Master Jared's Home For The Incorrigible

Part 1
The New Arrival

Welcome to Master Jared’s Home for the Incorrigible. This is where Masters and Mistresses in the ‘State’ area send their slaves when they can no longer handle them. This is the last place any slave wants to end up.
The other slaves in the home always know when there is about to be a new arrival. The whole house is a flutter of activity. All the Masters and Mistresses are very busy doing things. So busy in fact that on a day like this no punishments are scheduled. They are moving the last new slave from the private room to one where he/she has a roommate. Setting up the foyer with tables and chairs for the contract signing. They are all buzzing with excitement. It is almost like Christmas day for them. New meat to mold and train. All the slaves are told to stay in the common room, so they are out of the way. They will not be allowed to see the new arrival until the next day. They soon hear the doorbell…
Master Jared answered the door, “hey, Ken, welcome, oh and Olivia, to what do I owe the pleasure of having both of you?”
Master Ken spoke first, “we have a real treat for you, he’s a feisty one, Olivia honey why don’t you and Candi go somewhere and chat while we men take care of business?”
Mistress Olivia and Mistress Candi headed to the kitchen to have some coffee and catch up with one another. They had been slaves together at one time. Master Ken and Master Jared had owned a slave home together some years back. It was a training home for new Master’s and Mistresses. When Mistress Olivia and Mistress Candi were sent to the home they were immediately love stricken with their Master trainers. The same went for Master Ken and Master Jared. Soon after Mistress Olivia and Mistress Candi’s training was over Master Ken and Master Jared decided to take their Mistresses and open new homes. They sold the training home and the rest is history.
“Oh, Olivia it is so good to see you,” Mistress Candi said while hugging her friend. And off they went giggling like school girls into the kitchen.
“All right Ken don’t leave me in suspense any longer,” Master Jared said, “tell me what is going on.”
“you are going to have your hands full with this one,” Master Ken started, “he was given to us by a previous home, they just couldn’t deal with him any longer. They heard about my home’s reputation and gave him to us. He has been with us for about two months now, long enough I think to begin to wear down. Master Jared nodded in agreement.

Master Ken continued, ” We have gotten nowhere with him, I think he needs to be in a place that is more structured than my place. And I feel he could benefit from one of your treatment plans. Would you like the challenge?”
“You are an evil man Ken, you know I can’t resist a challenge.
“Well then would you like to meet him?”
“Yes bring it on!”
“You may come in now slave,” Master Ken yelled out the door.
The slave was in between the outside and inside doors of the home, like a mud room for example. The door leading to the outside was locked with a pad lock. The slave came in and stood in front of the two Masters.
“This place is a dump, it’s worse than your place Kenny!” the slave said.
The Masters looked at each other Master Ken with a smirk and Master Jared with a surprised look.
“I think I know what this slave needs first, hey, Candi get your cute little butt in here!” Master Jared yelled. Mistress Candi came running into the foyer.
“Yes? What can I do for you?”
“Candi, go get me the cage and the big gag, you know which one I mean?”
“Yes sir!” The Mistress said excitedly, and scooted off to retrieve the items.
She came back very quickly pushing a large cage that was similar to an oversized birdcage, and a black ball gag that was about three inches in diameter. Then she was dismissed back to the kitchen with Olivia.
Master Jared and Master Ken put the gag in the slave’s mouth and then put him into the cage.
“good idea Jared,” Master Ken said, “now maybe we can get some work done, lets start his treatment plan, he can cool his heels in the cage for a while.”
“Alright Ken, we should bring the girls in now, Candi, Olivia come in here please!” Master Jared yelled. The two Mistresses came into the foyer and sat with the Masters at the large table.
“Ok,” now lets just trouble shoot for ideas and then we will put it all together, that alright with everyone?” Master Jared asked. He saw three nods. They threw ideas out until two pages of a notebook were filled up.
” I think Candi and I can take it from here guys, why don’t you go into our room, you can utilize anything that is in there, have fun, we’ll be awhile.”
Master Ken grabbed Mistress Olivia by the hair and said, “good, I was going to wait until we got home to punish you but we might as well do it here.”
Mistress Olivia’s eyes got very wide and she lowered them to the floor and said,
“Yes Master, Thank-You Master.” She was pulled by her hair out of the room. Mistress Candi watched them leave. She was too worried about her friend to realize that Master Jared was talking to her.
“oh no her full name she was dead.”
“Since you seem to be more interested in Olivia’s punishment maybe you should join her in it!”
“No sir, I am sorry, I will pay attention now.” Candi pleaded.
“Yes, you will, and you will do it with a sore behind, GET UP!”
Mistress Candi stood before her Master and looked at the floor.
“Bend over the table and spread your legs wide apart, and don’t make me have to get the spreader bar young lady.”
Mistress Candi bent over the table as instructed, she lifted her skirt, and lowered her panties because that was standard procedure, when you are told to bend over you had better have a bare butt quickly afterward.
“good girl,” Master Jared said, “now wait here I will be right back.” He turned and walked to the closet, yes there is a closet full of implements in every room of the house, just in case of a moment like this. He soon returned with Candi’s personal paddle. It was purple and it had her name spelled out in studs on one side.
“Ten I think, and you WILL count them out to me.”
“Yes sir,” Mistress Candi replied.”

