Jody’s First Spanking

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Mark and Jody were silent on the way home from the department store. Jody nervously fidgeted in the passenger’s seat and looked out the window, as she couldn’t bear to look in her father’s eyes. Mark wasn’t her biological father, but she considered him her father nonetheless, as he was the only male parental figure she had ever known. Mark married her mom when she was eleven, and she had gotten along so well with him, that she called him “Daddy” within months.

Jody tried to predict how many months she’d be grounded for this one. Shoplifting. Why did she take that tube of lipstick? It seemed like a fun challenge and Michelle made it seem so harmless. Jody sighed. She could forget any social plans for the next two months. She knew Mark was angry and her mother would be furious when she found out. Luckily, Mom was away on business, so she wouldn’t have to face her right away, but Mark’s disappointment was hard enough.

Mark pulled into the driveway and looked at Jody.

“You are to go straight up to your room. I’ll be in to talk with you after I’ve calmed down and thought this out somewhat. Honestly, I don’t know what to say Jody. You’re seventeen years old, and in my opinion, much too old to be pulling stunts like this. Do you realize how embarrassing it is to be called by a department store security guard to come get your daughter? Thank God they didn’t press charges. Though maybe that would have made an impression on you.”

“I’m sorry Daddy…” Jody started.

“I hope so Jody.” And with that, Mark got out of the car and walked up to the house.

Jody sighed and followed Mark into the house. She walked up to her room and waited for him to come lecture her. Great. She was feeling horrible already, and she’d have to listen to dad make her feel even worse. In the grand scheme of things, it didn’t seem like such a big deal. One tube of lipstick. No wonder they didn’t press charges…it was too ridiculous! But Daddy seemed to be horribly upset by it, so Jody felt pretty bad.

Mark walked up the stairs a fifteen minutes later. He was carrying his briefcase with him. Jody smiled. “So, Daddy, this is going to be a pretty big lecture after all. Did you make charts and transparencies?” Mark wasn’t amused.

“Jody, I really don’t think this is a laughing matter.”

“But Daddy, in a cosmic sense, what damage does taking one tube of lipstick do? It’s over-priced as is. I’ll bet it cost Maybelline five cents to manufacture it, and half of that went to pay the laborers to produce it. Don’t those poor women in developing countries make fifty cents a day or something? So in a way, I was striking a blow against the establishment…or something like that.”

But Mark, unlike Jody’s mom, didn’t usually buy Jody’s explanations. Mom was easily amused by Jody’s wit, and while yeah, Mom got angry with her and grounded her every now and again, she usually got off pretty lightly. Maybe it was a bad thing that Mom wasn’t here. Mom usually made the discipline decisions regarding Jody, and Jody knew that Dad felt they were pretty lenient. What would Daddy do, now that it was up to him for a change? Well, she’d get Mom to reduce the grounding when she got back.

“We aren’t talking about the cosmic consequences of things, Jody. Yes, you are right, there are no cosmic consequences to your taking the lipstick, but there are moral ones. Do you think it’s right that the store loses money to people like you who steal their products? Do you think it’s right to steal something you have the money to pay for? Especially a frivolous thing like lipstick, that god only knows, you have enough of here. You aren’t exactly a street urchin stealing a loaf of bread, you’re a bored and spoiled brat who thought she’d have fun this afternoon and see what she’d get away with!”

Jody shrunk back. Never had Daddy spoke to her like this. He seemed exceptionally angry.

“Now, I suppose you are sitting there wondering how many months you’ll be inconvenienced for. Well, I’m not interested in grounding you for very long, because your mother is just going to come home and reduce the sentence. This time, I am taking a whole different approach to disciplining you. One that Mom can’t reverse, and one that I’ve wanted to take for quite some time. In fact, I was talking to Michelle’s father while I was waiting for the security guard to bring you and Michelle to us, and he plans on giving Michelle a bare-bottom spanking. And I think–excuse me–*know* he’s got the right idea.”

Jody’s eyes flew open in shock.

“Daddy, you can’t! I’m seventeen years old! I’m too old to be spanked! I was never spanked! And i don’t believe that Mr. Morgan intends on spanking Michelle either!”

