School trip : London

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School trip : London

It must have been the year 1995 , I was age 17 and I my last year of school . And in the last year of school each class makes a trip to another country for about 3-4 days . Our class and 2 other classes were going to London , England . As I live in Belgium , we just had to take the Chunnel so we were going be in London fast . I was looking forward to it for months .

When we arrived at our hotel in London , the teachers parted the classes in small groups of 3 for our rooms . I ended up in a room with my 2 best friends at that time , Jessy and Cindy . The teacher didn’t realize what they had done by placing 3 handsome guys from another class in the room across ours . All the naughty things that could happen , if only they knew .

I just unpacked my bags and I laid down on the bed . Cindy , slow as always , was still unpacking hers . Somebody knocked on our door . Probably a teacher . Jessy’s bed was closest to the door so she opened the door . The 3 guys from across our room walked into our rooms . They took place on the beds and introduced themselves to us . Their names were Bert , Alex and Kris . Good looking , funny guys as we found out later .My mind started to fantasize about all the naughty things I would love to do with them . But that wasn’t on the menu for tonight cause we were looking forward to go clubbing in London . What else was this trip for ? I looked at Alex , noticing how he was staring at my exposed pierced belly button cause my shirt moved up a little cause of laying on the bed all this time with my hands behind my head . A few seconds later he notices that I am watching him . Ashamed he turns away his head quickly starting another subject to avoid me saying something first . They asked us what our plans were for that night so we told them we were gonna go clubbing . Cindy asked them to come with us , and they didn’t have to think long before agreeing to come with us . Many hours and many make up later it was 10 pm in the evening when all 6 of us slipped out and made our way to a club we heard about .

We arrived at the club , getting in seemed to be no problem at all , our dress code was perfect , specially the girls , skirts and short tops . That always do the trick . We ordered some drinks and found our way to the dance floor . The time flew buy while we enjoyed ourselves and many alcoholic drinks . About 2 am we decided to make our way back to the hotel cause probable the teachers would be waking us up early to go to some stupid museum of something like that .

We opened the door of our room and walked inside , followed by the guys , all 3 drunk off course , but you couldn’t call us sober either . I let my tired body fall on the bed . Alex sat down next to me laying his hand on my head , caressing through my hair . I asked if I enjoyed myself . I nodded as he smiled . I heard Kris asking Jessy if he could sleep with her tonight . Jessy told him to go to his own bed , the teachers wouldn’t like to find the guys sleeping with us off course . Naughty as I am I asked Jessy if she wouldn’t like to have Kris in her bed as a teddy bear for tonight . She blushed and admitted she would like that but it wouldn’t be very responsible . Alex turned back to me and said that if Kris was allowed to stay , at least I had to let him sleep in my bed for the night too . Not expecting that situation , I couldn’t say no cause I was the one who started all this . Cindy was already kissing with Bert so we didn’t even have to ask them . Alex smiled and told me he always sleeps naked . I turned my eyes away and told him to wear at least his boxers cause else he could sleep on the floor . I undressed myself in the bathroom , getting back into my one person bed , wearing a large t-shirt and a string . Alex dropped his clothes on the floor and got in the small bed with me . Our bodies touched as I tried to get into a comfortable position . Cindy turned off the lights . Just before I closed my eyes I told Alex to keep his hands above the sheets . Seven in the morning , an alarm clock went off . Damn was it already morning , I was still tired . A headache welcomed my day . Alex’s arm was laying around me . I took his arm and laid it back next to his body . He also woke up . I asked him if he had a good night and he nodded and smiled . The guys got out and back to their rooms cause they didn’t want to get caught . We all took a shower after the guys left and got ready for breakfast and the usual museum visits planned that day .

We arrived at the first museum . And as I am so interested in museums at that moment in my life I was really looking forward to this , NOT ! As I strayed trough the halls I felt someone grabbing my arm . It was Alex . He told me that he slept well that night and if he could spend another night with me . I said to him that I had to think about that , depending on how much he would please me like a princess that day . He laughed . Yeah I know , I can be a devil sometimes I said . I walked to a bench and sat down , Alex sat down next to me . He laid his hand on my knee and looked at me . “I would love to kiss you , Amanda” . I blushed . “Well did I say you weren’t allowed to kiss me ?” . Alex smiled and moved his head forward , closing his eyes . I closed my eyes , moving my lips towards his lips as they touched somewhere in the middle . My lips parted and I let his tongue slip inside my mouth . Our tongues started to move around . “Hey guys , what is this ?” . It was Jessy . Our faces turned red . Caught by my best friend . She laughed and said that we didn’t have to stop cause she was around . I smiled and kissed Alex again . Butterflies in my tummy , was this love ? Nah , couldn’t be , I didn’t knew Alex enough . Well anyway , time passed by quickly and before we knew it was 7 pm and we were all 6 sitting in our room again . I didn’t feel like going out that night so we decided to get some liquor in a store . Cindy and Bert were the victims and went for some alcohol . Not much later me and Alex were laying on the bed , french kissing . I felt Alex was growing something hard inside his jeans . His hard cock rubbed against my thighs . I pushed him on his back and sat down on top of him , bending over , kissing him again as I slowly grinded up and down , not too fast cause I didn’t want Jessy of Kris to notice anything . I rubbed my pussy on his shaft as I felt him moan inside my mouth while we kissed passionately . Alex had a huge smile on his face and I kissed him on his nose . The door went open , Cindy and Bert walking in with a bag , filled with some bottles .

