Ruling the Roost……Part 3

Rebekkah cussed for the second time and sucked on her bleeding finger. Dammit…..she would finish preparing this salad if it killed her! It had been an exceedingly hot afternoon and for every hour that passed the temperature continued to soar. Rebekkah drew the back of her hand across her heavily perspiring forehead and continued to attack the lettuce with a vengence…..shredding it to pieces, imagining it was the Sun god himself and smiling to herself with every slice of the sharp knife. The smokey smell of the barbeque wafted through the open back door of the kitchen informing her that Max had it well under way and the aroma of the sizzling meat teased her nostrils and caused her stomach to respond with a low growl. Finally…..with the buns sliced, the salad prepared and the tray laden with various relishes and sauces, she armed herself and headed out into the garden. Max helped her to lay the things out on the picnic table as he continued chatting to Michael, a close friend and his Assistant Manager with his company, about the last football game they had watched the previous evening. Michael’s wife Debbie was relaxing a sunlounger and Rebekkah prepared a cold drink for herself and Debbie and sat on a lounger next to her. Rebekkah loved these afternoons. It was a great way for both her and Max to entertain friends especially after a hard week at the office for Max. Rebekkah had now become adjusted to her role as an ” at home wife ” but it had not been an easy transition from businesswoman to at-home-wife. There had been frustrating days of boredom and for the first year she had endured many a hard spanking across her husband’s knee when she had allowed the frustration to build up and result in temper tantrums. Now, she was more or less content, her daily routine fixed, and she was proud and happy to create a clean, beautiful and happy homelife for her husband. Quite often Rebekkah reflected on just how hard a task it was keeping home and the hours she spent cleaning, polishing, cooking, doing laundry, ironing, paying bills and shopping, that she had ever wondered if their house had been clean at all when she was still working. Max never failed to praise her efforts, making sure she knew he appreciated her hard work at home for both of them.

