poor little dick

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Anne started to dial Suzanne, dumbo,s girlfriend, Carrol slowly pulled her leather gloves on, hen spat on the gloves and rubbed it in dumbo,s face,he went weak Anne was smiling, oh hi is that Suzanne, hello my name is Ann used to work for your boyfriend, yes that’s, right well now he works for me and Carrol, Carrol had dumbos little dick and balls in one of her hand, and was twisting an ear in her other,anne was smiling at little dick,hows he been treating you lately Suzanne, oh has he now as bad as that, Suzanne would you like to come over to our office i would like you to meet my son, Steven, he need to take a women to a party, what do you think, oh don,t worry about him, i,v already told him, anyway he got the smallest dick me and Carrol have ever seen,ha ha ha ha ha, is that right Suzanne you call him pin dick, Carrol burst out laughing,and said to dumbo like my boots pin dick, and held the phone up so Suzanne could hear, then Anne told her everything, an hour later she put the phone down, there you go pin dick all done she knows everything, and she looking forward to meeting Steven, ha ha ha ha, now kiss my ass,and then phoned Steven , i need you at the office as soon as poss, o.k see you soon. Carrol said your girlfriend will be with a real man soon, that’s nice of Anne isn’t it little dick, just then the door buzzer went, Anne and Carrol both smiled here’s Suzanne little dick, go and let her in , but i no cloths on madam Anne, Anne got up and spat in dumbos face, i don’t care dick-less get the door now wimp, and crawl, ha ha ha as dumbo crawled pass Carrol she lifted her boot, lick lick small dick, ha ha ha, as dumbo opened the door Suzanne looked down and burst out laughing, Suzanne walked straight passed him and sat down with Anne and Carrol, right Suzanne me and Carrol need to out for a while Steven is on his way in, Suzanne said what about dumbo, Anne said don’t worry about him, anything you need just tell him, Anne slowly pulled her leather gloves on, come here pin dick, and then she spat in his face and rubbed it in with her gloves, you will be good wont you little dick, yes madam Anne. Anne and Carrol left spitting on dumbo over and over again on the way out, Suzanne sat on the sofa, dumbo come here a lick my boots, as he was doing it Steven came into the room, Suzanne looked up you must be Steven, yes he said and you must be Suzanne, he walked up to her and started kissing her, Suzanne kicked dumbo away go and stand in the corner, pin dick, Steven sat next to Suzanne, Suzanne said god i need a real man with a big cock, Steven laughed i,m your man babe, get it out and your see, Suzanne undid his trousers and then took out his massive cock, that was it she went mad sucking it a mad women, over the next hour he fucked her every way possible she cum so many time she lost count, went they were doneshe went up to dumbo and pulled his ears and laughed at him, did you injoy watching your girlfriend with a real man pin dick

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