First time with GF

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It was a monday, and all I could think about was what would happen after school. My GF invited me over to have sex. I loved her and wanted it so bad.

Bell Rings and i race home, drop off my stuff and run to catch the bus. geting excited about being so close i try to contain myself. Finaly the bus stops and i get off then head to her house.

I ring the door bell and she answers pulling me in and slaming the door shut, and kisses me passionatly. After a moment she rips my clothes off and leands me to her bed. She takes hers off and gets on me and kisses me again. I reach up and play with her brests and she lets off a little moan. Soon she cant take it any more and starts to bounce on my dick loving everything about it I reach around her and play with her ass with one hand and her brests with my other. She lets off another moan and bounces on my faster and harder.

Just before I am about to cum she gets off and puts it in her ass and bounces on me again. I cum a large load in her ass she continues to bounce while my cum sloshes inside of her. She come down and kisses me passionatly. I start to ram my tounge in her mouth as hard and as fast as i can, she seams to be loving it and starts to play with my tounge with hers. After a little bit of playing we collaps back on her bed and watch each other. I stair deep into her eyes and admire her playfulness.

After we talk for a while I get up and get my clothes back on and head to the door. We kiss again and i slip my fingers inside of her a little getting her excited and then leave for the bus to head home. She watches me as i leave and send a kiss to here then dissapear around the corner, getting back on the bus I recap everything that happened, and cant help but smile.

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