bless me father part 4

Lynn was almost weak from fear and lust. Her legs were soaked and sticky from cum, and her bottom was beat red. she stripped down, completely naked in from of him. He was so strong, so stern and so handsome. She caught herself having thoughts of him, his strong cock in her mouth, him fucking her… Oh God, was she a sinner. She was going to burn for sure.
“Lynn…. His voice jolted her out of her own thought process,” lay across my lap.” She obeyed, as he sat on a large cushioned throne type chair. She was almost limp, laying face down on his lap. ” you have sinned deeply my child, your lustful thoughts and acts hve endangered your salvation..” He was gently rubbing her bum, and speaking so softly that Lynn was actually becoming aroused again.
“I hate to do this to you, but it must be done.”
{{{SWACK}}} she felt the strong sting of his hand on her bum … {{{SWACK}}}
{{{SWACK}}} {{{SWACK}}}… she felt faint with pain and arousal… {{{SWACK}}}{{{SWACK}}}{{{SWACK}}}{{{SWACK}}}{{{SWACK}}}{{{SWACK}}}{{{SWACK}}}
she wriggled under his strong grip.
“Now young lady, we must undo what you have done. You must confess your sins to me” She was still digesting what he said and suddenly felt his strong manly finger massaging her rectum. “relax honey, let me in … relax … this must be done…. come on” Oh my god…. she felt electrical waves down her legs and into her pussy as his strong manly finger pushed into her ass hole…he gently pumped in and out, and she felt faint from arousal….”talk to me Lynn, confess what you are feeling, what you are thinking … come on, it must be done” he soothed as he finger fucked he ass….
She quivered “father please, please….. ohhhhh please don’t….. “but she didn’t want him to stop.
“Talk to me…. Come on honey, tell me your sins”…
“oh father , please, ohhhhhh It feels so good, please father Paris, make me cummmm!’ she shook and cried…
his strong hand came around the front and began rubbing her swollen clit, and she shook so hard that she nearly fell off his lap “oh Father, ohhhhh my pussy, oh please…. ohoooooo, fuck me father for I have sinned!!’
She jumped to her feet, grabbed his robe and jerked it open, grappled with his zipped and pulled out his swollen cock. She slammed onto the floor in a kneeling position, and suck and slobbered on his cock, tears streaming down her face. His head threw back he moaned “oh god, oh god yesssss”
she then straddled him on his lap and jammed his large cock into her drenched pussy. She hugged and fucked him, their juices flowing together, both soaked in cum and saliva, and shame filled tears. they held each other for a long, then he spoke first… “we have committed a great sin…” she looked at his eyes and said with a wink “well I guess I need to come to confession … shall we say, same time tomorrow?

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  1. JokerzWilde

    I enjoy’d reading the Bless Me Father series. I had read the first three a couple years ago. Couldn’t wait to read part 4. To see what Father Paris did.

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