Ruling The Roost…..Part Two

” Oh come on Max….hurry up…..we don’t want to miss the plane” yelled Rebekkah from the hallway. Max descended downstairs a huge grin spread across his face, as he viewed his wife waiting impatiently for him. “Sweetheart, the plane does not take off for another four hours yet and it is less than an half hour drive from here to the airport. So calm your jets” he chuckled, his little pun amusing him greatly. Rebekkah looked at him seriously. ” Well anything can happen….heavy traffic, forgetting something…..or the car could get a puncture” she pouted at him. Max heaved a sigh. ” Rebekkah, it’s early Sunday morning, the roads will be quiet. I have triple checked we have everything so calm down. And I repleaced all four tyres last week and checked them this morning. So I sincerely doubt we will be having any puncture problems…..not like last week” he grinned at her and Rebekkah’s face coloured very quickly. It was a puncture that had led Max to discover his wife’s indiscretion of receiving a speeding and not wearing sealt-belt fine, after searching her handbag for her car keys and finding the tickets. Max saw her shamed blush and dropped a kiss on top of her head. ” So why don’t you double check the light timers for me and I will check all the electricity switches are off that need to be?” and gave her bottom a light pat. Rebekkah scuttled off and came back a minute later. ” Ok, they’re on…..NOW can we please get going” she asked impatiently, her arm gesturing in a dramatic sweep towards the door. “Darling, you are the most positively impatient little creature I have ever known. Ok….get in the car and I,ll lock up” and she yelled in delighted relief and headed out to the car.
Fifteem minutes later, as they cruised down the deserted road, Max glanced across to Rebekkah. Her face was flushed with excitement and the fidgeting of her hands indicated to him her impatience to be there at that very moment at the airport. He smiled, pleased with himself at his idea of a last minute get-away holiday. The last few months had been stressful for Rebekkah and after working herself to the point of exhaustion she had fallen ill. Max, guilty for not noticing how badly her work had affected her and had almost driven her to a complete breakdown, had laid the law down to her. She was more important to him than her wish to continue working after they married and so he had told her firmly and decisively that she was to quit her job and relax at home. She had pleaded and whined with him to keep working, but he was insistent and it was only with the threat of a sound bare bottom spanking with her hairbrush, that she conceded. He had told himself at that point, the first chance he got, he would take her away on a surprise summer holiday. And surprised she had been!! For it had only been two evenings ago, he had come home from work and dangled the tickets in front of her eyes as she was preparing the evening meal. ” JAMAICA” she yelled in delight as she scanned the inside of the destination tickets and she flung her arms around Max and hugged him dearly. Her eyes had widened as she saw the departure date. ” Max, that’s two days away!!” she told him in disbelief. Max grinned at her, delighted at her surprise and shock. ” Baby, I have finished up all the meetings scheduled for this week and have left Jonathon in charge of chairing the meetings next week and the week after! So you, my darling, can finish making dinner and then show your husband how happy you are with his surprise for you.” he winked at her and gathered her in his arms for a long, slow passionate kiss. ” We both need a break sweetheart, you more than I! I had to wait til you were completely recovered and strong enough to make the trip. I had considered taking you away last week until you pulled that speeding stunt again. Now I could hardly reward you for such shocking behaviour so I held off another week or so to see if your behaviour would improve. And I,m proud of you darling! You haven’t been in any scrapes or trouble since then, so Jamaica here we come” and he almost lost his balance as she threw herself against him in a huge bear hug and kissed his face all over. ” Hey, I said show me after dinner” he chuckled and swatted her lightly over her skirt covered bottom. That night, they spent hours making love and enjoyed a leisurely lie in before getting up and busying themselves packing for their holiday.
Max pulled the car into the airport and with Rebekkah’s help, unloaded the luggage onto a baggage cart and left her instructions to wait for him at the check in counter as he arranged long stay parking for the vehicle. Joining her five minutes later they checked in and made their way to departures. Plying her with various magazines to keep her occupied over the next few hours he settled down to read a new thriller novel he had purchased at the same time. Twenty minutes later he looked up as he heard her impatient sighs. ” What’s the matter sweetie” he asked. ” This is boring” she replied, in exactly the tone of a petulant child. Max sighed. ” Becky, content yourself please and stop acting like a little kid. Now you,ve got plenty to read so sit there and behave yourself” he told her firmly. She shot him a dark look and scowled and quickly turned back to her magazines as his eyebrows raised and his eyes signalled a ” don’t push it young lady” warning. Ten minutes later she threw down her magazine and sighed…” I don’t want to read anymore. All the stories are the same” she complained. Max closed his book and looked quietly at her. ” Rebekkah Cole, whether you know it or not, what you need is a damned good spanking. But, to spare your embarrassment, how about we go for a walk around the terminal and grab a coffee?” he asked her, grinning amusedly. She smiled shyly and nodded her head and they set off to do just that.
