My sister's keeper

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It’s another one of those days in the Colmer house. Mom was tired from a
long work day and Her two teen-age daughters were at it again. Tiffany,
being a normally strick mom had just about had enoph of bolth of them when
she heard someone slam into the wall. Before she could yell at them to
nock it off she heard Michelle scream “I HATE YOU!!” then she
ran out of there room and slamed the door. By now Tiffany had had more then
enoph of these two when Michelle came running through the living room with
Julie on her tail. In one hand Tiffany grabbed Michelle as she ran by and
wirled her onto the couch. In the voice that always let them know someone
was about to get there ass beat she demanded, “Michelle Angila, Julie Ann ,
Sit your asses on the couch,
NOW!!” and she slung Julie into the couch next to Michelle. “What the hell
now young lady?” she demanded in an angree voice that made them bolth
cringe. Michelle just sat there like a dear in headlights for a second.
“Answear me!” she noticed Michelle’s cheek turning red with a hand print
and looked at Julie. Julie remembering slapping her sister hard enoph to
knock her into the wall knew she was going to get it for sure and started to
bite her lip. Tiffany knew what happened when she noticed Julie’s guilty
look and desided she was going to have to give her a reason not to hit
her sister like that again. “Julie Ann, I do the disaplining in this house
young lady not you, do you understand me? If I ever,,,,” the lecture
seemed to go on for ever. Tiffany tore into Julie, then Michelle and back
and forth untell they bolth knew they would get it and good this time.
Tiffany by this time was so mad she thought she’d kill them if she spanked
them tonight. In a discusted tone she looked bolth of the scared girls in
the eyes and said “bolth of you get your asses in your room, your bolth
grounded for a week”. Stunned but releaved that they wouldn’t get beat
they trudged off to there room.
About an hour past and Michelle started getting ready to go to a party.
“Mom’s going to kill you for real if you go to that party you know.” Julie
said almost warning her. They may not get along but she didn’t really want
to see her little sister get spanked for some party. “I’ll be back long
before she gets up, and she’ll never know if you don’t tell her” she
snapped back at her. Julie desided that maybe Michelle really could use
one of mom’s spankings, so she just went back to her book.
Michelle, knowing her mom would be watching tv made her way out the back
door and met up with some friends. The party rocked and she smelled like
someone poured a beer on her, and someone did. It was about 4 am when the
doorbell rang and Tiffany made her way to the door. It was her friend in
her police uniform with her hand on a scared and buzzed Michelle. Now Tiffany had
really had enoph as she thanked her friend for letting her deal with this. She
just looked at Michelle with her “you are so dead young lady” look and
pointed to Michelle’s room. Knowing what was coming Michelle covered her butt
with her hands, slid past her mom and shot into her room. Michelle
flopped on her bed, barried her face in her pillow and waited her what
she knew was coming.
Not wanting to wake anyone up at 4 in the morning Tiffany just fumed around
the house as Michelle lay there knowing it was going to hurt really bad. The
next three hours felt like they took for ever for Michelle as she lesoned
to her mother and could hear her try to calm down with a drink or two. Oh,
Michelle hated it when her mom tried to calm down with a drink. All it
really ment was she would be getting it really bad. About 7am the door to
her room opened and her mom was standing there with a verry disapointed
look on her face. She wasn’t drunk but she sure wasn’t happy. Tiffany walked
over to Julie’s bed and woke her up so she could talk to them bolth. Julie
thought that she could stay out of Michelle getting in trouble by not
telling her mom what was going on, she was about to find out she was wrong.
Tiffany looked at Michelle with her “your dead young lady” look and demanded,
“Michelle Angila, Go get me the leather tool belt young lady”. The leather
tool belt was what they got beat with when they were really going to get it.
It was the be all and end all of behavior problems and she had to go get it.
Michelle’s heart stopped for a second when she heard her mom and her whole
body sank with dread at the thought. She had only been spanked once before
with what her and her sister called “The last time”. They called it that
because every time there mom was going to use it she always said “this is
the last time”, and it aways was the last time she was going to tell them
to behave. Michelle forced herself to get the belt from the closet as she cried.
She could feel every inch of her bottom, the air whirling under her skirt
as she walked. She could feel the way her skirt brushed her bottom where
her panties didn’t cover. She could feel how her panties didn’t feel wet
from exitment anymore to. There she was, the belt hanging there in the closet.
The brown leather and those big holes, oh how it looked so big and crule.
There had been times when wanted to bring her mom that belt insted of a
different one. She would sneek into her mom’s closet some times when no one
was home and would pretend like she had to do exactly what she is doing now.
Michelle would take the belt back to her room like she was going to get
her little bear ass blistered raw with it. When she would get in her room she
would roll the belt around her hand making sure there was enoph of a strap
for her mom to whip her ass with. Then she would pull her panties down
and bend over her bed with the belt flopped across her bear ass. Oh how she
would wish her mom really would blister her little ass like that. Now it
wasn’t for pretent and the realization of what was about to happen scared her.
