling through me and in a perverted way I felt a great deal of pleasure. As she spanked me it became a realization that Tammy the pretty, young girl is having her way with me! SMACK SMACK…I felt it you can believe that but it was turning to me what I wanted.
My penis rose from semi to full on hard. It still was rested against the legs of my spanker and as it grew my penis became noticable. Tammy stopped her smacking and slowly creeped her hand near my gentiles where she gently rubbed my hard penis noticing what her spanking has done.

“So you are enjoying this eh…Well I’m just gonna have to go harder.” Tammy said reaching for her hairbrush laying on the side of the bed.

I lay there not saying a word but I couldn’t help but noticing that she too is getting some sort of pleasure out of this. I felt as she pressed the wooden hairbrush against my ass. “This should calm you down!” With that note she pulled her arm back and CRACK! the brushed smacked the skin on my cheek and sent a jiggle and a heavy load of pain through my ass. CRACK another one hit the opposite cheek. CRACK CRACK CRACK I felt as I moaned but with not just pain but with pleasure.
Tammy swung her brush firmly at my ass alternating my cheeks not missing a turn. “About fifty more and we’ll see how your doing.” she announced not stoping but speeding up. I wiggled trying to set myself free from her strap like hold but I had no success as she continued to smack harder. Tammy just shook her head at me making me realize her toughness turns me on in a sick way.
After the fifty spankings were over Tammy stood me up to find that my penis still was undoubtly hard. “I just don’t know what to do with you.” she said shaking her head. I saw her walk over torward a chair that lay by her unarranged computer desk and she rolled it to where I was standing. She then proceeded to bend me over the back of the chair (once again referencing me to the calendar picture except with me this time bending over).
Again for the next five minutes she paddled me with her hairbrush hard and didn’t miss a beat. My penis was starting to become more flacid as the pain became unbearable. My ass felt hot enough to fry and egg and Tammy was still smacking away. I closed my eyes and cried wishing it was over but hoping that she wouldn’t stop.
She noticed my wet face and haulted her actions. “I think you have learned your lesson” she said rubbing my throbbing ass. What happened next was quite unexpected. I felt as Tammy slid her right hand from my butt over to my penis which was still somewhat hard. She grasped on to it as I stood in the position I was in getting spanked and said “You have did good…now I’ll help you ease your pain…and urges.” With that I looked puzzled and before I could ask she started to jerk my penis up and down rubbing in the most pleasurable way. I moaned with pleasure as Tammy rubbed one hand on my ass and the other giving me a hand job.
It wasn’t long before I felt the need to explode. She picked up my body language as I twitched my leg pointing my penis up. Sensation flew through me and my penis shot out liquid like a cannon and aimed right for the chair. Some of it made its way over . Tammy smiled as my orgasm finished. “Now…for now on no peeking.” Tammy said still smiling.
“You have my word.” I said putting my pants back on.
“Finish getting dressed and come and help finish unpacking…and don’t say a word about this”
With that statement she walked out the door. She walked out changing a thirteen year old’s life forever.

~The End~

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