Jack and Susan

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I was driving Susan home from our date. I was 22 years old and met Susan at the local community college where I was enrolled in some computer sciences courses to help me out at work. Susan was 18, a freshman attending the college in their nursing program. Now she was real concerned about what was going to happen when she arrived home late. Earlier in the evening we were having dinner at an Italian Restaurant. Because we attended the same high school we were able to discuss with common knowledge, the teachers, the sports teams, and other students. After a while I asked Susan about the warning that her Mother had given her about coming home late. Her Mom was very exact in telling Susan that she would be in serious trouble if she came home passed her 11:30 PM curfew. Her mom then gave me the third degree about who I was, what my parents did, where did I live, what was my phone number etc. etc. Susan told me that her Mom was very strict and that whenever she and her younger sister misbehaved her Mother would spank them. The spankings were always on their bare bottoms. “Sometimes Mom will start the spanking out on our pants but before she finished our pants and panties would be taken down or remove completely. Most times she would only use her hand, but for serious infractions she has a few implements she likes to use.” Susan explained. “What kind of implements? I asked. “Well, she has quite a few. There’s the hairbrush, the bath brush, the paddle, the riding crop, the belt, and this very flexible steel drafting ruler that stings like crazy.” She said. She then asked me if I had ever been spanked growing up.
“Well, I remember one time that I was spanked. It was about two years ago.” “Why? What did you do?” She asked. “I borrowed my sister Janet’s car without permission. She came over to the house to go shopping with my Mother. They were going to one of those midnight shopping sales out at the mall. I was going out to a party with some of my friends who were supposed to pick me up because my car was in the shop. My Mom drove so my sister’s car was left at the house. After they left I get this phone call from my friend saying that he couldn’t pick me up and I should find another way to meet them at the party. My only choice was to borrow Janet’s car. It hadn’t been long since she moved out on her own so we still had a spare key to her car. I left them a note telling them about borrowing the car and where I was going that evening. I knew that since they were at a midnight sale they wouldn’t be home until late and that Janet would be spending the night, so she wouldn’t need the car to go home. I returned from the party around 1 AM. My Mom and Janet were sleeping, and I went to bed thinking everything was cool. Well the next morning they came into my room and woke me by pulling off my covers and throwing them on the floor. My Mom starts scolding me for taking the car as she pulls me up by my ear and throws me down across her lap. She starts spanking me real hard. Her hand is striking all over both cheeks and down my thighs. I start kicking my legs trying to get free but Janet grabs both of my feet to hold me down. Then as my Mom continues the spanking Janet reaches up with both hands and pulls my underpants all the way down and completely off. My ass is getting really sore and I’m begging her to stop but she just keeps yelling at me about taking things that don’t belong to me, not asking permission first, and how irresponsible I was for taking my sister’s car. She stops the spanking just long enough to tell Janet to go into her bedroom a get the hairbrush from her dresser. Janet goes to retrieve the brush while my mom continues spanking my ass. Janet returns, hands the brush to mom and holds me down again. My mom starts paddling my bare bottom with the brush as hard as she can, whap, whap, whap. My eyes start tearing up and I’m pleading for her to stop but she won’t. She spanks all over my bare bottom. Right cheek, whap. Left cheek, whap. Down my thighs, whap, whap, whap. Now I’m crying out loud like a kid. Smack, smack, smack. She spanks me over a dozen more times before stopping. She then tells me to lie face down on my bed. She tells Janet to give me a very sever whipping. I lie on the bed like I’m told. Janet goes over to where I had placed my pants and removes the leather belt from them. She then takes a pillow and folds it over to make it thicker. She orders me to rise up and places the pillow under me. Now my red sore bottom is well above the rest of my body. Janet folds the belt in half, wraps the buckle end around her hand, raises her arm as high as she can and brings the belt down across my bare ass. I can hear the belt cutting through the air as it descends down to cut into my tender bottom. She’s yelling at me saying I put thirty miles on her car so now she going to give me thirty lashes and that I had to count as each one whipped across my backside. Whack owww one. Whack owww two. Whack owww three. My Mother stood there telling Janet to lay it on as hard as she could. I’m holding onto the footboard of the bed, squeezing it as hard as I can trying to withstand the pain by exerting all my strength against it. I’m counting each lash through clenched teeth. The pain becomes so bad that I lose count. Janet keeps whipping me and after several strokes without a count she asked me how many so far. I tell her I’m not sure that I think its number twenty-eight. She says that because I lost count she was going to start over. I start to object by getting up off the bed but my mom pushes me back down and sits on top of my back. “Go ahead, Janet start over, I’ll count this time.” My mom tells her. Janet starts the whipping again smacking me over and over until my mom says thirty. That whipping from my sister stung like hell. She raised red welts across both cheeks and when I checked my ass out in the mirror afterwards I had back and blue spots on my thighs.
