Prom Night Fun

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It was prom night,everyone was getting ready with hair, makeup, shoes dresses, ect. My date had arrived late. His name was Nick and he was amazingly gorgeous. He was quite tall, and had a six pack, which drew me to him in the first place. His blue eyes made you want to melt right there, and I had.

When he had arrived, my friends, Nick, and I all jumped into the Hummer Limo outside my door in Los Angelos California. Most of my friends had the arrangments of losing their virginity that night, but Nick agreed not to push me into anything too intimate.

After being at the prom for at least 3 hours, I was getting very horny grinding up against him and fealing him against me. The thought of him naked made me weaker every second, and that, I enjoyed. I asked him if we could leave, and fortunatly, he said “Okay, baby”. We walked out and got into the Limo. Since my friends had snuck in Vodka, I was pretty trashed, and he was also. He knew what was coming. I grabbed him and kissed him as much as I could. He never backed away, though. Always, he would kiss back eagerly.

By now I could feal his hands moving down my back, towards my ass. He knew I liked being touched there, so every once in a while he teased me. He leaned me down on the seat and remained kissing me, but now even harder than before. I was so wet by that point, and I wanted to fuck him right there, but I couldn’t just yet.

The driver stopped at the “Sharaton Hotel” and we got out to get a room. He held my hand going up the elevator, and I finally stopped making out with him. I opened the door to our Suite and imediatly started kissing again. Pressing me against the wall, his hands gathered to my hips, then my breasts. Lifting off my shirt, he found a black lace bra and loved it! I had D cups so he got excited, like any man would.

He gently played with them, and then sucking slighty, harder and harder each moment. He had a bad boy grin on his face, and I couldnt wait for him to be in me. I reached down to him and got on my knees. He was eager with me and began taking his pants off. I moved his hands away because he was going too fast, and I really wanted him to enjoy each and every part. I took off his pants and saw a huge bulge. Sliding his breifs down his thighs, I played with his balls. Moaning lightly, i took out his 9 Inch cock and started licking the head.

He started pushing my head into his large cock, and I did. Further and further, sucking very hard. He moaned. He told me he liked my whimpering sounds as I sucked it like it “tasted so good”.

To be continued….

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