Make it Worth Remembering

His instructions were very simple…he was to make it worth remembering!

He is leading me by a gold chain that was attached to a gold ring which hangs directly over my clit. I had a piercing done there long before it became popular. He stops to open a door.He fastens the chain back around my waist then signals for me to proceed.
My body quivers. Fear? No. Anticipation? Perhaps.
I glance around the room…it is Red. No windows. There is a video camera standing like a lone spectator next to what looks almost like one of those torture racks from the Middle Ages.
I turn to ask him what this is (as if I didn’t know) but he is gone. I try the door…it is locked. I turn and walk toward the rack and it is then that I notice several items laid out on top of a thick black fur cover. A red envelope with the letter “B” sits on top. I reach for it without hesitation.
It reads…
“B…I am certain that you are…by now…quite curious as to what this situation that you find yourself in…is all about.”
“It is about…you…my dear B”
“Now if you will look at the wall opposite the door and exactly in the same position you will be able to faintly see the outlines of a doorway that opens into two rooms…a bathroom and a kitchenette. Please feel free to take refreshment now and bathe. Return to this area and put on the articles that you see here…the blindfold…last.”
I set the note down and walk slowly around the room…looking for any other surprises. I see what looks like the outlines to something.I touch it and two doors slide open to reveal a very large screen. As I step closer looking for buttons or switches…it bursts into life. A very well built male is sprawled on a bed jacking his rather large dick…Hmmm! That’s interesting…to say the least!
I notice that familiar warmth begin to invade my body. I step away from the screen…deciding to check out the other rooms. As I walk away the sound comes on. The volume is very faint but as I near the other doorway it slowly increases until it seems like it is coming from everywhere. The man is breathing fast…ragged…I hear the sound of lube squishing between the fingers of his hand on his dick. But it is when he says my name that I am caught off guard. I spin around to look at the screen…he has repositioned himself on the bed as if he was following me. He was looking right at me…
He says…”Breezes …this is for you…see how hard you have made me…I want to fuck you…would you like that?” I watch for a moment longer then turn and walk away. I could hear him getting off just as I stepped in to the tub…so much for wanting to fuck me! I laughed and drank the last of a glass of Hypnotiq…the pale blue liqueur dribbles down my chin and falls in to the water. I dry off taking my time.
I have a buzz from drinking and not eating. I grab the bottle…take a long pull…and carry it with me.
As I enter the main room I notice that the TV is now off. I survey the articles I am to wear. A leather choker…wrist and ankle restaints and a blindfold. Hmmm! Doesn’t leave much to the imagination does it? I toy with the idea of just curling up and going to sleep…I have played this game before and it wasn’t all that exciting.
“B?…Bree my dear…do be a love and put those on for me…wont you?” His voice was coming from everywhere…he’s been watching…of course. I slowly spin around and try to determine where the camera might be. Then dede against it. It doesn’t matter. So I comply and put on the gear and lay on the rack. I take several more drinks…feeling very good indeed…I laugh as I don the blindfold.
I am not sure how long I had slept…but woke up because I was trying to turn on my side and couldn’t. Apparently some
one had hooked me up and I didn’t feel a thing. Apart from being slightly annoyed…I still had a hell of a buzz…and was damn thirsty…”Hey…I know you can see and hear me. Now you be a love and fetch me something to drink…ice water should do the trick”. Several minutes passed…and I was just about to say a few choice words when I heard someone enter the room. “Finally” I said…but before I could say another word…something very cold grazed my lips…ice. I was expecting a glass with water…but again the ice…skates over my lips. Fine I thought and said…”Just pop it in my mouth”. As the ice touched me again…my lips parted and much to my surprise…it was indeed ice but it was not a cube…no…it was the size and shape of an average cock. After only a dozen soft strokes it was pulled out…it was melting…fast. I couldn’t help but laugh…
“Bravo…very creative…but a bit more should do it” I felt the cold and parted lips but this time instead…a very hard and very big cock was pushing past my lips…my teeth…and down into my throat. I was considering a bit of a bite to back him up…when I felt something touch the lips on my pussy…tease my clit…and slowly…so slowly enter me. I can not explain this strange sensation…pleasure and pain. I realize that it is a dildo made of ice. I snap back to the dick in my mouth and bite
…’he backs out with a very audible “Ouch”. It is the same voice that I heard earlier…the man on TV. But I didn’t acknowledge it. I was enjoying the stimulation at hand. Only I am not sure what is doing it now…it can’t be the ice…simply because I am too hot.
Whap!Whap!Whap!…I cry out
…Damn! A paddle had found its mark. I was balancing on the peak of pleasure induced by pain.
Then suddenly I felt myself shifting position…and the spell was temporarily broken. The rack had spun around and it seemed that I was now up-side-down. My body felt as if it was electrified…my senses intensely heightened…my desire…off the charts.
Whap!whap!whap! Again. My ass is on fire…my pussy is enflamed…pulsating. I feel something brush past first one nipple…then the other…This is torture….”Fuck me…fuck me now!” I yelled.
It was then that clamps were put on both nipples at the same time. That pushed me from sensual to sexual and I was starting to cum…only to be stopped at the last conceivable moment…by an ice dildo. “WHAT THE FUCK…No…No…No” My pussy was throbbing. My body screaming for release. My nipples were on fire with that strange sensation that is both pleasure and pain.
I was becoming increasingly frustrated. I could feel anger taking shape.
I felt the rack move again. Without so much as a second thought…I then said in a very calm, clear and low voice…”A bit of advice…if there’s still a chance to pull this off…do so. Should this have been the climax…so to speak…I suggest you release me now while I am just merely annoyed.”
Moments later the door opened and the room was immediately filled with all manner of rich fragrances. I felt what seemed like a thousand fingers touching me
…caressing me. I felt my lips being parted and my clit was stroked…sucked…bit. I felt a tongue rimming my asshole…A rock hard cock took center stage and slowly worked its way inside me…I thrust my hips up…then back down
…up. It was then that the blindfold was removed. The change of perspective caused me to fall away from the edge again…but this time it was welcomed…for when my eyes adjusted to the light…it was a sight I won’t soon forget…the TV man was fucking me he had on full leather bondage gear…complete with hooded mask…but it was him…his body is unmistakable. He was a sharp contrast to a room filled with beautiful flowers & petals…an easy 4-5 feet deep. The TV was playing every detail of my encounter…even me now watching…being watched. It put me in the moment…I let it take me where it would. As I watched it took on a surreal quality…like it was me but it wasn’t. I was beyond turned on by watching myself getting fucked. I had intense full body orgasms that lasted forever it seemed…some of the best I have ever had.
I am sure I didn’t reach the edge as many times as I can remember. But I am certain that it was much more than I ever thought I could take…

“Mistress”…he asked…”did I make it worth…” “Remembering?” I said finishing his question. I paused…then answered…”Indeed!”

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