“Michelle Angila Colmer, I want that belt young lady, NOW!!” her mom yelled out
and Michelle jumped and grabbed the belt. She knew if her mom had to check on
her she was going to really get her ass blistered raw, so she hurried back
into the bedroom and offered her mom the belt. Tiffany grabbed the belt and
told her to sit on the bed next to her sister.
The lecture went on and on about how Julie was suposed to look after her
sister as Tiffany rolled the belt around her hand. After braking them
bolth down to tears she made the dreaded anouncment and Julie was panties
down across the bed with her mom beating her with the belt. Mom was hitting
her as fast as she could and Julie was kicking, screaming and crying but
mom just kept on beating her with the belt untell her butt was a deep red
and she looked like she was going to explode.
Then mom finished with Julie and made her sit on the bed next to me, she
motoined for me to stand up. I was still a little in shock at how bad she
got it and I just sat there crying. Mom grabbed my arm and yanked me up as
she said “NOW young lady”! Then the words I always hated, “Pull your skirt up
young lady”. Now I know I was going to really get my ass blistered raw with the
belt untell I couldn’t sit for a long time. There was only two reasons Tiffany
spanked her daughters in there panties. Tiffant let them keep there panties on
if they hadn’t been that bad, but still needed a spanking, and if they were
going to really get there ass beat. The second reason was done to
draw the b
eating out longer and make sure the girls learned there leason good.
I just stood there, my legs feeling like rubber when she bent me ofer the bed
and smacked my butt 4 or 5 times then told me to s
tand up and pull my skirt up.
By now I was more afraid of having her pull my skirt up so I slid my
shaking hands under my skirt and lifted my skirt around my waist. “Now
Michelle Angila Colmer, you bend your little ass over
the bed young lady!” her voice was almost inraged and it was all I could do
to do what I was told. I was so scared as I lay there bent over a high stack
of pillows at the edge of the bed. I could feel my nylon panties gently caresing
my stinging bottom and the realization of just how much of my poor butt was exposed
for the beating. The cool air brushed over my legs as I crossed them. There was
a bird singing on the tree outside and the the sound of Julie crying. I could
hear mom lightly tapping the belt on her leg as I just layed there for what
seemed for ever. CRACK!!, the belt sudenly snapped across my raised butt! I
knew I was going to get it but I didn’t know I was in this much trouble. The belt
stung so bad when she ripped it across my red butt and before I could protest
she was already ripping it across my ass again. This was going to hurt like hell
and I knew it now. Tiffany just kept on blistering Michelle’s ass in her panties
untell Michelle thought she couldn’t take any more. By now Michelle was balling
her eyes out and her little ass was redder then her red nylon panties. Tiffany
stopped her furious assault on Michelle’s bottom long enoph to pull her hair
back out of her face. Michelle was crying so hard and screaming into her
blankets from the beating. To Michelle’s horror, but not surprise Tiffany
reached down and pulled her panties down to her knees. Michelle cringed as the
waist band raked down her welted and burning ass. Julie sat there trying with
no success to find some part of her poor searing bottom that wouldn’t hurt to
sit on. The night before Julie wanted so bad to see her sister get “the last
time”, but she didn’t think she would get it to. She thought she would so enjoy
at least hearing Michelle get the belt, but now she was really starting to feel
sorry she didn’t stop her from going to that party. Julie watched as Michelle
kicked and squirmed and screemed as her mom spanked her as hard and fast as she
could. She had no problems remembering her spanking and knew that Michelle was
really in pain. Tiffany pulled Michelle’s panties down to her quivering knees
and took a minute to catch her breath and admire her hard work so far. Then
the words they Michelle and Julie bolth dreaded, “This is the last time I’m going to tell
you Michelle Angila Colmer. If you EVER!! the belt snapped hard right were Michelle
was going to have to sit. I meen EVER, sneek out of this house
young lady”. Tiffany made sure Michelle cought every time she said “ever” by
ripping the belt across her welted and burning ass. Tiffany just kept blistering
Michelle’s poor searing bear ass with the belt untell she was sure Michelle
could not take one more breath steeling lash and then ended with the same saying
as always. Do you understand me Michelle angila Colmer? Michelle couldn’t stop
balling long enoph to say anything so she just layed there sqeeking into her
blankets and twitched and squirmed. “Now get your little ass up and pull your
panties up then get dressed for church on young lady. You two are grounded for two
weeks. I had better see you bolth at the kitchen table in ten minutes or we are
going to be doing this again. Is that clear you two? Julie Ann, your going to
put the belt back were it goes young lady”. Tiffany tossed the belt on the bed
next to a verry sorry and verry sore Michelle and walked out the door.

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