Great Big Gamble

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One Saturday afternoon, a local high school class council had met to plan up coming activities for the next month. RJ, was senior who had been put on the council because he was to take care of some of the more behind the scenes activities. He was a little less than 6 feet tall and was not very popular with the students of the school. He had, had a crush on another senior, Ashley, since they had first met in Freshman English. They had become good friends but RJ wanted to become more than friends. She was the social director for the class council. She had dated all of the popular guys in the senior class, the current class president, the quarterback, and a few others on some of the major sports teams. She was about 5′ 8″, had long blond hair, and blue eyes. She was a girl that almost any guy would have loved to date.

Both, RJ and Ashley had been assigned to organize the decorations for the school dance that was coming up the following Friday night. As the afternoon progressed, the two continued to talk about a range of topics but it always seemed to come back to Ashley’s ex-boyfriends, and how they always screwed her around and didn’t care about her. As, the students started to file out RJ asked Ashley what she had planned for the night, and she replied that she didn’t have any plans. She then returned the question and RJ boldly decided to take a shot in the dark and replied he was wondering if she wanted to come over and watch a movie. She said, “Why don’t you come over to my place about 8?”

RJ arrived around 8 and when he arrived Ashley was there to greet him at the door. After they came in she asked, “What would you like to watch?”

They settled on a movie and spent the night watching the movie, and after it ended Ashley asked RJ if he wanted to play some poker. RJ agreed and she asked, “Have you ever played strip poker, I think that could be some fun?”

Not passing up an opportunity, RJ agreed to play. The game progressed quite quickly, and before you knew it both were sitting in just a pair of underwear. Ashley said, “Do you want to play that the loser has to be the other’s sex slave for the rest of the night?”
RJ replied, “This could be interesting,” as he picked up a flush. They showed down their cards, and RJ was confident he won with his flush but then Ashley showed her Full House and said, “I guess you lose, come with me, you have to pay your debt now.”

She told RJ, that she wanted to tie him up so she did. She tied him spread eagle on the bed, and told him that he would have to lie there until she was ready for him. She came back with a camera and she snapped some photos. She then came back and forced RJ to first to eat her. After she was done with that, she then told him it was time to fuck her.

About half an hour later, she was finished with that and got up and untied him. She told him not to make her wait so long for the next time, “It only took you almost four years to figure it out. I have wanted to fuck you since I met you in Freshman English, but you would never make a move. Thanks to that I have dated all of these losers. Next time, you will have to pay for that.”

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  1. campdaffy

    More and the sooner the better. A threesome with another cheerleader would be good

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