It seemed to be an inocent game of Hearts, but after we made up some special rules, it became much more indeed. What were the rules you might ask? Simply this: First, if you went over 100, the low score could demand any requirement he or she wished including one of the following: removal of clothing, a bare bottom spanking, or a photo session. Secondly, if the loser’s score crossed 120(!) then the agreed upon requirement was either a bare assed spanking by the winner, or oral sex on the winner.
All this was the titilating challenge that made even the start of the game very interesting. But as our all of our scores climbed toward the fearful 100, we became even more excited. When all four of us were above 90, it bacame obvious that one us guys was going to get a blowjob or one of the gals was going to get her pussy licked. And all right here in front of everybody!
Well, the cards were delt, and mine looked like a Pinochle hand. After the usual transfer of three cards, all I needed was the Ace of Hearts, and it would be a lay down. The Duce of clubs drew the only high club not in my hand, and on the next round I got control with A Diamond. I played the Clubs until I knew that someone had to be out, and I played my last Club as if nothing was going on in my anxious head.
Bang! My girlfriend dropped the Ace of Hearts on me with a knowing smerk. “How is that my Darling? Are you ready to go down on me yet?”
Rather than simply lay down all of my cards at once, I played them slowly so they could all slowly come to the realization that all three were going to go well over 120!
“What is going on here?!” My friend Bill exclaimed. “Are you shooting the moon?”
“He is! He is!” Exclaimed Susan, his girlfriend.
“You dirty guy!” My girlfriend glared. “And, I’m the one who gave you the Ace!”
When the last card was on the table, I could not help pointing out that the rules called for. I was smiling, and waiting for them to state their prefference, but as each one suggested what they might be willing to do, I pointed out that it was the winner who did the deciding, and not the those who just happened to go over 1201
“Hey, I cannot suck a guy off!” Exclaimed Bill.
“And I don’t want to do either!” his girlfriend chimmed in.
“OK guys. We all knew the rules when we started, and each of us was hoping to win so we could strip or spank someone. Right?” My girlfriend pointed out.
“Well, yea, but I did not expect this to happen! Besides, no one ever causes the other three to go over 120!” Bill pouted.
“You knew that it was possible did you not?” I asked calmly.
“All right,” His girlfriend started. “You are right, but I don’t want to go first, or last.”
“OK, I’ll be happy to be last.” My girlfriend happily added.
“That makes me first!” Bill cries.
“That is right buddy, and you know how I like blowjobs!” I was half laughing.
“You can’t do that to me!” He protested.
“You have it wrong buddy, it is what I like having done to me.” I answered. “But, I’ll give you a repreve. Get your ass naked, and put yourself over my knees!”
He obviously did not like it one bit, but the alternative really scared him. So, off came his shirt and pants while the girls were whistling and cheering. Finally he was completely naked. In the meantime, I took off my pants to get ready for the later activity. After all, somebody was going to suck my pole when I finished making his ass red.
Over my knees he went, and the fun began. I would order him to count, and add “Thank you Sir.” after each swat. When he messed up, we would start over. Then I had the girls place their marks on his bottom. When he was completely red, I relented. After all, we might play this game again some night, and I want to show some restraint for the record.
As he stood up, I was watching his girlfriend’s eyes. She was quite fearful to say the least. “You have on way too many clothes my dear.” I said.
“Oh, do I really have to do what you say?” She asked.
“Absolutely!” Bill retorted. “You were the one who not only insisted that I go first, but you even swatted me a few times too! Now, it is my turn to watch.”
“What do you want me to do?” She asked timidly.
“You know what he wants!” Bill answered and smiled.
“Bill, do you want me to blow him?!” She asked.
“If that is his command, yes, and I want to watch up close and personal too!” Bill said.
“Is that what you want? Are both of you going to watch?” She asked looking at my girlfriend and then at me.
“Sure, I want to watch you suck him up, and I know Bill will too.” My girlfriend replied calmly. “I want to see if you can teach me something so when it is my turn, I can do even better.”
“OK!” She announced, and without further stalling, she stripped naked, and got down betwenn my knees. “I hope that you all enjoy this as much as he will.”
I was not full up at first, but with the other two giving cheers and instructions, I was soon as stiff as a board.
“Take him slow and deep at first, my Darling.” Bill encouraged.
“Let’s see less licking, and more sucking gal!” Insisted my girlfriend.
After a while, Bill asked, “Are you going to cum in her mouth?”
This really upset her, but I soon calmed her by saying, “No, I’m saving that for last, but maybe another time…”
I let her bob up and down for another couple of minutes while Bill played with her tits. It was a great sight to behold.
When I was getting close, I motioned to my girlfriend, and said, “I’m saving this for you my Darling. Are you ready?”
“You bet you horny bad guy, I’ll take it from here!” And she moved in to take the vacent position while the other two got on each side and started their instructions.
“Look at that bone going in and out!” Bill exclaimed. “Go ahead, my friend, fill her up!”
“Oh, this is so exciting. I’ve never watched before. I love it. But, do tells us when you are going to cum.”
I was very close now, and Bill asked, “Are you there?”
I was, but all I could say was, “Yea! Now!’
At that point, I started to gush my load, but she took all of it. Well, all that she could because some came out around her lips, but every one was delighted to see it happen. Especially yours truly!
When I started to recover, Bill’s girlfriend went to the bathroom and got a hot wet towel to clean my up. All were smiles now, but when I suggested that my girlfriend needed a licking they all thought that I was talking about spanking her. But when I lifted her up where I had been and then dove tongue first into her pretty pink spot, they all knew what I had intended all along.
Soon Bill and his girfriend were following our lead, but before long it was all four of us doing it all. And yes, the two girls took a session on each other to the complete approval of both Bill and I, and just to please them for their great act, Bill and I did a 69 to many “Bravos!”
What a night that was. But it was also the best hand I ever got in Hearts because after that initiation, none of us ever needed an excuse to have fun. Card games are for sissies!

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