“My God, that’s one sever spanking.” Susan exclaimed. “But believe me I’ve gotten them just as bad.” “I remember one time when my sister Mary and I got into a fight over this blouse. We both claimed that it was ours and as Mother came into our bedroom to find out what all the noise was about, the blouse rips apart. We each stood there with a piece of it in our hands.” “How old were you at the time?” I asked.” I was seventeen and Mary was sixteen.” “So this wasn’t too long ago. And you both got spanked?” “We sure did. Mother goes over to the bed and sits down on its edge. She tells me to go over and stand by the dresser to wait my turn. And while I wait she instructs me to raise my dress and drop my panties. I watch as she orders Mary to come over to her side. Mary is wearing jeans and a tank top. Mother undoes the snap pulls down the zipper and works Mary’s jeans down to below her knees. She then pulls her over her knee and starts spanking the hell out of her. ‘I’ll teach you two to fight.’ She yells. Poor Mary starts crying as Mother’s rains spank after spank after spank down upon her little ass. Whap, whap, whap, Mary is getting it really bad which is not too good for me because I’m the older one who always gets it worse than Mary. Mother is really mad. Her hand spanks Mary’s bare bottom over and over again. Spank, spank, spank. Mother stops Mary’s spanking and tells her to get up. She then tells her to remove her pants and panties and to go into the living room and fetch the paddle that Mother keeps on the mantel over the fireplace. This paddle is about seven inches long not counting the handle and about four inches wide. It has holes drilled through it, why I don’t know. While Mother waited for Mary to return she came over to me and told me to bend over. She starts hand spanking me while lecturing about how I was older and how I should be more mature in dealing with Mary. Smack, smack, smack she spanks one cheek then the other turning them a bright red. Mary comes back with the paddle and holds it out for Mother to take. She takes hold of the paddle and gives me a half dozen smacks with it before taking Mary back to the bed. Again she is taken acr
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ther’s knee and she is paddled over and over and over. Smack, smack, smack. Mary is really balling now, crying and screaming under the painful swats of that paddle. When mother finally stops, Mary’s ass is a deep crimson red. Mother takes her over to the corner and has her stand with her nose to the wall. Mother turns her attention to me. She stands behind me and tells me to remove my underpants. She starts to unbutton the back of my dress, allows it to fall to the floor then she removes my bra. Now I’m completely naked. She tells me to sit on the bed and that she will be right back. I hear her go into the bathroom and I know what she is getting. Sure enough she walks back in with a large wooden bath brush that we keep hanging in the shower. She tells me to lie face up on the bed and to raise my legs above my head. When I do this she takes hold of my legs and pushes them down to keep me from moving out of position. She then starts the spanking slow but very hard. She rest the brush on my bottom, raises it then swings it down hard on my naked butt. Smack…. Smack….. Smack…., she strikes one side then the other. Some of her strikes hit dead center sending a stinging pain right through to my privates. My ass is stretched tight and I can’t wiggle it to divert the spanks to less tender areas. She starts spanking me faster and I’m crying and begging her to stop. But she doesn’t. She keeps going spank, spank, spank, without letting up. She puts down the brush, lets go of my legs and tells me to turn over and raise my ass high in the air. She picks up the paddle and starts spanking me again only this time she spanks me very fast and very hard. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Up and down my rear end and thighs. I bury my face in the bedspread and bite down on it to help withstand the pain. When it was all over I had one very back and blue bottom.”
