A Very Hard Confession – Part 1

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Serena shivered slightly. She’d felt cocky when she’d told Bennet that she wasn’t afraid of some paltry spanking.

At least, she’d felt cocky until he’d raised his eyebrow at her mocking tone, a small gesture, but one that quickly deflated her defiance. He’d let the silence grow, a silence that was more intimidating than any words he might have said. Then he had taken her oh-so-gently by the arm and led her to the bed. She shook her head, letting her blond hair shake down her back at a last attempt at nonchalance. He then leaned her over the pile of pillows, lifted her nightgown and quietly told her to stay there. He then left the room, and she shivered again as the cool air from the ceiling fan blew across her bare skin.

Serena heard Bennet come back in the room again, and started to shiver wishing now she did not open her big mouth, but that was Serena, She didn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.

“Serena I’m going to spank you with the belt…and I want you to count every
single one, if you don’t we start all over again….Do you understand?”

“Yes Bennet.” She said quietly, She clenched her butt antisipating the first thwack. Bennet gently carresed her bare behind with the leather strap.

“Now my girl, tell what was you saying.”

Serena shived at the feel of the belt on her bottom but relaxed at the strange sensation she felt at that moment bennet raised the belt and brought it down hard thwackkkkk on to serena’s bottom.

“Ouuuch!” Sereena nearly jumped off the bed with the sharp pain then felt the heat from the belt spread accross her buttocks.
“Ooonnee…” She whimped.

“How many was that? I didn’t hear you” Bennet asked Sereena.

“Yhat’s one sir.” Sereena replyed still whimpering from the first stroke. Bennet raised his arm again and ‘thwackkkkk!’ Sereena then felt the heat building up on her buttock’s as the strap hit on the same spot as the last. Sereena cried out in pain.

“ooooowwwweeee…..two sir…..” She said whimpering.

“That’s alot better! now let’s continue!” Bennet said to Sereena.

Bennet raised the belt high in to the air then paused for what must have been an eternity for Sereena then he commands.
“Sereena raise your bottom a little higer please.”

Sereena did what Bnennet ordered her abd raised her bottom to the air while burying her face in to the pillow and screwed up her eyes in readyiness for the next stroke.

‘thwackkkkkkkkkkkk!’ the third lands directly below her buttocks almost on the backs of her thighs.

“owwwwwwwwwwwwwwouchieee! threeeeeeeeeeeee!”

She cries out and yelps as the tears begin to well up in her deep blue eyes. Bennet layed his hand on her quivering flesh and smiles, as he feels the heat of her bottom on his hand.

Serena quivered slightly, as Bennet touched her butt, He then took his hand off, raised his other arm high.


“Oooowww….Six…Sir” Serena said while sobbing this went on another four times.

Bennet stopped, “You can get up now.”

Sereena got up still sobbing, She arranged her clothing, she then said quietly
“S-s-sorry Bennet”

Tenderly, Bennet reached for her and held her close while she finished crying.
“So,” he murmured, “Still think I can’t spank you good when you need it?”

Tear-stained, but a smile forming, Serena rubbed her bottom, deciding how to best respond. She didn’t know were the reply came from but as soon as she said it her hand shot up to her mouth her eyes grew wider with the shock of what she had said to Bennet and has the colur started to drain from her face Bennet said.

“Please repeat that for me Sereena!”

She started to mouth the words but no sound would come out suddenly, she found her voice and said.

“Ca-ca-call that a spanking but i didnt mean to say that.”

Bennet gazed at her levelly for several long moments as Serena struggled within herself. Did she really ‘want’ to be spanked? Fear rising as Bennet continued to do nothing, she realized she did. His grip on her arms was becoming more forceful now.

“Serena,” Bennet said finally, holding her chin so she had to look at him, “I think you want something. What is it?”

Defiant, Serena shook her head free and stepped back. She drew a few deep breaths before attempting to speak again…..

(To Be Continued….)

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