it pays to listen the first time

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The day started like any other between us- meet secretly, him cheating on his wife, me on my boyfriend for a quick rondevous in the woods at a friends camper. We have been doing this for years and years – 12 to be exact – Okay,so normally I never dilvuge – well NEVER is such a strong word – lets say I routinely don’t dilvuge stories of indiscretion, but I must tell tell this one as a wake up to all the other stubborn headstrong girls out there, and besides it is damn funny – okay, so after our first “session” he falls asleep telling me to stay put. I want to take his truck came for a ride and I’m debating if it is a good idea or not – he is a mean son of a bitch – which of course is precisely why i love him so. and here is how it typically works for us.. (ring,ring)..”Yeah, hosebag – get off work early tomorrow – I’m in town, and I want to see you about something” “Well, i have a new job now, i don’t know if i can leave, but i should know by tonight – you want me to call you back?” “So I’ll be at the usual parking lot at 1 – don’t call me with some bullshit story about why you’re late either” (click) So, after serious contemplation,(about 3 seconds) I thought I’d meet him, you know, socially of course. Perhaps we’d go to a nice lunch, but that’s it. I worked it out and met him. So he knows something’s up with my general attitude because he talked to my mom. (He knows my family really well – he knew my parents before he and I hooked up due to our age difference), he’s talked to my mom – they “chat” all the time -have for years – don’t know if she knows he beats me, but she knows he’s always been really good at “talking” to me. Anyway – I know he’s going to beat my ass anyway, right so I’m going for broke as is my usual way. I’m busting chops, all the crap I do to aggrevate him, etc. I want to stop for a coffee – he of course does not – so I complain the whole ride to his ex-wife’s camper. (she has a camper right near where I work at a site she and her “life partner” keep there all year – whatever) Typical stuff – we walk in, he cracks me in the back of the head as we head for the bedroom, he proceeds to beat the hell out of me, blahblahblah… anyway – I have to be back at work in 3 hours which would be fine except – he falls asleep, and while he’s asleep you cannot wake him (PTSD – he was a POW in Vietnam – one of the worst beatings I ever got was lying on the floor next to the bed pretending to be mortar fire) so I decide I will quietly sneak out, take his truck, and get myself a coffee and get prepared for work. All done, no issue, he wakes up to bring me to my car and we are all fat dumb and happy nobody any the wiser- outside we go, start the truck… nothing.. start the truck…. nothing.. He looks over at me – doesn’t say a word, and I know I’m dead. He then asks in the calmest sing-song voice “Kristen, did you have the radio on in my car?” I answer with the snottiest “NO” I can muster. “I think you did, because I never leave it on. You know why I don’t leave it on, Kristen?” “BECAUSE IT DRAINS THE BATTERY!!!” I jump out of the car but not fast enough as he is way taller and way stronger than me and drags me out his side – he back handed me so hard I thought my teeth were chicklets, and he started beating me with whatever he could find – it wasn’t his hand, but I dont’ know what it was because my head was spinning so much, Some neighbor came over and asked if we were alright – he says “I’m fine.” As he throws me inside the camper. As soon as the door shut he pulled of his belt and he gave me such a beating – now, I’m no rookie and I’ve been getting beaten my this man for over 10 years, and at one point I thought he was going to kill me. I was begging to God, Allah, the Beatles, anyone who may be listening to please make him stop.. that was about 3/4 through – he eventually stopped – told me to get ready for work, and when I pulled myself together told me to ask the nice friendly neighbor for a ride while he figured out how to fix his fucking truck to get out of there before his ex wife showed up. So, long story longer – I don’t know if I’m getting old and can’t take it like I used to, if I’m out of practice, or if I just got my ass whipped good, because I finished work that night in a fog, but couldn’t get out of bed the next day or the day after that. I left him a message hoping for some sympathy, but the message I got back was less than sympathetic. Such is my life. I know I earned them, but not for nothing, he wasn’t very careful with hiding the marks the second time around which made for some interesting avoidance.

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