Just What She Needs Part 2

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Lissa’s head rested comfortably in the crook of her boyfriend’s neck,her bottom still sore from the spanking he had just given her. He pulled her to her feet and began to lead her upstairs.

“I have more planned for you tonight.”

He took the handcuffs off the couch and brought them too. Lissa followed along, her nakedness adding to her anicipation of what was to follow. He had never used handcuffs before today, and they had excited her more than ever before.

Once upstairs, he ordered her onto the bed. “Hands above your head.” He said roughly, and swiftly cuffed her hands to the headboard. Just as quickly, he pulled out a piece of black velvet and blindfolded her with it. She was naked, restrained, and now unable to see. Lissa felt herself becoming wet again and squirmed against her bonds. She heard the noise of her boyfriend’s leather belt sliding out of his beltloops, and assumed he was getting undressed.

“Spread your legs apart. If you close them at any time, I will punish you very harshly.” he said without inflection. She shivered and opened her legs, the vulnerability increasing her arousal. She could not see him, and had no idea what he would do next.

Lissa felt the belt caress her inner thigh, very gently, and was surprised yet again. They had never used a belt, either. He was getting quite a bit more creative in his games, and she loved the unpredictability.

He teased the lips of her sex, skimming over her swollen clit with the leather until she was squirming and gasping with excitement. Then he struck, slapping her inner thighs with the belt, lightly at first, driving them further and further apart.

The slap of the leather against her skin sounded clearly in the room as he increased the force of his blows, whipping her inner thighs and landing the occasional lighter blow directly on her pussy. As the sting of the belt excited her, he began to whip her pussy directly, letting the tip of the belt sting her anus, left open by her widely spread legs. She moaned, lifting her hips in a silent plea for more. He kept slapping her inner thighs and the sides of her ass, whipping her legs and pussy and stomach. He landed a slap or two on her nipples and breasts, and she came clear off the bed, moaning and yelling in orgasm. He kept whipping her as she came, and her orgasm ground on and on.

As she quieted, he dropped the belt, pushed her legs apart again and drove into her, his dick hard as steel from all their play. He groaned with pleasure, thrusting powerfully into her helpless body. She rubbed her nipples against him, giving into his wild desire. He hammered her mercilessly in his orgasm, taking her along with him in his pleasure.

When he finished, he rested for a moment, then sat up. She waited for him to take off her blindfold, but instead he growled.
“When you came, you closed you legs. I warned you about that.” Lissa was wildly excited from everything he had done to her, and was more than happy to submit to whatever punishment she had earned, and told him so. He positioned her on his lap, still tied to the bed, and picked up the belt again. Her buttocks clenched in anticipation, having never felt the belt before.

He started with her legs and worked up to her rounded buttocks, stinging her flesh with the end of the belt, timing his slaps so she never knew what was coming and reddening her whole ass with his attention. He whipped her harder and faster, then stopped when she nearly reached her limit and began the tempo all over again, slow, light slaps that drove her crazy with wanting more, then harder, more stinging whips of the belt. She orgasmed twice more under the belt, so wet that she could feel it drenching his leg where she lay over him. With one last hard crescendo that made her scream in ecstasy and pain, he stopped, rubbing her bottom and her back as she sobbed her way back into sanity, overwhelmed by the desire, passion, and pain he’d shown her. He unlocked the handcuffs and held her there on her bed as they smiled at one another, utterly fulfilled.

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  1. bad_girl_europe

    Sensual, yet hard… Great story. Hope you’ll post more of them

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