“Yea, you’re right, that is just as bad as the one I got.” I tell her. It was at this moment that I decided that I would intentionally get Susan back home late. I ran the plan over in my mind. I figured thirty minute late would be easy enough to manage but not enough to raise her suspicion that I was doing it on purpose. I would see her into the house and insist that I smooth things over with her mother before I left. Worse case scenario would be for her mom to send me home and for Susan to take the spanking. Best case was for the both of us to be spanked together. But I would try to get Susan off the hook and take the spanking alone. If that happened it would endear me to Susan. Which would work to my advantage latter on. One thing I never told Susan was that I enjoyed being spanked. As I was growing up I would do things wrong just to get my ass bared and spanked. I did this especially in my teen years as I was coming into puberty. After dinner Susan and I went to see a movie. I decided the best way to make us late would be for us to stop off at the home of my best friends Allen and Carol after the show. The three of us graduated from high school together, and they married about a year later. We got out of the theater a little after 11 o’clock. I told Susan that I wanted her to meet Allen and Carol before taking her home. Susan objected saying that it was getting too late for a visit. I told her that the lateness would be a good excuse to visit for only a short while. “I just want you to meet them real quick.” I said to her. “It better be real fast, Jack.” She responded with a definite tone. We got to Allen and Carol’s place around 11:15. It would take another 20 minutes to drive Susan home form their house. I figured that a 20 to 25 minute visit would time it just right. “Isn’t it a little late to be visiting your friends?” Susan asked, as we pulled into their driveway. “Hell no, it’s Friday night they’ll still be up.” I told her. We went up to the house and rang the bell. Carol opened the door and welcomed us in. She took us into the living room where she and Allen were watching television. ” Guys I want you to meet my date. This is Susan Abbott. Susan, these are my good friends Allen and Carol Starling”. “It’s real nice to meet you Susan.” Said Carol. ” So, Jack, this is the girl you have been telling me about, your right she is a good looker. Glad to finally meet you Susan.” Allen remarked. “It is a pleasure to meet you both. I’m real sorry about it being so late.” Susan responded, as she gave me a look that clearly said, ‘ let’s hurry this up.’ ” Nonsense.” Allen and Carol said in unison. ” We’re still young, we never turn in this early on the weekends. Let’s go into the kitchen, Carol put on some coffee would you please.” Allen continued. “No, please don’t go to any trouble we can’t stay long.” Susan insisted. “Hey, Susan, every heard of instant coffee? Carol asked as she put water onto boil.