Three hours later, Max herded his over excited wife up the stairs and into the plane, relieved that at last she would now calm down a little. As the plane hurtled along the runway and ascended into the air, he smiled at her reassuringly, as she clutched his hand in hers. Take offs were never her strong point, but as the plane levelled in it’s flight, her grip lessened and she relaxed back in her seat. Rebekkah finally settled down and Max was relieved once galncing over to her, to find her fast asleep. The flight passed uneventful and when touching down several hours later and the doors of the plane opened, it was once again a very excited Rebekkah who descended the steps from the plane. He listened patiently to her cries of “Oh Max look at that!!”…and ” Oh Max…..look at those!!”. When they arrived at the hotel, Max, a little weary from Rebekkah’s constant enthusiasm, guided her straight up to their room. Heading for the shower he switched it on and turned it to cold. Snatching her wrist, he pulled her into the bathroom and held her hand under the cold water. ” Rebekkah Cole, if you don’t settle down this instant I am going to strip you and personally hold you under that shower for as long as it takes to get you to stop babbling like an excited schoolgirl!!” he threatened. Rebekkah tugged her hand free. ” Okay, I,m sorry…..but isn’t this heavenly?” she breathed. Max raised his eyebrows to the ceiling and gave up. Switching the shower to warm, he began to strip his clothes from his already clammy body. ” Darling, come and join me!”. And so it was a very clean though flushed couple that emerged from their room a few hours later to dine with the other holiday makers.
The first few days of their holiday were filled with sightseeing, sunbathing, swimming and enjoying good food and wine. They made love through the night, exhausting themselves until they were both completely sated. On their fourth day of their vacation Rebekkah complained of feeling unwell. Max, concerned heightened, arranged for a doctor to come to the hotel. After a thorough examination, his diagnosis was influenza. A severe chest infection had begun and anti-biotics were prescribed along with bed rest. So Max nursed her through the nights, when her cough
ing fits racked her body. He bathed her weak body and stayed with her day and night. After three days, she began to improve and after constant nagging and protests of “I,m bored” and ” But I,m on holiday” Max relented and allowed her to lie in the sun beside the hotel swimming pool! ” But that’s as far as you go Becky” he warned her. ” You’re still unwell and although you keep telling me you are fine, believe me, your body needs time to recharge. So walks around the hotel grounds and that’s it. I know it’s not been the holiday you hoped for, but there will be others. So just be a good girl and show some common sense and do as I say…..understood young lady” he commanded sternly. ” Yes Max” she muttered meekly. So lying on her sun lounger, she scowled as she watched holiday makers coming to and from the hotel, after obviously enjoying a day at the beach or sightseeing. She tried to cheer herself up with thoughts of the beautiful hotel surroundings and hot sunny weather. On the tenth day of their holiday….Max announced that he was going out for a few hours in the afternoon to buy some souveniers for their families. Warning her to take it easy and relax and not to leave the hotel, he kissed her and headed off on his hunt. Rebekkah snatched up her novel, fuming inwardly at even being denied the pleasure of visiting the little gift shops which she had been so looking forward to. Nick-knack shops had always been a passion of Rebekkah’s. She adored visiting tiny little shops and seeking out little ornaments or odds and ends. She scanned the page before her, her mind not absorbing the lines in front of her and a few minutes later, she threw the book down in disgust. Leaning back, she sighed heavily and stared up into the perfect blue sky above. A young couple came racing by her, their legs covered in sand, obvious to her they had been swimming in the sea and frolicking on the beach. ” That’s it!” she said to herself. Getting up, she made her way to her room and grabbing her beach bag, stuffed a beach towel,her purse, a bottle of sun lotion, sun hat and sarong and flip-flops inside. Steadily she made her way out of the hotel and down to the beach. It was less than a few minutes walk from the hotel to the beach and as she spread her towel down on the hot white sand and sat down to drink in the sight of the cystal blue ocean before her, she thought quickly. Max was a very conscientous man and whatever gifts he chose would require a lot of thinking and time. So she should be good at least for a few hours. After fifteen minutes of relaxing on the beach, she realised just how hot she was becoming and decided a nice cooling dip in the sea would be just the ticket to cool her hot body down. She paddled along the edge of the water for a few minutes before slowly