My first time at the sex store

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This story is about a girl named Tania, who dreams of having all the dildos and vibrators in the world. All her friends knew she gets horny and fingers herself. So, one day, we decided to go to the mall. Tania called up some friends on the phone and we all met each other at the mall. We were looking around, and Tania was the only person who knew that the mall had a sex store. Tania led them into it. Lisa, Tania’s good friend, walks in with Tania. Everyone else didn’t want to go in so they went to another store. As we walked in, there were dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, EVERYTHING! Tania, obviously, went crazy. Lisa was looking around. And there, on the ledge, was a baby blue soft dildo. Tania HAD to buy it. Lisa just stared at the t.v which was playing a video on how to use a dildo/vibrator. “Is there a changeroom in here?” She whispered to Lisa. “Yeah, over there in the corner” Lisa pointed. Tania raced in there with the baby blue soft dildo. Slowly, she took off her tight jeans, and then her fuzy, smooth, red thong. And from there, Tania’s pussy was already wet. She rubbed the head of the dildo in and around her pussy. And then, she stuck it in a bit and from there, she could feel wonderful pleasure. Tania started to moan, quietly, so that no one would know she was using that dildo in the changeroom. She then stuck the dildo in as much as it can go in. She moaned loudly. Everyone heard. Lisa got embarressed and just walked around pretending she didn’t know the girl who moaned. Tania stuck the dildo in and out, in and out. Harder, faster, harder, faster. She became exhausted. She started to cum a RIVER! It cummed all over her dildo and she stuck the dildo in her mouth. She started to give head to the dildo as if it was a real cock. Once all the cum was cleaned up, she put back on her thong, which was wet from her juices, and her jeans back in, and she walked out of the changeroom. She put the dildo back where it was and left the store with Lisa. THE END

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