This was working out great. By the time the coffee was ready we would have time for about half a cup before I made our excuses to leave. While we waited I brought up our old high school days telling Allen and Carol about some to the mutual friends Susan and I had talked about earlier in the evening. We rehashed a lot of those school days but Susan didn’t say much not wanting to add to the conversation out of fear that it would make the visit longer than it already was. Susan kept looking at her watch and at around 11:40 we started to say good night and thank you to Allan and Carol. Once back in the car Susan started yelling at me. ” I told you we didn’t have time to visit. Look what time it is Jack. I’m already too late to get home on time. I swear, if we weren’t so late I’d take a hairbrush to your bare ass myself for putting me in this situation.” Another time sweetheart, another time. I thought to myself. “Relax, we won’t be that late. I sure your mom will understand.” I said. As we pulled in Susan’s driveway she already had her keys out and the front door key ready. She jumped out of the car before I had it in park. I shut the engine off, got out and followed her up the steps. She turned to me, said goodnight and started to use her key when her mother opened the door. “Where have you been young lady? Do you know what time it is? Mrs. Abbott stood tall and commanding in the doorway looking down at her daughter. At six feet one inch, Susan at five feet four, looked like a little girl next to her mom. She even towered above me by several inches. “I’m sorry mom we stopped off to see some friends of Jack’s.” Susan explained as she stepped into the house and past her mom. “It’s my fault, Mrs. Abbott.” I said. “Susan told me we didn’t have enough time to visit but I thought we did. Please don’t be mad at her. I’m responsible.” “I want you to come inside Jack. I ‘m holding both of you to blame for making me worry. When she’s not home by her curfew I become very concerned about what may have happened to her to make her late.” I walked into the foyer of their home. Mrs. Abbott told Susan to go into the dining room and remove all of her clothes. ” No mother please don’t spank me now not with Jack here.” Susan pleaded. “I have to be at work early tomorrow which is another reason I’m so mad about being kept up late waiting for you to come home. I’m not going to let you go unpunished until tomorrow night. Now if you give me any trouble I’ll spank you right here in front of Jack. Would you like that?” “No mother, I’m going.” Susan went into the dinning room as she was told. Mrs. Abbott turned to me and said. “Now Jack I’m not your mother and do not really have any control over your actions. However I can refuse to allow you the see Susan again.” “Please don’t do that Mrs. Abbott. I really like Susan and want to keep dating her.” “Do you like the fact that Susan is going to be spanked because you were irresponsible?” “No, Mrs. Abbott. Please don’t spank her it was entirely my fault. I’m so sorry it won’t happen again.” “I am going to spank her because she should have demanded that you bring her home on time. Susan needs to learn how to be more forceful in her relationships with men. After the spanking she receives tonight, she will never again allow a man to control her actions again.”
“Now, whethe
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ot I’ll allow you date Susan again depends on if you are still here when I’m finished with her. If you are then it will mean that you are willing accept your share of the punishment. I spoke with your mother earlier this evening when I became concerned about Susan being late. I thought that maybe the two of you stopped off at your house. Your mom tells me that you are no stranger to the palm of her hand on your bare bottom. She didn’t appreciate being wakened by my phone call and said that she would deal with your in the morning. But tonight this is between you and me. Leave before I return and you will never date Susan again. Take your punishment like a man and perhaps, depending upon Susan of course, the two of you will date again.” “Yes, Mrs. Abbott I understand and thank you for giving me another chance.” I told her. “I like a man who thanks the woman who is about to punish him.” She said. She turned away from me and walked to where Susan was waiting for her. As she passed by the fireplace she took the paddle down off the mantel. I sat down on the sofa and waited. I could not see what was going on but could hear every word and sound. ” I thought I told you to strip completely naked. Why are you still wearing your panties?” Mrs. Abbott asked Susan. “Please don’t spank my bare bottom with that paddle mom, these panties are thin and won’t give me much protection anyway.” Susan said. “Well if they won’t protect you much then there’s not much point having them on while I spank you. Now either you remove them or I’ll hold you down and let Jack come in here and remove them for you.” “OK mother OK, here their off.” Susan said. I imagined Susan pulling her panties down as quickly as possible. Down over her backside, allowing them to drop along her legs to the floor and stepping out of them. Hearing all this was starting to give me an erection. Mrs. Abbott pulled one of the dining room chairs out from the table. She told Susan to place herself over her knee. “Now Susan, I want you to know that you would not be getting spanked if you had been more forceful with Jack and demanded that he bring you home on time.” Smack, Mrs. Abbott delivered the first spank to Susan’s behind. Owwww, I’m sorry mother I tried to tell him but he wouldn’t listen. Smack. “You obviously didn’t try hard enough.” Smack. “Next time you’ll make sure he listens to you, won’t you dear?” “Yes mother.” Smack, smack, smack, Mrs. Abbott continued to spank Susan as she lectured her on not allowing herself to be manipulated by men. ” I (spank) will (spank) teach (spank) you (spank) to (spank) always (spank) control (spank) your (spank) man (spank).” Her mother paddled Susan’s bottom after each word she spoke. Susan was now crying full out as her mother brought the paddle down upon her now blistered backside again and again. Her mom warned her not to cry so loud as to wake her sister if she didn’t want another spanking tomorrow night. After another dozen or more spanks, Mrs. Abbott stopped and told Susan to get up. She came back into the living room and saw that I was still there. She then told Susan. “Susan, I want you to get dressed and join me here in the living room with Jack.” I stayed seated on the sofa and Mrs. Abbott stood in silence as we waited for Susan. Susan’s face was red and puffy from all the crying she did during her spanking. I looked at her and said. ” I’m really very sorry Susan, I know that you told me but I just thought that I would be able to convince your mom not to punish you.” Susan didn’t answer me. She didn’t say ‘that’s ok, don’t worry about it, nothing. She just looked over at her mother. “You’re not as sorry as you are going to be young man.” Mrs. Abbott told me.
