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I can’t believe it was time again. Weigh in time. Every Friday. I just know I’m over, it’s been a bad week and now I’m going to pay the price. I know I deserve it, I know it only helps me, but man I am still dreading it.
I started this training three months ago, I’ve lost 45 pounds and feel great about myself, but there have been times I’ve questioned whether it was worth it.
It all started on a crisp, November, Friday. I read an advertisement: “Add discipline to your diet and lose weight!” I kept reading and re-reading it. I have always wanted to lose the weight. I wasn’t grotesque, but I was always over weight. I would work out, or diet, but I would always revert back to form. It really was disheartening. I called, the lady and I talked and she asked me to meet her, I did.
I don’t know what I was expecting, perhaps some self-motivation tips, or pamphlets, but definitely wasn’t expecting what I got when I arrived.
She buzzed me in and instructed me to wait in the room on the left. I walked in and saw two chairs in the middle of the room, a big wooden backed hair brush on one of them. I sat on the other one, and waited.
“Hello Steve,” She said as she entered. “I’m glad you’ve decided to see me. As I said on the phone I can help, as long as you are willing to pay the price.”
A lady dressed like a school teacher from the 1950’s was now sitting front of me. She probably in her late 30’s, but appeared older in the outfit, glasses and her blond hair done in a tight bun.
“I just want to get rid of this gut, I’m willing to try almost anything,” was my response.
“Good, let’s start, stand up.”
I did.
“Mm, mm-hm, okay take down your pants,” she said straight forwardly.
“Excuse me?”
“No, now take down your pants!”
I don’t know why, but I listened. Maybe I knew this was the right thing for me, maybe I realized she really could help. I pulled down my pants, revealing among other things that I don’t wear underwear.
“Good, you’re already prepared, now lay over my lap.” She said rather sternly.
“Excuse me?”
“That’s the second time, and again the answer is ‘no’, now get over my lap, don’t make me say it again, it is not a request,” she demanded.
I did. I must admit I had a flood of emotions rushing through my mind as I was laying face down, bare butt up, exposed to the world in general, and to her specifically. Fear, humiliation, excitement all flowing through me. That ended in a quick flash.
THWACK!! A searing pain exploded throughout my ass.
“OW-WW!! What the hell was..” I was protesting as I reached for my ass as I tried to get up. I’m still amazed how strong she is.
“Lay still or it will be worse,” she stated as she held me down and tightened her grip.
SMACK, THWACK, SLAP, that damn brush landed over and over on my butt.
“You have a problem and I am going to help you,” she said as she smacked away. “You need discipline, discipline to eat less, discipline to eat the correct things, and I’m going too provide.”
SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, she kept hitting my butt. She stopped talking just smacking. My butt was hurting so bad, I could fell it getting redder and hotter.
SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, there was no let up, in fact she was hitting harder. I actually could feel tears welling up. I think some of it was the pain, but most of it was realizing this was what I needed. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.
Finally, she stopped, she laid the brush on my butt and talked.
“This session was punishment for the state you are in, you are at least 60 pounds too heavy and that’s going to end. You are going to report to me every Friday. We will weigh you. For every pound you are over weight you will receive a minute of spanking. If you gain weight the spanking will be with hairbrush.” She added, “Believe me you do not want that, you just went through five minutes with the brush, so imagine over a half an hour.”
The though actually made me quiver and my butt cheeks clench involuntarily.
“Good, your reaction tells me you understand. Here is your diet for this week, as well as your workout regiment. Follow it and you’ll be happy with the results. Now you can get dressed and I will see next week. I trust you can see your way out.” With that she left.
With two exceptions, Christmas and Thanksgiving, I’ve been able to avoid that damn brush. I’ve lost 45 pounds and feel great. Confident and energetic, but tonight I can feel it. I’m going to get the brush, which means a night on my stomach with a cool towel over my butt. Oh well, I’ve earned it, and I guess I’m going to get it.

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