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It was a beautiful autumnal afternoon of final of September, I don’t know the reason for which happens us equally to all when summer finishing, we try to begin new projects, new challenges, this for Susana was obsessive, every Autumn she began something that never finished, it is more, sometimes, in a few days she had abandoned it, it made her be depressed, to feel bad for herself and it made me to feel bad for her. This Autumn wasn’t going to be different, it was Saturday, we went to a restaurant for dinner, we talked about us, about our future plans, until – Luis, I’m going to do a doctorate course – I was not surprised, one year it was to learn how to paint, other to learn how to write stories, other to learn how to mount horse…… etc, – Susana, you know that later you have no time of making it and you feel bad, you know it well – – that means you believe me useless for being able to do it? – – you Know I don’t mean that, you know perfectly I consider you intelligent and I know that you are able to make any thing – – well, I have decided to do it and I’ll do it – – Well, but this time I will help you, if you don’t finish the course, I’ll punish you, and since now, every time that you stop to make something that you should make, I’ll also punish you – she Smiled – I agree, but this time I’ll do it well – we continued speaking normally, without playing that topic in the whole dinner. I knew, maybe, I should have made that much before, once she told me her parents never punished her, and when she noticed their friends were punished, she thought that her parents didn’t love her, because of that she needed to be punished by her boyfriend when she deserved it, for helping her to overcome all her bad habits.

Three months later, it was Christmas, in that time I had spanked her several times, most of them for “to postpone the things”, for not doing the things that she committed in the moment that should do them, and I must recognize that the system was working, her work was going finished on the dates that it must be, or, at least, she told me it. Many times I had asked her about her doctorate course and she always responded me that everything was going very well.

That afternoon we were listening music while we placed the decorations of Christmas in the house, I noticed that she was too quiet and sad; I knew something happened to her – what is happening to you, Susana? – – Nothing – I didn’t say anything more, I knew she told me it later or earlier. She came closer to me, she hugged me, she hid her head on my neck and began to cry, I allowed her to cry hugging her very strong, caressing her, my hand among her hair. When she was tranquilized, we sat down – Luis, I have deceived you, I abandoned the course 15 days after I began it, I just went twice to class, I have not made the works I had to do, I am not good for anything – I kissed her on the lips and I caught her hand – Susana, this can not continue in this way, nobody can make you to do anything if you don’t want it, but you do it and you never end what you begin and when you don’t end it you harm to yourself. You also lied to me. You are 36 years old and you should begin to be responsible for your decisions, I’m going to spank you, and since now, I’ll spank you every Friday for making you remember you should be responsible and constant. Understood? I know money is not your problem, but, do you know how many money you have thrown in that course? 3600 $. I’ll spank you just now, come to the bedroom – almost in a whisper she asked – will it hurt me? – She always asked it before a punishment, maybe as the verification that it was a real punishment – yes, my love, it isn’t a game –

We went to the bedroom, we went in it, I went to look for the objects with those I planned to spank her, she stayed stand, next to the bed, I caught the brush, the slipper and the leather paddle, I sat down on the bed, I placed what I had caught to my right on the bed, I unfastened her jeans and I took it off, later her panties, I got up and I hugged her very strong, she also hugged me, we kissed each other on lips, I sat down on the bed, helped her to be placed on my knees, I lifted her sweater to half of her back, I whispered her: – I love you -, she didn’t respond.

I began to hit her with the hand, strong from the beginning, beginning on the down part of her buttocks, alternating both and going up, later lowering another time, I don’t know how many time I was doing that, she remained immobile, without complain, without crying, it felt the heat in her buttocks and saw how they had changed their color.

Next, I caught, the brush, I began to hit her with it, in the right buttock, the same as before, down, going up, this time she began to move, her right hand covered her buttocks in several occasions, I caught her wrist with my left hand holding it on her back. When I had completed fifty blows on her right buttock, I made same on her left, she continued without crying or to complaining, she moved, but she could no longer cover the buttocks, her hands were enough fastened.

Her buttocks were very red and with some bruises, but I knew that it should continue a little because I didn’t want, it should happen like in some other occasion, in which she had told me that I had not hit her enough, that needed more to feel punished.

I took the paddle and I began to hit her as hard as I could, not very quick, but repeating several blows in the same place, after five minutes spanking her with the paddle , I gave her ten blows more, but very quick and strong in each buttock and I loosed the paddle.

I gave her massages on her buttocks for a while, she remained immobile, I helped her to get up, she sat down on my knees, she hugged me very strong and she began to cry, I hugged her very strong and I allowed her to cry, I knew she needed that after each spanking.

She hugged me crying for about 10 minutes, she was being quiet little by little, I kissed her on her neck, and we kiss each other on lips for a lot of time, without saying anything.

– Has it hurt you? – – yes, but I deserved it, I didn’t do the course and I lied you. While you hit me, I wanted to cry but I was not able to it- – Do you know I love you Susana? – – Yes, only anybody who loved me could do it and I would only allow it to anybody who loved me-.

I made her to lie face down on bed and I began to cover her buttocks of cream and to give her massage with the cream on them, this time she was not quiet, she groaned of pleasure. – Are you really going to spank me every Fridays? – – yes, for five minutes each Friday, I think it will work. Do you agree? – – Yes –

We gave ourselves another very long kiss on the mouth.

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