making her way into the water. She heaved a sigh of relief as she reached waist deep and slowly submerged her upper torso into the warm but refreshing water. She swam slowly and steadily until she felt her legs weaken and she headed back in. Padding up to her spot, she sank down onto the towel and reaching for her bag retrieved the bottle of sun lotion. Covering herself, she replaced it and then cursed softly as she realised just hpow thirsty she had become and she hadn’t packed a bottle of water or soft drink. Spying the little grass roofed beach hut stand selling refreshments. Snatching her purse from the bag she made her way over to the little hut intent on settling for a cold fruit juice. She perched herself on the stool and the bartender approached, smiling widely, flashing a set of straight white teeth. ” What’s your pleasure fine lady” he drawled cheerfully, his accent of native tongue. She looked at the racks of delicious liquers and alco-pops and thought to herself…” Hell, this is supposed to be a holiday, why not enjoy yourself?!!!” and she smiled at him. ” Your best cocktail please!” she replied cheerily. An hour later, she made her way back to her spot and sank down on the spread towel. Her head spun dizzily, the effects of four cocktails and the relentless sun beating down. She lay back dreamily and after almost poking her eye out with the leg of her sunshades, she drifted off to sleep.
Max made his way to the hotel swimming pool after dropping off the carefully selected souveniers. Finding the room empty and guessing Rebekkah sunbathing by the poolside, he was taken aback to find her no longer where he left her. Quickly he made his way into the hotel and enquired with the reception staff as to their knowledge of the whereabouts of his wife. Blank expressions and no answers found Max back by the poolside five minutes later after a quick search of the hotel. Standing by the lounger by the empty pool his mind raced as to where she could be. His heart thumped heavily in his chest as realisation dawned on him. Surely not?!! No!! He had told her to stay by the pool! Surely she couldn’t be so foolish as to disobey and defy his instruction to stay safely by the hotel. His mind flew to all the possibilities of the consequences of her illness if she weakened and anger coursed through his veins. As he strode towards the beach there was only one thought going through his mind. And that was the little fool would regret moving her butt from the sun lounger!!!
Rebekkah’s eyes fluttered open. God she felt so weak and dizzy. What’s happening to me, she asked herself a little frightened by the sensations flooding her body. And why was she so tired? Her eyes nipped even behind the shades that protected her from the sun’s blinding glare. She closed her eyes and then found herself inexplainably giggling to herself. Suddenly, everything seemed to dull behind her closed eyes and she opened them to find a very irate Max towering over her. But alcohol had dulled her senses and thinking. ” Hi babe” she slurred. ” You bloody little fool” he retorted. He bent and grabbed both her hands in his, pulling her to her feet! She staggered and as a wave of dizziness surged through her brain Max caught her and pulled her to him. Giggling, she plonked a kiss full on his mouth and Max drew back in disgust. ” You,ve been drinking” he said coldly. ” I sure have husband…..hey come on….we’re on holiday ” and as another wave of dizziness caught her, she stumbled forwards against him. Suddenly, she felt his arms catch her around her waist and heaving her up, she found herself draped over his broad shoulders. She began toi kick wildly and slurred angrily at him. ” Max put me down right now”. Max bent down to scoop up her beach bag and towel and walked with capable long strides towards the hotel. Rebekkah pounded her little fists against his shoulders demanding he let her down and he responded with a hard swat on her bottom. Another wave hit her and she passed out quickly. Max strode into the hotel, past the reception desk and the staff on taking in the scene, lowered their heads and continued their conversation in low murmurs. Max entered their room and lay her down on the bed. Standing before his now unconscious wife his anger had not abated and he made his way into the bathroom. Turning on the tap he splashed his face with cold water and steadied his breathing. He stayed there for a good fifteen minutes until he had calmed down. After the speeding offences he thought she had finally learned about her health and safety. He thought he had been firm enough with her and had taught her the lesson she needed to give her the serious wake-up call that she couldn’t go on behaving so recklessly. He had no idea how to deal with this and he thought calmly about how to deal with his defiant wife. One thing was for sure, and that was that this time, he would make damned sure she never EVER disobeyed and defied him again!!! Turning on the shower and turning it to cold, he made his way back to the bedroom.
