It took 2 years but it happened again with sis

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two summers ago, my 19 year old sister and I, age 20 at the time, wound up having sex twice at the country home our family owns. Though it was the best sex probably either of us ever had, we convinced oursleves we were going down a bad path by having slept with one another. The following summer, though much less inhibited than previous summers, we didn’t cross that line again. A few times during the summer we did skinny dip where in other years we wouldn’t even consider something like that. Agreeing that having sex made it easier to get naked in front of one another.

This past summer once again Di and I ventured up to the house for the month of August for a month of relaxation and fun. What happened after our first week there was memorable. Di put on a few pounds over the winter and it was obvious. The extra weight, about 10-12 pounds actaully looked good. Her boobs were larger and she was curvier. When I mentioned to her that she looked better with her extra weight, she just groaned and said she felt huge. When we went skinny dipping, Di would take off her tops but kept her shorts on because she was so self conscious about her extra pounds. Nothing I said could make her feel any better either. She said if I hdn’t seen her without her top so many times before that she doubted she would be topless now either. In my best mannerism, I told her that I thought she looked better than ever and her curves were perfect. She laughed and said that her tits felt liek they weighed a ton and that she had a rhino butt. She really made me laugh. She swam to me and almost without flinching, told me to feel her tits and see what she meant. I looked stunned but she reminded me about what we did 2 summers ago so i shouldn’t really feel funny. I obliged and grabbed hold of one of her boobs. Weighing it, I felt it was great and told her so. I jokingly said that I would repeat what we did two summers ago gladly and probably enjoy it even more with her new boobs. She giggled and said if I let you feel my ass, I doubt you would still feel that way. I boldly put my both hands on her butt and I thought it felt better than ever. She didn’t believe me and got out of the water, took off her shorts and showed me just how “fat” her butt was. I was laughing because she was so wrong. She jumped back in and told me that instead of making her feel better about her weight that all she felt was horny now. I told her if that’s the case we better get out of the water now. She looked at me and asked me if she were willing would I have sex with her once again. I told her I would probably feel really awkward and that it took me a year to get over the first times we did it. She smirked and said that she was sorry but that she hadn’t had sex in like 8 months and got horny easily. I laughed and said I hadn’t gotten any in a long time either so I knew what she was feeling. Di gave me that look that made me realize she was devsising some type of plan. It made me worry.

We jumped out of the water, bth very undressed and very horny. Di said that it would be wrong if we actually had sex but thought it would be okay if we pleasured each other without penetration. She rationallized that it was better than masturbating to some fantasy. We made a deal, shook on it and agreed to pleasure each other right by the pool on the lawn. “Wanna take turns or simultaneous pleasure?” she asked. I opted for one at a time since to me mutual is like foreplay and Di agreed. Di without batting an eyelash, grabbed hold of my somewhat hard cock and started working it. At first nothing happened because it was so odd. She bent over to put it in her mouth and I said that it should be hands only. She gave me a funny dirty look but it was in good fun. Di then moved around in front of me and used her very nice sized tits to stir things up. She took both hands and started playing with my cock which now finally responded and got super hard. She giggled because she saw things were working. Every few seconds I felt her nipples rune across the head of my cock. She asked two or three times if she should blow me and though i would have loved that, I said no. She took her hands off my cock and seemed to move to get more comfy on the lawn but in the process, Di managed to slip my cock into her pussy. We didn’t make a big deal about it. It felt so much better and it was what we both wanted anyway. She ordered me to feel her ass and I did, enjoying her extra pounds for what it was intended for. It was better than I ever expected. She was outrageous. She was incredibly passionate, intense and used her entire body this time. She would build my explosion up, slow down and let it get going again. Each time, I felt more and more volcanic. She knew what she was doing. We rolled over and she wrapped her legs around my back and whispered “Now baby”. With that she pulled me deep into her and used every muscle in her pussy and her ass to make me cum. When I came it was perhaps like a volcano really erupting. I had nothing to compare it to in my life. All I knew was that Di and I were one unit together and the energy of our orgasms was like nothing on our world.

We laid still for minutes, breathing harder and harder. The first words came from her mouth. She said thank you in a joking way. We both were stunned. Was it because we were related? Di thought it was because we hadn’t had any in a long time. I knew she was wrong because I’ve gone without for a stretch of time ebfore but when i finally did it, it was nothing like this. Di and I just had chemistry. What was the summer like? Read chapter 2 if there is one.

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It took 2 years but it happened again with sis, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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