“Jack, I want you to stand up. It’s your turn to remove all of your clothes.” Mrs. Abbott ordered. “Mother, do you really want me to watch Jack strip and get punished?” Susan asked. “Yes Susan I do. I want to show you how to discipline naughty little boys like Jack.” When I stood up I saw their eyes drop down to the bulge in my pants. “Look at that, Susan, I think Jack likes the idea of being humiliated and punished. Isn’t that right Jack?” Mrs. Abbott said with laughter in her voice. “No Mrs. Abbott I don’t” I said. “Oh really, then why the erection?” “It happened when you told Susan that if she didn’t remove her panties that you would have me do it for her.” I explained. “I don’t think so Jack. That was quite a while ago. Any arousal caused by that thought would have diminished long before now. When I spoke to your mother this evening she told me how much she had to spank you and still does on occasion. She thinks that sometimes you are naughty on purpose just to get spanked. That she gets so tired of spanking you that she will have your sister Janet take over your discipline so she can have a break. Susan, did you know that Jack still gets spanked by his mother and sister?” “He did tell me mother about one spanking the two of them gave him.” Susan answered. “Look Susan.” Mrs. Abbott continued. “All this talk about Jack’s spankings and his penis is still swollen. Yes I think likes the thought of being spanked.” ” Please don’t do this in front of Susan, Mrs. Abbott.” I begged. “My ultimatum still stands, Jack. You can leave at any time and never see Susan again.” Mrs. Abbott reminded me. “Susan and I will still be able to spend time together at school.” I informed her trying to sound macho. “Well now let us see. Susan dear, would you be interested in seeing Jack on the sly behind my back after he was too much of a coward to take his medicine? Especially since he was responsible for you getting so badly spanked?” She asked her daughter. Susan looked at her mom then turned to me and said. ” Jack, strip down naked or leave this house now.” “That’s my girl.” Mrs. Abbott laughed.
I sat back down on the sofa and started removing my shoes and socks. As I stood to unfasten my pants Susan’s mom told her to go to the foyer closet and fetch the riding crop that they kept there. Before removing my underpants, which were a pair of black bikini briefs, I turn my back to the ladies. I unbuttoned my shirt, pulled my undershirt off over my head and turned around to face them with my hands cupped in front of me. “Come on Jack, we don’t have all night.” Mrs. Abbott said impatiently. I moved my hands to my sides to take grasp of my briefs. My still erect penis was poking its head out over the top of the waistband. Both women looked at each other and smirked at the sight of it. I slid the briefs down and let them fall to the floor in the same way that I had earlier imagined Susan doing it. Susan handed the crop to her mother. Mrs. Abbott ordered me to pick up my shirt and cover the arm of the sofa with it. She then told me to lie face down on top of my shirt. “Now Susan I want you to watch carefully how I administer this naughty little boys ass whipping. Note how I stand so the crop lies perpendicular to the crack of his ass. You want to make sure that when you come down full force the crop will land where it rested before you raised it from his backside.” Mrs. Abbott lifted the crop high in the air and swung it down cutting my ass right across its middle. I let out a loud cry of pain. “See that Susan, do you see the red welt I raised on his ass?” “Yes mother I see it.” “Every time you strike his bottom you should leave one of those marks.” She instructed Susan. Mrs. Abbott raised the crop again. I could hear it cut through the air before hitting me across both cheeks. Again and again she kept whipping my bare bottom. The sound of the crop swishing through the air then landing with a crack upon my ass. Swish, crack. Swish, crack. Swish, crack. I would yell each time she whipped me. She ordered Susan to pick up my briefs and to stuff them into my mouth to keep me quiet. When she picked them up she exclaimed to her mom, “Ouuuu their damp what did he do mom pee in them? ” I don’t think so honey.” Her mom answered. ” It’s most likely his pre come from having an erection for so long. Just stuff his mouth so I can continue.” And continue she did. Raising welt after welt upon my ass. Across both cheeks th