Rebekkah’s eyes flew open as the jets of cold water hit her body like a thousand needles pricking her all over! ” Ssstoppp it Mmmaax” she spluttered, but Max’s grip on her held her firmly under the cold spray. ” Oh no my darling…..I need you nice and sober to take in
what I have to say to you, so you will damned well stay there until you are!” he bellowed at her. Rebekkah shrieked and hollered and five minutes later, Max lifted her in one fell swoop and plumped her steadily on her feet. Gasping and spluttering, Rebekkah began to shiver and Max wrapped her in a bath sheet. Retrieving a smaller towel from a towel rack on the tiled wall, he gathered up her hair and wrapped the towel in turban fashion around her head. Taking her wrist, he strode through into the bedroom, pulling a very silent Rebekkah behind him. She had sobered up indeed and the shock of what she had foolishly done hit home. He pushed her to sit down on the end of the bed and fetching a chair from the dining set in the corner he plumped it down in front of her and sat down, folding his arms across his chest.
” rebekkah, I don’t even know where to begin with this. Not only did you defy me and deliberately disobey me by leaving the hotel, you got drunk and passed out on the beach under the sun. Not only did you do that, but you put your health in danger…..AND you’re recovering from being ill!!! Have I left anything out so far” he asked her scathingly. She shook her head. ” Young lady, when I ask you a question, I expect you to answer me and not sit there acting dumb!!! Stand up, look at me and answer me properly” he commanded sternly. She obeyed him and got to her feet. ” No Sir!” she answered him. ” Do you realise just how much trouble you are in little girl?
Now you had better tell me the truth Rebekkah Cole and God help your backside if you choose to lie to me! Did you go for a swim in the sea?” he asked her sternly. Still holding his gaze, she nodded and whispered ” Yes Sir” and a silent tear trickled down her cheek as he lowered his head into his hands and moaned. ” Oh you little fool. Do you know what could have happened? Your body is weak and still recovering from illness. What if you had swum out too far and had become too tired and weak to make it back to shore?” he asked her, total disbelief in his voice. “But Max I didn’t go out too far and I didn’t tire” she protested. Max stared at her hard, and his look of total disbelief made her realise she had only made matters worse. ” Rebekkah, you have disobeyed and defied me. You got drunk whilst still recovering from an illness and also went swimming in the ocean not to mention risking sunstroke by falling asleep on the beach and you have the gaul to stand there and try to make excuses!!! Young lady, you have gone too far this time. I realise this holiday has not turned out as you had hoped, but I did tell you there will be plenty of time for otyhers. And you risked future holidays together by risking your life disobeying me. I will not allow you to behave like that Rebekkah. I will not tolerate blatant defiance and I will NOT accept your excuses. What I will do is make you a promise Rebekkah and that is that I am going to teach you a lesson you will never EVER forget. I could be hard on you right here and now and although you think you are well enough, I do not and certainly not well enough to endure the punishment you have earned young lady! However, I am going to spank you right now and it will be the hardest spanking you have ever had, although I will not make it a prolonged one.” he told her, giving her a moment to digest his promise before continuing. ” And after your spanking and suitable time in the corner, you can begin to pack our things whilst I make the necessary arrangements to return home tonight. This holiday is well and truly over and I can’t tell you how angry and disappointed in you that you would behave so recklessly and ruin what time we had left together on this vacation!!”. Instructing her to dry her hair and dress only in bra and panties he waited patiently for her to do as he asked. Returning fifteen minutes later she found him sitting on the chair and she slowly made her way to him. ” Right young lady….I hope you enjoyed your little escapade in the sun today, because your bottom is going to burn hotter than that” and taking her by the wrist, he pulled her firmly over his knee. He wasted no time in dragging down her panties and when the first smack landed with a heavy splat on her left cheek, Rebekkad indeed realised that this was going to be the hardest spanking she was to receive to date. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!SPANK! SPANK! The first ten swats left her squirming and wailing. Max carried steadily on, the blows raining down hard and relentlessly. He lectured her thoroughly and punctuated his words with very hard smacks that left her gasping. At one point she tried to shield her bottom with her hands and he firmly took her right hand and pinned it against the small of her back leaving her the one hand to steady herself. Thirty minutes later, he marched a weeping Rebekkah into the corner of the room and picking up the telephone receiver, informed reception of their early departure. He sat back on the bed, gazing at the inflamed crimson buttocks of his copiously weeping wife and although he always hated punishing her, he felt that she had still not learned a hard enough lesson. But she will when we get home, he told himself grimly.