And with that the punishment began, five swats with the flat side of the paddle:
“Smack!” “One Sir”
“Smack!” “Two Sir”
“Smack!” “Three Sir”
“Smack!” “Oh, Four Sir”
“Smack!” “Ahh, Five Sir”
“Very good Candace, you are halfway there. And I don’t want to hear any noise except your counting, Got It!?”
“Yes Sir, “Mistress Candi whimpered.
“Smack!” oh the studded side.
“Smack! Smack!” “I didn’t hear you counting young lady, I think we will start over”
“Smack!” “One Sir”
“Smack!” “Two Sir”
“Smack!” “Three Sir”
“Smack!” “Four Sir”
“Smack!” “Five Sir”
“Swoosh! Crack! That was the riding crop!
“Six Sir”
“No Candace that was just ‘one’, since you made me start over you will get five more with the crop, don’t make me start over again, because you know what comes next.”
“Yes Sir, the whip Sir, One Sir”
“Much better”
“Swoosh! Crack!” “Two Sir”
“Swoosh! Crack!” “Three Sir”
By now Mistress Candi was biting her lip so she didn’t cry out.
“Swoosh…she braced herself…Nothing.
“I think you have had enough Candace you may get up now, but leave your panties on the floor.”
“Yes Sir, Thank You Sir.”
That was the end of it, Mistress Candi sat down Very Carefully and they began making the treatment plan for the new slave, she actually had almost forgotten about him.

“Treatment Plan”
Pg. 1
File # 2571
Name: Slave Michael
Age: 24
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 160 lbs.
Background: Slave has been in Mistress Terri’s beginner’s program, graduated with honors. Was sent to Master Kenneth’s Intermediate program, found to be Un-Trainable. Referred
to us by Master Kenneth. Slave has been accepted into our program.

Pg. 2

Day 1:
9:00 am: slave had to be placed in cage with large
gag upon arrival
12:00 PM: slave will eat from food dish in cage
12:30 PM: slave will be bathed by Mistress Candi
12:45 PM: slave will locked in bedroom
2:00 PM: 20 swats with studded paddle
2:15 PM: 15 lashes with riding crop butt and thighs
2:30 PM: 15lashes with red whip butt and back
2:45 PM: penis and testicle bondage
2:55 PM: 15 lashes penis whip
3:15 PM: remove penis and testicle bondage
3:20 PM: lecture on the rules of the house
3:45 PM: tie to pummel horse 5 lashes cane
4:00 PM: tie on stomach to bed, slave Lisa applies salve to wounds, rest
5:30 PM: slave will eat dinner alone in cage
6:30 PM: nipple clamps attached to slave and wall
6:35 PM: slave bound to wall by wrists and ankles
6:40 PM: 10 swats with paddle
7:00 PM: 5 lashed with riding crop
7:15 PM: remove slave from bondage
7:20 PM: slave bound on knees
7:30 PM: penis and testicle bondage
7:45 PM: slave will watch Master Paul and Mistress Justine give each other oral sex
8:15 PM: slave will watch Master Paul and Mistress Justine have sex
9:00 PM: 10 lashes penis whip
9:15 PM: rest in full bondage
9:45 PM: remove all bondage
10:00 PM: attach slave to wall with spreader bar between legs
10:15 PM: slave Lisa will shave slave’s pubic hair off
10:30 PM: slave Lisa will shave slave’s legs
10:45 PM: slave Lisa will shave all slaves’ upper body hair off
11:00 PM: slave will be hosed down
11:15 PM: remove slave from wall and remove spreader bar
11:20 PM: pummel horse bondage
11:35 PM: 15 swats paddle
11:45 PM: 10 lashes riding crop
11:50 PM: spread slave’s butt cheeks 10 swats with flexible paddle
12:00 am: beginning of day 2

Day two will be much like day one, except, wake up time will be six am, and bedtime will be 10:30. Also remove cage and lecture, slave may eat with the rest of the group. Day three same, but remove cane. Day four same. Day five same, remove whip. Day six same, remove hose down. Day seven same, remove sex scene.

Weeks two through four: will be decided by Master Jared. He will base his decisions on the behavior of the slave during previous weeks. He will call Master Kenneth to get his approval on the each plan.

All slaves are required to stay a minimum of four weeks. After that time has been served a meeting is set up with his/her original owners. The decision will be made to keep the slave for another month or to return him/her. As before, the slave’s Master/Mistress will approve every week’s treatment plan.


Master Jared ________________
Master Kenneth _______________
Mistress Candi ________________
Mistress Olivia ________________
slave Michael __________________
Notary _______________________
Witness ______________________

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