A Very Hard Confession – Part 2

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The words would not come out as she tried to explain to Bennet what she craved so prompted by instinct rather then logic she slowly walked over to her dressing table and pulled open the draw is it to late to turn back she thought, ‘Do I really want this?’ and as if on auto pilot she found her self presenting Bennet with a cane.
”This I think” she says, hardly knowing her own voice. Bennet took the long slender cane and felt the weight then raised it in the air while looking into Serena’s eyes for several seconds saying.

“Very well my love! Now then, young lady…” said Bennet as he sat down on a chair which was near him and swished again the cane through the air, “I want you to kneel down beside me and then lean forwards on my laps.”

“Y-yes s-sir.”, said Sereena with a trembling but exited voice. She stared at him for a while but then, she was waken up by his sharp and severe voice while he swished another time the cane into the air and as he did this, Seerena’s eyes who where looking fixed until that moment, suddenly blinked.

“Come on, young lady! What are you waiting for? This is no time for day dreaming! I haven’t got all day! Come on! Hurry up!”

Although his voice frightened her, at the same time, she felt exited and aroused by it too. After she did what Bennet told her, she pulled up her skirt and just when she was going to pull down her panties, suddenly Bennet stopped her.

“Stop there Sereena, I do this for you.”

“No Sir, I can do it by myself.”

“No Sereena!” He answered angrily, “Since you wanted this, you do as I say!”

As he pulled down her panties, Sereena started to feel exited because not only he was doing it slowly and so, she could feel her panties going through her bottom and down her legs, but she could feel his warm hands too as he did this.

Bennet’s hands wandered back up her thighs, caressing the still warm bottom he had so recently spanked. A small smile formed as he remembered her little bottom wriggling around on the bed. Why hadn’t they tried this earlier? That saucy little girl had this coming…

Serena, now resolved to be caned by her lover, and hid her face in his lap, her bottom raised high for the first strike.

Serena immediately jerked her head up, gasping in surprise at the sensation. Firmly, but not unkindly, Bennet pushed her back down as he raised the cane again.

Serena felt the welt raising on her bottom and the heat sore thru her she buries her head in Bennett’s lap feels a tear trickel down her cheek and grits her teeth ready for the next stroke Bennet brings the cane down hard….

‘Swishhhhhhhhhh! CRACKKKK!’ As it lands just above the first welt on Sereena’s now red domes.

She screamed and leaped up clutching her bottom. Bennet cocked his eye brow at her and said mockingly.

“Have you had enough already?”

Serena looks in to his eyes and definitely shakes her head her now long blond hair is matted with perspiration and her tear filled eyes sparkle in the light but still she cant bring herself to submit to Bennet even though her derriere is burning and welted she slowly repositioned herself and awaits Bennett’s attention her mind racing heart beating and every sense in her body alive with strange sensations Bennet smiles as he surveys Sereena’s bottom wonders how much more this bottom can take be for she submits to me he gently traces the cane around her bottom and as he lets the tip of the cane follow the valley between her twin orbs of red and bruised flesh he smiles to Sereena’s response.

“You forgot something Serena!” Said Bennet suddenly.

“What did I forget Sir?” She replied with her shaking voice.

“You forgot to thank me for every spank that I am giving you, so we have to start all over again!”

Sereena tried to protest but in vain.
“But Sir, you didn’t…”

“No Sereena!” said Bennet, “You do as I say! I will start again and for every spank I will give you for which you will not thank me, I will give you an extra
one! Did you understand?”

“Y-yes S-Sir!” Sereena said with a trembling voice.

So at that Bennet Gave Serena another 10 thwacks with the cane and after every one Serena thanked him for it, even though she was crying.

After Bennet put the cane down and gently stood Serena up, and said gently while cuddling her.

“I’m sorry hun but YOU did ask for it, go and get the cream I’ll rub it on your

Serena nodded and went, got the lotion, came back and again laid across Bennet’s lap, but knew this was for something quite different, and gave a little smile.

“You know,” Bennet mused as he massaged some cream into a tender stripe, “you got over my lap so willingly just now. Why can’t you be so cooperative in other situations?”

“Like what?” Serena asked, wincing at the coolness of the cream on her hot fanny. She jumped at a slight swat on her already tender bottom.

“Don’t get sassy when we were just starting to have the first civilized conversation in weeks.”

Serena closed her eyes and sighed softly. Yes, they had been arguing a lot lately. She had just started a new job and it was wearing on her nerves. Tears formed as she reflected on some of the arguments they had had lately – silly things, really. Normally his tender touches at night would have led to sweet caresses and fun bedtime games. But she had turned away, refusing to let him in.

“You wouldn’t understand,” she mumbled, remembering how vulnerable she was in this position, she bit back any further comment.

Bennet bit his tongue, trying not to raise his voice, “And what make’s you so sure that I wouldn’t understand?” He said as he stopped massaging Serena’s bottom.

Shrugging her shoulders, and biting back the tears Serena said tearfully. “You wouldn’t that’s all!”

“Try me.” Bennet said as he pulled up Sereena so he was in eye contact with her. Serena looked at him and bit her lip.

“Ok…..well….I can’t tell you ok!” she said tears spilling down her face.

She ran upstairs, got dressed and as Bennet reached the bedroom Serena rushed past him, and ran out the front door, into the cold dark night.

Damn Bennet thought ‘Now I’ve got to go and look for her!’. He sighed, put his thick jacket on, got his car keys and went out to look for Serena.

(To be continued…..)

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