Happy Birthday

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After a good hour in the bath & taking my time to get ready I then jumped in the car to make my way up to my lover’s birthday party. The drive was over an hour so I had plenty of time to think about him on the way which made my pussy very moist.

Because of living a distance, my lover & his wife, who I am good friends with, said I could stay at their house. They had recently just had building work completed, so it would also be nice to see the changes. An hour and 40 minutes later I arrived at their door. The party had already started at a near by pub so no one was in when I got there, which gave me the fantastic opportunity to decorate the front door with banners & balloons.

After I had finished with the decorations, I made my way to the pub to join the others. Spotting my lovers wife first I go on over to say hi & have a quick catch up. My heart is beating fast so I know he is there somewhere near by. She then takes me to see the birthday boy, who, surprisingly is still standing! I feel nervous as it’s been a little while since I last saw him, but he greets me with one of his stunning smiles. I wish him a happy birthday & kiss him hello which makes me wobble a little. I don’t get a peck on the cheek like you would expect in front of his wife & work colleagues; he kisses me on the lips. The only thing going through my mind is “control yourself” and thanking the lord that I haven’t had a drink at this stage. He opened his gifts that I had bought him; nothing cheeky about his new age, and he seemed pleased. He even put the t-shirt that was amongst his gifts on there & then even though the current top he was wearing was covered in badges. The sun was out & blazing hot so I felt flushed enough when I first saw him, let alone while he stripped his old t-shirt off revealing his hairy chest & fit torso.

I mingled with others there as there were people who I used to work with at the party as that was where my lover & I first met, 11 years ago. It was good to see old faces & made me realise I missed them.

As the sun went down, people moved inside from the pub garden to keep warm. By this time I had a couple of ciders & a few WKD blue drinks inside me. I wasn’t particularly a fan of the WKD drink. They tasted nice but the real reason I got them was because at one of my many meetings with my lover he brought along a bottle of this for us to drink, although he didn’t drink his out of a glass. It was poured all over my body & splashed inside my pussy & then licked & sucked off by his very lively mouth. I think he’d had too much to drink though to recognise the fact that I was teasing him with something that I thought would make him blush.

Because of the new building work that had been carried on in the house, people were asking to pop back quickly so they could have a tour. A little later my lover asked if I wanted to go back with him & some others who wanted to have a look round. I could then take my overnight bag in from the car & have a nosey round myself. As we were walking back to the house, the other guy who was walking with us diverted off to find a cash machine. I then realised it was just me & my lover going back. Starting to feel nervous & excited I said to him that I thought others were going back to the house, thinking maybe it was a ploy to get be back home alone, but then, much to my disappointment, a car pulled up & one of his friends got out with his young daughter, so others were coming to look around the house. I really shouldn’t have expected an opportunity this weekend because I didn’t think there would be much time that my lover wouldn’t be without other friends or family.

We all had our tour around the house, which was stunning! An amazing difference & so big now. The friend & his daughter had to go as they were on their way home, which is why they arrived by car. Knowing that we’d been gone a while I didn’t think we’d have much time so I gabbed my bag from the car & took it upstairs to the room I was staying in.

Just as I was walking out of the room, my lover stopped me in my tracks by the door way, grabbed me tight & started to kiss me. A huge wave of excitement jolted through my body as he started walking me backwards towards the bed. My heart felt like it was going to burst & I couldn’t believe how turned on I was, especially after accepting the fact that it would be too risky to try anything this weekend.

He pushed me back on to the bed, still kissing me with an almighty passion. He might now be 40 but he was still so hot & knew his kisses turned me to putty in his hands; I can’t ever imagine losing this magical feeling for him. His hands shot up my top & started to massage my breasts and then he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. I didn’t have the will power or the strength to say no, not that I would’ve wanted to! He then proceeded to undo my trousers, reach into my knickers & started massaging my very wet pussy. By this time my body was desperately aching for him, I just wanted him to bang me hard & fast with his massive hard cock that was staring at me.

Just then, his mobile phone rang. It was his wife asking him where he’d got to. He told her that his other friend had only just left, that I was settling my stuff into my room & we’d be back soon. While he was on the phone I took the liberty of grabbing is throbbing cock & started sucking on it. Not wanting to get him into trouble, but whenever I see him I always get an overwhelming urge to want to perform oral on him as I know he enjoys it so much. He’s very good at holding a conversation, with his wife of all people, while he’s being sucked off!

The phone call ends & knowing that time is of the essence; he pulls off my trousers & underwear, spreads my legs like butter & fucks the shit out of me. Talk about fast & furious but I was so horny & turned on by the eroticness of it all, we both came within minutes. It was like an atomic explosion; I didn’t know what had hit me!

I couldn’t think of a better way to have personally wished him a happy birthday! I didn’t want to go back to the party.

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