” So Bekky……when are we going to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet?” Debbie asked her. Rebekkah grinned and looked at Max who had looked up, unaware of Debbie’s comment. She smiled and replied….” Well, we’ve talked about it and we’ve decided the time is right… we’re trying” Debbie gave a squeal of delight and began chatting nineteen to the dozen……asking question after question. Max and Michael looked up at Debbie’s sudden squeal and Max sauntered over to the two ladies.
” And just what are you two discussing so excitedly?” he asked.
” Oh wouldn’t you like to know ” Rebekkah answered slyly, cocking her head to one side as she gazed at him longingly. They had been married for 3 years now and still she felt like a newly wed…..her sexual appetite never appeasing and more and more in love with her husband as each day passed. Max bent down and growled menacingly in her ear…..” Ok Minx……have it your way……but later I WILL find out” and he kissed her ear and grinned, heading back to over to Michael.
“What was that about?” his friend enquired laughingly.
” I don’t know man…..but I,ll have a little fun with Bekky finding out” he grinned. The afternoon wore on and so did the relentless heat. A slight throb began to pulse at Bekky’s temples and she massaged them gently with her fingers.
” Shit it’s so damned hot ” she complained to Debbie. Max frowned and spoke quietly to her. ” Mind your language young lady”. Bekky flushed at his scolding, the headache irritating her beyond belief and she found herself snapping back at him. ” Oh give it a rest Max….it’s not as if I said the F word or anything !” she ground out. ” Sweetie, I think maybe you should go inside where it’s cooler and rest a bit away from this hot sun” he told her smoothly, not giving away his anger at being spoken to so disrespectfully in front of Michael and Debbie.
” I,m fine where I am thank you very much” she said hotly.
” I don’t think you are sweetheart. Your rubbing your temples which tells me you have a headache coming on and your snapping at me and being rude in front of our guests with impolite language” he told her evenly. ” Go inside and have a rest and we’ll clear up here and then join you shortly”. Rebekkah fumed at his obvious rebuke and whether it was the heat or the increasing pain in her head…she snapped and lost her temper.
” God dammit Max I,m not a child! I can decide for myself whether or not I should go in the house. Why don’t YOU go in the house and stop bugging me and maybe i won’t get a headache then!” she hissed spitefully. Max winced at her scathing words. Rebekkah never spoke to him like that and he certainly did not appreciate now in front of an audience. Michael and Debbie, witnessing the stand off between man and wife, mumbled to each other and busied themselves clearing plates and glasses from the table and loading the trays with them. Max walked over to Rebekkah and gripped her arm, hauling her from the chair and marched her towards the house, she protesting all the way. He steered her towards the staircase and urged her in front of him, swatting the seat of her tight shorts as she ascended the stairs. This elicited sharp yelps from her and she protested at his ministerings. ” Max this is not fair. Michael and Debbie are here. We can’t leave them downstairs alone, we’re entertaining!” she cried.
” Oh I think you’ve provided enough afternoon entertainment for our guests. And as much as I would love to entertain them further so that they may hear your reward for the great show you’ve just put on, our life is private and will remain so. And you my dear”….he said coldly, lifting her chin with one finger…..” will remain in your corner until I return. Is that quite clear?”. Rebekkah knew hw futile it would be to argue at this point. No matter how hard she tried to emphasise to him that she thought he was being unfair, he would just stand there and point out the reasons to why she was being sent into her corner and he was ALWAYS infuriatingly right, which bothered her even more so!
Rebekkah lowered her gaze to the floor and mumbled ” Yes Sir” and she followed his pointing finger to the corner of their bedroom. HER corner. Max had designated a corner for her shortly after moving into the house and she had found herself there on many many occasions. Max walked quietly behind her. ” Whilst you are there Rebekkah, you will have plenty of time to think about the spanking you have coming to you and I,m warning you now… have also earned yourself a sound paddling. So I suggest you control that snippity temper of yours right now and be ready to apologise on my return, for if you do not……your punishment will continue until I see some true contrition from you young lady!” and with that he turned on his heel and stalked out of the room. Rebekkah sighed and rubbed her weary aching temples. A few moments later Max returned and told her to face him. She turned and sighed. He was standing holding a glass of water in one hand and two paracetamol capsules in the other. Now she really DID feel like a class one idiot. Even after insulting him, cursing and losing her temper, he still put her feelings first. Gratefully she accepted the drink and capsules and when they were both swallowed, she smiled at him. ” Thank you darling” she whispered.
” Your welcome sweetheart. Now turn back around. I,ll be with you when our guests have gone home” and once again he left her alone with her thoughts. Rebekkah closed her eyes and leaned her head forwards….pressing her forehead against the cool wall. She thought about the earlier incident……heard in her own head the bitchy words she had seethed at her husband. She was appalled atherself for behaving like that in front of Debbie and Michael and embarrassed at the thought
of their thoughts, for taking in the earlier scene there was no doubt in her mind that they knew she would be getting her rear end well and truly roasted. Debbie had confessed to her long ago during a girls night out they both had, that Michael also had similiar methods of dealing with Debbie’s behaviour when she over stepped the mark. She knew that Debbie would be sympathising with her at this very moment and that Michael would not!
Half an hour passed before she heard Max’s footsteps on the stairs. Her headache had now gone, thanks to Max’s consideration, and this steeled her determination to accept her punishment as gracefully as she could. She turned around when Max told her, a silent tear trickling down her cheek. ” Come here Bekky” he told her softly and she flew into his open arms. He held her as she sobbed out how sorry she was, his hand soothing in soft strokes in her hair. He sat on the end of the bed and pulled her down onto his lap and waited for her sobs to die down. Finally after ten minutes and some gentle hiccoughing he spoke. ” Bekky. Your behaviour today was rude and uncalled for. You disrespected me in front of our guests, made our guests uncomfortable witnessing a scene that should never have happened and lowered yourself by giving into a silly temper tantrum. Your language was deplorable to say the least. I know you had a headache, which is why I suggested you go inside where it was cooler and see if it could ease your headache. I was trying to placate the situation…..not pave the way for a battle scene with you. You have to try and stop yourself from these childish and spiteful outbursts. Today, it is obvious you couldn’t….which is why I am going to help you. You know how I do that, so please stand up and come to my side” he told her quietly. Rebekkah stood up and moved to his right side. He took her hand in his and looked at her. ” Has your headache gone sweetheart?” She nodded miserably. He nodded. ” Okay, well that means that we can get this out of the way, for I had no intention on punishing you if you were still n pain. Thank you for being honest with me” he smiled at her. ” Let’s get this over with now ok?”.
” Yes Sir” she replied respectfully. It was a rule that anytime she was being reprimanded or punished, that she address him respectfully and to this day she had never broken that rule. Gently he guided her across his lap. Easing down her shorts and panties to her knees, he gently rubbed her buttocks with his hand. ” Okay Rebekkah. Why are you over my knee about to be spanked?” he asked her. ” I,m over your knee about to get spanked”….she began…..” because I was disrespectful to you in front of our guests. I used bad language which lowered myself and I ruined a lovely afternoon’s entertainment with a silly temper tantrum” she answered. Max nodded. Rebekkah sighed as his hand continued to massage her nether cheeks. She held her breath as she felt his hand lift from her buttocks and the cold air swirl across them, chilling them suddenly. She gasped as his hand came down hard on her right cheek. There was no gentle warm up….as was the rule of any punishment spanking. His hand came down relentlessly, again and again and again! He worked steadily from the top of her bottom cheeks to under the crease of the swell of her buttocks where thigh met bottom. She knew this would be a long spanking… he had told her she would be receiving a paddling too and Max was very conscientous that her bottom be properly prepared before any implement kissed her cheeks. The spanking was sheer torture. Every swat harder than the previous and after five minutes….no matter how much she had been determined to accept it gracefully….her legs began kicking wildly behind her and she squirmed like an eel over his knee. Max shifted his leg and raised it over her legs, trapping them so that she could no longer kick out. This also caused her to lean forward more and present her bared buttocks higher in the air. His palm cracked hard across each cheek….and he began his lecturing. ” You….CRACK!…will……CRACK!…..never….CRACK!….use …..CRACK!…that…..CRACK!…kind….SPANK…..of……SMACK…..language……WHACK!…..again! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Rebekkah howled as he emphasised each word with a very hard swat. Tears flowed freely down her face and she sobbed piteously uttering promises that she would never swear again. Max let fly with a final volley of hard spanks aimed under the swell of each buttock. He spanked her fast and hard and she bucked at each and every smack. Finally, he was helping her to her feet. He bent her straight away over the bed, instructing her to spread her legs a little wider and he crossed the room to fetch the wooden paddle that hung in their closet. It was made of heavy oak….and had eight holes drilled into it and was an implement that Rebekkah loathed on sight.
“I,m going to give you ten whacks Rebekkah and you will count each one. If you fail to count that whack will not count and I will replace it with another until you have counted. Is that understood?” Max told her. He winced as he heard her answer through ragged sobs. He hated punishing her. Hated seeing her beautiful face wet with streaming tears, but he had made a promise that he would correct her behaviour whenever she was out of line and he was a man of his word. Always follow through was his own personal motto and he always had. He had once made the mistake of showing leniency on one occasion, early in their marriage, which had resulted in Rebekkah not heeding his punishment and a week later she had risked her life in an ocean whilst recovering from a serious illness on a vacation. He would NEVER make that mistake again and it was his intention to follow through each determined punishment, no matter how severe or how much pain she was in. He placed the paddle against her burning swollen cheeks. Rebekkah hissed as the cold wood made contact with her sore buttocks and she grit her her teeth and prepared her for the first stroke.