An hour later saw the pair of them in a taxi and heading to the airport. A subdued Rebekkah sat in silence, very much a different Rebekkah to the excited one that had travelled the road in the opposite direction ten days ago. She remained silent on the plane trip home and whispered her answers to Max’s enquiries of what she would like to eat and drink and did she wish something to read. Half an hour later after landing at the airport, Max turned the key in the door and instructed Rebekkah to go straight upstairs and get ready for bed and once changed assume her place in her corner. Max, retrieved the luggage from the car and taking them through to the launderette left them there to deal with the unpacking the next day. Pouring himself a small brandy and settling down on the settee he leaned back to think. He felt guilty at spanking Rebekkah whilst she was still recovering, but rebuked himself by remembering she had not shared the same guilty feelings by disobeying him and putting her health at risk with her stupidity. Suddenly he was tired and knew that tonight there would be no punishment carried out. They were both tired and they both had to have clear minds during her punishment. He made his way upstairs and found her standing in her corner as he had asked her too. Relieved that she had at least the common sense not to fight him on this, he washed and changed for bed. When he called her to him and she came, he took her in his arms and held her as she sobbed out her anxiety of the day and he listened patiently to her story of feelings of upset and resentment of others enjoying their holiday. They talked through the night and Max told her that tomorrow they would face the consequences of her actions together. Both fell asleep exhausted!
Breakfast was a subdued affair and Max watched his wife carefully for signs of sickness or unusual fatigue. Her eyes were puffy, but that had been due to the previous night’s crying and summing her up decided she was fit enough to go through her punishment. As she gathered up the breakfast things Max spoke to her. ” Rebekkah, in one hours time, you will go upstairs, put on your long overshirt. Everything else is to be removed. I want you to lay out your hairbrush, my slipper and my strap. Before you do so, you will go out to the garden woodshed and select a thick bamboo cane and you will also lay that out on the bed” he told her in a quiet foreboding tone. Rebekkah’s eyes flew to his. ” Oh Max, no, please. Don’t cane me…..please!!” she pleaded with him. He shook his head and spoke to her. ” Young lady, you scared me half to death yesterday when I found you drunk on the beach after being so seriously ill. You defied and disobeyed me and you for the third time in tthree weeks put your health at risk! I will not tolerate it anymore Rebekkah! I am going to punish you extremely severely today. Your punishment will be carried out throughout the co
urse of the day and yes Rebekkah…..I am going to cane you!” he told her firmly. She stared at him and saw the steeled look of determination in his eyes and knew there was to be no reprieve of any kind this time. So an hour later found Rebekkah across Max’s knee, once again being spanked very hard! He picked up the first of the implements and laid the back of the brush on her reddened buttocks and smoothed the wood across her inflamed cheeks. ” Young lady, this is going to be the hardest hairbrushing you have received from me. Keep your hands on the floor because I do not want them getting injured during it. If you attempt to cover yourself with your hands I will double the amount of strokes of the cane you are to receive. Is that understood?”. She nodded and let out an agonising cry as the first of two dozen spanks landed. She had never felt such force before, the pain was incredible and she bucked wildly across his lap. But he held her fast and steadily punished her crimson bottom. Laying the brush down he picked up the slipper. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! On and on the blows fell and she gasped and screamed and pleaded for mercy. He showed none! He slippered her good and hard and stopped after the total of fifty whacks had been given. He stood her up and pointed to her corner. She traipsed across the room, her eyes and nose streaming as she stood in her corner, crying pitifully. An hour passed and still she stood there. The burning in her bottom had eased a little and her heart hammered as she heard Max enter the room and call her from her corner. ” Rebekkah, pick up the strap and hand it to me please. Then I want you to bend over the edge of the bed. I am going to give you 18 strokes young lady. I am giving you twelve for your behaviour yesterday and I am adding the six strokes that I decided not to give you for the speeding and seat-belt incident. You have proved to me that the lesson I gave you last time was still not severe enough and I showed you way too much leniency. I will not make the same mistake again. I love you very much, which is why I am going to give you the full amount of strokes, so please do not expect any less! You may however have it increased if you do not remain in the position you are in or attempt to cover your hands. Now I suggest you grit your teeth and learn from what is coming to you little girl!!” and with that said he indicated to the bed with his finger. She took up the position and screamed as the first stroke landed instantly she was in place. THWAP! The second stroke followed suit…THWAP!