The Big Mistake

The Big Mistake

I can hardly wait; I get to see him today. I want to see him so bad as it has been a week since we have been together. On the other hand I am nervous about it to. Sir Mark is coming over to check my list of infractions and to insure I receive my just reward. He is a strict but kind master who sets the rules to keep me safe. He holds me and comforts me when I am feeling sad. Makes love like no one I have ever known before; bringing me to places I didn’t even know existed.

Mark my lover is strict and has set down the rules and the consequences of disobeying. I know I am required to keep track of all the times I have flouted the rules of allowable conduct. I just don’t want to. I know that if I am honest and tell him I am going to get a bare ass spanking over his knee.

His hands are like steel when I have done wrong. I always think of the country western song “Daddy’s Hands”, it has a refrain I hear in my head “Daddy’s hands are hard as steel when I done wrong.” I do prefer his had to the paddle or worst yet his strap. When he spanks me I am to stay still and not fight if I do I get the paddle. I try to but he spanks so hard I end up struggling to get away from the rain of hard and painful slaps to my bare bottom.

I am in trouble and I wish to avoid it. He said I to be undressed and waiting for him when he gets home today with the punishment chair in the middle of the room. He said he expects me to have the paddles ready and in hand just in case he needs them. Mark knows that I have been naughty as I was bratty to him when he called 2 days ago I was feeling my oats and know that I will be feeling his hard as steel hands. I wish I now I had been good but being good is so hard. I would need daily spanking in order to behave properly, some times more than one in a day even. One time I had pushed so many times he just decided it was Spanking Day. On that day I lost count of how many spanking I got.

I had better do as he ordered but maybe, I hope, he will have forgotten. I decide I will greet him at the door with a big hug and deep kisses. How could he possibility spank me then? I will either get away with it or I will be standing up to eat and sleeping on my stomach for the next few days.

I meet him at the door in the sexy underwear and nighty he gave me last month. I start to act on my plan. I hug and kiss him and he hugs and kisses back. So far I think my plan is working. I am to be in for a big surprise. Mark says “How about a nice warm bath.” “Yes, Yes” I say with glee at the offer. “I will draw it for you my sweet.” In the deep recess of my mind a little bird tells me something is wrong with this picture. I shove the idea back, no things are working out wonderful, much better than I had planned (Or have they).

After the bath is drawn he kisses me. I step into the tub and sit down; he has put bubbles into the bath! “Enjoy your bath baby. I have something I must attend to.” I play in the water for a little while and then just lay back and relax. In what seems like seconds 30 minutes have gone by and he calls my name. I step out of the tub and dry off putting my sexy things on I leave the bathroom and go to join him. I enter the room and suddenly realize I have made a big mistake.

Sitting in the middle of the room is the punishment chair, the paddles and the Punishment Strap. The look he shoots me makes me realize I had better not say anything. He sits on the chair and says in a tone that causes me to wince “Take off those clothes! Assume the position!” I walk over eyes pleading. I realize the bath was to get my butt even more sensitive to the punishment I am soon to receive. I slowly too slowly I soon will realize take off my clothes. I shake my head no. He tells me NOW. Feeling my oat I tell him forcefully NO NO NO WAY. He quitely says yes way. and pulls me over his knee. Then he pulls down my pants leaving me butt naked and sorry. Eyes still pleading I say I am sorry, sir. He tells me to put my arm behind my back and he places his leg over my leg. I am now trapped and trapped but good.

“BJ why are you about to get the spanking of your life?” I stutter out a lame excuse, even as I say I realize that I just dug myself in deeper. “BJ! Your behavior and deceit are about to get you dire consequences.” He continues on with the lecture but I only half hear it as I am waiting for the spanking in dismal spirits. He then asks me a question and I can’t answer. I haven’t been listening.

“Get up and go stand in the corner and think about what you did and what you are about to receive” As he lets me up he gives me a hard smack that causes me to yelp and reach back to rub my ass. “None of that, you KNOW better!” he says empathizing it by walking over and giving me another hard swat with those steel hands. Yelping again I go to the corner and assume the position he requires. Head down toward the corner and butt in the air in a possition he can swat easily at will.

“I am sorry” I say with a pleading sourful voice. (I know I will regret trying to avoid my spanking.)

“Your about to realize how sorry you are.” He says quietly.

During the next 10 minutes of corner time he lectures me again and this time I listen carefully. “Come here and assume the position” Once again I bend over his knee like a little girl, feeling shame and humiliation. The spanking I was so dreading begins with a hand spanking that sets my ass on fire. I struggle and beg trying uselessly to escape the never ending rain of spanks. Then comes the light paddle that stings like no ones business followed by the next paddle and then the hairbrush. Crying hard I go limp on his knee. He lets me up and once again I am ordered to go to the corner. This time I don’t even try to rub my sorry sore butt. I stand there for what seems like forever as I receive another firm lecture. Sobbing quietly or what seems to me quietly I listen to my lecture. I pray that He is done with the punishment.

He calls me out of the corner and explains once again that this punishment spanking is given out of love. Then he orders “Assume the position” I do. I then receive 10 blows with the punishment strap and then return to the corner for 5 minutes.

He calls me over for my punishment butt fucking. I cry out with every stroke as his hips pump against my sore ass. Finally he is done and I get held and comforted. I fall asleep in his arms, sore but knowing I am loved by the best master in the world. The End

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