“Well, he does, and you and Michelle can compare notes when I’m through with you. I know you were never spanked, sweetheart. That’s the problem. Michelle wasn’t either. I think there’s something to be said for old-fashioned discipline. Your mother never thought so, but will after she sees the results. And to let you know, I wanted to spank you for quite some time. You’re a sweet and wonderful person, Jody, but very irresponsible and spoiled. You know how to get your way out of sticky situations at the last minute, and that has gotten you through the last seventeen years. But there will come a time in life, Jody, where being cute and witty isn’t going to cut it. And I think there’s no better time than the present to learn that lesson.”

Jody started to tremble. She was really scared all of a sudden. Jody realized that there was no way she was going to get out of this. Mom was away, and Mark was much bigger and stronger than Jody. Faster, too. Ran a marathon once. What did a spanking even feel like? And Daddy couldn’t be serious about pulling down her panties for it, could he?

Mark went over to the desk and pulled out her chair to the middle of the room. He then went over to his briefcase and retrieved a small wooden paddle. Jody panicked. “Daddy, you can’t….you’re going to use THAT on me?!?”

Mark nodded. “I bought this last year after you skipped school to go to the beach. I really wanted to punish you for that, but once again Mom stepped in about how you were just having fun, and it didn’t matter that you had a ‘C’ average, you’re only young once and all that crap. Well, somewhere along the line you have to learn to take responsibility for your actions. You will thank me for this someday.”

Mark walked over to the chair and sat down. “Come here, Jody. Let’s get this over with.”

“No, please Daddy, please don’t do this!”

“Jody, now! If I have to drag you over here, you’ll get twice as much!”

Jody reluctantly walked over to Mark’s side.

“Hold your dress up.”

“Daddy!” Jody turned bright red.

“Now, young lady!”

Jody slowly pulled up her dress, just a little bit. In fact such a little bit that Mark couldn’t even see her panties.

“All the way, Jody. Don’t play games with me.”

“Daddy, I can’t. You can’t see my panties! I’m practically a woman!”

“I’ll be seeing a lot more than just your panties in a few moments. I suggest you pull that dress up, before I pull it off!”

Jody gasped, but slowly did what she was told. She turned bright red as Daddy stared at her panties.

“Now get over my knee.”

Jody, grateful to hide her face, did that quickly. Mark adjusted her until her bottom was higher than the rest of her. Jody felt so self conscious that way, and became very scared when she remembered what that paddle looked like.

“Lift up.”


“Lift up your hips, Jody, so I can pull these panties down.”

“Daddy, you wouldn’t!”

“Jody, what do you think the term ‘bare-bottom spanking’ means?”

Tears came to Jody’s eyes. “Daddy, please, please don’t pull them down. It’ll hurt over them!”

“would you rather I stood you up so I can pull them down? I was showing mercy by having you get over my knee first, but if you don’t appreciate the gesture, I can make it more difficult for you…”

Jody hid her face in her hands as she lifted up her hips. She could just picture what it must look like…sticking her bottom up in Daddy’s face practically, while he….pulled her panties down! She didn’t know what was worse…the embarrassment of it all, or the pain she would feel from the spanking.

Mark rubbed her bottom gently with his hand and gave it a few loving pats. It was a shapely bottom. Very white, as was the rest of Jody. But it was young and firm and Mark knew it would be quite a sight to redden it. He sighed. He didn’t want to hurt her, but felt that this was the last resort.

Jody’s scrunched her eyes shut as she felt Daddy rub her bottom Oh to get this over with!

Mark picked up the paddle and rubbed it against her bottom. She trembled. It felt cold and smooth…and hard. She tensed as Mark lifted it off her bottom and suddenly she felt the very first blow ever visited upon her bottom.

“AAAAHHHHH!!! Daddy! Please you can’t do this!”

Mark ignored this and kept going. He kept his blows sharp and hard, as he wanted to make an impression on Jody. And he showed no mercy. He would strike the same area once, twice, three times in a row sometimes. Jody bucked and kicked, but Mark held her down fairly easily.

“this is just awful!” jody thought. She started to plead through her tears. “Daddy, please, please stop! It hurts something awful! NO, not in the same spot! Please!

But Mark continued. And Jody’s screams echoed through the empty house.

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