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ep red lines crossed each other. Small specks of blood started to appear on the cheek closest to her. I was biting down hard on my briefs, tears forming in my eyes. Through muffled cries I tried to form the words please stop please I’ve had enough, but the lashes from the crop kept coming. My ass was being whipped raw. ” Mom, I want you to stop now.” Susan said. Thank God I thought. It’s finally over. “Do you think he has had enough Susan?” Her mom asked. “No mom, I just wanted you to stop so I can have a turn. Susan explained. “Sweetheart, I thought you would never ask. I’m so proud of you dear.” Mrs. Abbott said as she hand the crop to Susan. I removed the briefs from my mouth. ” No Susan.” I pleaded. “Please I’ve had enough my bottom stings really bad.” ” This is what you get for getting me spanked. I think you did it on purpose.” Susan yells as she raises the crop and lashes me across my upper thighs, a spot that was not touch till then. I let out a scream so loud that it had to have awakened her sister Mary. Her mother quickly stuffs my briefs back into my mouth as Susan rains the crop down upon my already badly bruised bottom. She keeps hitting my tender thighs. I can’t stand it any longer and try to get up and out of there. Mrs. Abbott grabs me by my hair. She forces me back down, pins my arms behind my back and ties them there with my undershirt. She then goes around and holds onto my legs to keep me from moving. Susan whips me again and again and again. She is really getting into it, smack, smack, smack, smack. All of a sudden Mary appears from upstairs and calls out. ” What the heck are you people doing? My God, look at that poor guys butt. Mom what is going on? Mrs. Abbott got up from holding my legs. Susan stopped whipping me and let the riding crop drop to the floor. Mrs. Abbott went over to Mary and took her back upstairs. Susan helped me to stand up and untied my hands. ” I’m sorry if you think this got out of hand Jack but you asked for it didn’t you?” ” I guess I did Susan, but I got more than I bargained for.” No hard feelings then Jack?” She asked. ” No Susan, no hard feelings except the hard feeling I’m feeling on my ass right now.” By this time Mrs. Abbott had come back downstairs. She inspected my backside and told Susan to go and get some iodine. When Susan returned her mother told her to go to bed. We said goodnight to each other but didn’t kiss. Mrs. Abbott sat on the sofa and told me to bend over her knee. She applied the iodine to each of the several cuts that marked my bottom. Each application stung almost as bad as the crop. When she was finished she helped me to stand up and get dressed. As I was leaving she gave my bottom one last spank with her hand and asked. ” I’ll never have to punish you so severely again will I Jack?” No Mrs. Abbott I hope not.” “But you wouldn’t mind being spanked again in a more gentler fashion would you?” “No I’d like that. You were right earlier when you said what you did about me enjoying being spanked.” “Yes I know I was.” “Goodnight Jack, drive safely.” ” Goodnight Mrs. Abbott I will. I drove home with a very sore bottom. Even the soft cushion of the driver seat was causing my backside pain and discomfort. When I arrived home I undressed down to my briefs put on a pair of pajama bottoms and crawled into bed. It took awhile for me to fall asleep worrying about what my mom had in store for me in the morning.

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