W H A C K !

“Yeeeoooowwwww!…….One Sir! she counted as the paddle slammed into both cheeks.

C R A C K !

“oooooommphhh……Two Sir” Max drew back the paddle and let it fly to assault her buttocks once again. Rebbekah kept count but by the sixth stroke her knees buckled and she fell across the bed howling in agony that she could take no more. Max walked over to her and helped her to stand. ” You can and you WILL take the next four Rebekkah” and he crossed the room to fetch a straight backed chair. Sitting down he pulled her across his knee and trapping her legs under his…….he once again lifted the paddle and brought it hard down across her cheeks. She yelled in agony and he waited for her to count. She sobbed and protested no more….but Max would not weaken his resolve. ” You failed to count the sixth stroke Rebekkah. We will try it again”

C R A C K !

” Aaaarrrrrggggggghhhh…….six!” she screamed.

C R A C K !

“Seven. Oh please Max…no more I beg you….pleaseeeeee” she pleaded with him and was rewarded with a hefty crack. Again she failed to count and he replaced it with another which quickly brought forth the count of eight! he decided to end it quickly and brought the paddle down twice and very quickly.

C R A C K! C R A C K !

“Nine…..tennnnnnnnnnn” Rebekkah screamed and she hung limply over his knee as the tears coursed down her face and dripped onto the carpet below. Max rubbed her back in circular motions…..shushing her gently. ” It’s over baby…..shhhhhhhhhh” and he continued doing this for a whole ten minutes until her sobs gave way to quiet hiccoughs. He gently helped her to her feet and walked her over to her corner. ” Rebekkah… will stand here for 15 minutes and think about today and the spanking you just received. I hope you have learned a sound lesson here never to behave like that with me in front of guests and demean yourself by foul language or petty tantrums ever again. I will go downstairs and fetch some cream and after fifteen minutes will come back and soothe som
e cream into your bottom. Do NOT rub your bottom Bekky……..if I see you so much as place a finger on your cheeks I will take you back over my knee and will spank you hard with my hand for as long as I think is necessary. Please do not add disobedience today as well.” he lectured her sternly and then left her with her thoughts. Bekky cried piteously and as she regained control and quietened down she made a firm resolve never to behave so childish and spiteful in front of her husband again. She had accepted this way of life from the beginning and she had become a better person under Max’s help and guidance. Rules were rules…..and she promised herself there and then never to break them again……..

Well….until the next time that is…….


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    Hi applecheeks , I just read your stories and I really like them all , I am lover of all things spanking related and bdsm *s* keep up the great work

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