…just as quickly as the first and soon she was kicking her legs back and wailing loudly. THWAP!THWAP!THWAP!THWAP!THWAP!THWAP!THWAP!THWAP!THWAP!THWAP! Max paused briefly and spoke. ” Rebekkah Cole you will stand still. Now you will count the last six remaining strokes I was foolish enough to let you off with last time and you will be still!” he replied, the authority in his voice not faltering for a second. He raised the strap over his shoulder and brought it down in a resounding crack. THWAP!…”One”…..THWAP!….”Two”….THWAP!….”Three”…..THWAP!……”Four”……THWAP!….”Five”. Max paused and surveyed her bottom which was a mass of brusing and broad stripes. His heart wrenched at the sight of his sobbing wife, but knew this was for her own good. She was becoming too willful and that in affect was proving to be self destructive. He raised his arm and swung the strap as hard as he could…..THWAP! ….”Aaaarrgghhhhh…..SIX” screamed Rebekkah. Max laid the strap on the bed and pointed to the corner. “Back you go young lady” he told her sternly and helped guide her across the room to once again take up her position in her corner. He left her alone with her thoughts and one very very bruised and swollen bottom. As he fetched himself a drink of water from downstairs he felt sick to his stomach, when he thought of the next part of her punishment. But, his leniency had only resulted in further bad behaviour and replacing the glass he went through to the lounge and sat down for a while to allow his aching arm to rest.
Rebekkah leaned her head against the wall and sobbed relentlessly. She knew she had been foolish. She knew she was defying Max’s wishes and he only had her best interests at heart… why did she disobey him? Why had she acted so rebelliously? Was she deliberately giving him reason to punish her? But why? Attention? Question after question flooded her mind, but no answers came to relieve her. Half an hour passed. Her legs ached standing immobile for so long and she longed to reach back and soothe the scalded, burning cheeks. She was terrified of what was going to happen next. Max’s voice cut into her thoughts and she almost jumped out of her skin. ” Rebekkah, come here” and as she turned he pointed for her to stand in front of him. He went over to the bed and picked up the long thin cane. ” Rebekkah… I am going to give you six strokes of the cane. You do not have to count them. I want you to bend right over and grip the back of your knees. You will stay in that position until I am finshed punishing you! Don’t ever give me another reason to use this vile implement young lady…..because whether or not you know it, you are breaking my heart having to do this!!” and he gave her a moment to compose herself as she burst into tears. Never had she heard him so tired and weary. The disappointment was far worse than his anger. She took up the position and bent forward, clasping her hands on the back of her knees. Max sttod aside her. He measured the cane against her now very bruised buttocks and steeled himself to go through with it. Rebekkah heard the swish of the cane through the air a split second before it landed. She screamed as a line of hot white pain seared across her pained flesh and Max winced himself. An instant welt raised up on her cheeks. SWISH……CRACK! Again she screamed and almost lost her balance. Steadying herself she prepared for the next. SWISH……..WHACK!! Max felt self loathing as he heard how each stroke brought forth such agonising screams of pain from his beloved wife. But he carried on….SWISH…..WHACK!!……SWISH…..CRACK!
He wasted no time and raising his arm brought the sixth and final stroke hard down on her buttocks…..SWISH…….WHACK!!! As the pain of the final stroke seared her flesh, he threw down the cane. He told her to stand and as she did so he caught her in his arms and held her lovingly against his chest. ” I love you Becky……so God damn much. I,m nothing without you. Please let me help and guide you.” and she sobbed into his chest as he stroked her hair. A hot silent tear rolled down his cheek and man and wife stood locked together in an embrace so tight not even God himself could have broken it. He manouvered her across to the bed and helping her lie face down, he fetched the lotion and gently massaged the cooling cream into her ravaged buttocks. She said nothing…..but her silence spoke volumes and assured him that she had this time learned her lesson. And as they both slept locked in each other’s arms, they both came to realise that love came in many forms….in giving and receiving selfishlessly!

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