We started drinking till Bert went to the guys room and came back with a pack of weed and tabaco and some papers to roll some joints . This wasn’t new to me , cause I had smoked joints before . So not much later we were drinking alcohol and smoking weed . We had to be quiet and that wasn’t easy when 6 people are laughing the hell out off themselves . Kris wondered who of the girls had the biggest breasts . He seemed to love breasts . Jessy smiled and said :”why don’t you judge for yourself ” , and she removed her shirt , and was sitting there in her bra . Kris jaws dropped open and he almost started drooling . Before we knew , Cindy was also sitting in her bra . They all looked at me , and I couldn’t refuse , so I also took off my shirt . The guys were staring at us sitting there in our bra . Alex whispered in my ear that he would love to touch my breasts . I giggled and pushed him softly . A few joints and bottles later me , Jessy and Cindy ended up only wearing our underwear , the guys in their boxers . It seemed somebody left the heating on , way too warm in our room . Could be the weed off course but who cared . We decided to go to bed . I crawled into bed and pulled the sheets high enough and unhooked my bra , tossing it on the floor . Alex also crawled into bed . He grabbed me and hugged me tight . We started kissing again not caring about the bad taste in our mouths . Alex’s hand started rubbi
ng over my tummy , moving up as he gra
bbed my breast , starting to rub it with his strong hand . He enjoyed rubbing my 75B cup and gently pinched my nipple . As we kissed his hand moved down , running over my tummy , finding its way into my string . He started to play with the few pubic hair I had , cause I loved to shave it at that moment in my life so only a small landing part remained . “What are you doing ?” I asked . “Shhh quiet Amanda , the others are sleeping ” he replied . I didn’t want to wake anybody so I let his hand in my string as he moved his hand over my pussy lips . Softly he started rubbing my lips with his hand . His index finger ran between my lips , taking some wet juice , he moved his finger to my clit . He slowly started to rub my clit in circles causing my to moan . Quickly he pushed his lips on mine to reduce the noise . My body wriggled in the bed cause he was getting my soaking wet and I was enjoying it all the way . Maybe the feeling that we weren’t alone in the room turned my on so much ? He started rubbing my clit faster as my breathing went quicker and quicker . By this time I was soaking wet and his finger too as he slipped in inside me , starting to finger my pussy slowly , his finger moving in and out . I sounded a slight moan . Alex stopped , to make sure nobody woken up by my moaning . A few seconds later his finger started moving again inside me . His lips touched my neck as he started kissing me there . This was too much for me and I started moaning louder . I grabbed the pillow and placed it on my face to reduce the noise . He noticed I was gonna cum , my hips trembling , he started moving his finger faster and harder . He kept on sucking and kissing in my neck . My orgasm was so intense , juices ran down my thighs as I pulled the pillow close to my face as I moaned out to experience my orgasm to the max . I was feeling sweaty and warm . He removed his finger from my pussy and licked it to taste my juice . He told me I was lucky that we weren’t alone cause else he would have had sex with me . I giggled and not much later we both fell asleep .

The next morning when I woke up , Alex was still laying beside me . I look around and noticed that the others were already downstairs to have dinner . I got out off bed and made my way to the bathroom . My head was turning . I really didn’t feel that good . Must have been those joints . I looked it the mirror . My eyes were small , my hair looked horrible and oooh my god what was that . Alex placed a hickey into my neck . Fuck , and I didn’t have any blouses with high collars or something to cover it up . Ooh well , nothing I could do about it now so I slipped down my string and walked into the shower . I turned on the water and let the hot steamy water run over my body . It felt so good and relaxing . The smell of shampoo filled the room . I heard the bathroom door closing and somebody walking towards the shower . The shower door opened , it was Alex , he was naked and stepped into the shower with me . He wrapped his arms around me and we started kissing . My hands roamed over his back as his hand did the same to me , moving over my ass , pinching my butt . I smiled and pinched his butt back . We continued to kiss each other while the water gushed on our heads . I moved my hand between his legs and I grabbed his cock gently . It was already hard as rock . His cock filled my hand good , this was the biggest cock I had even seen in my life so far . Slowly I started stroking his cock while our tongue flicked around . Alex moaned silently . He laid his hands on my shoulders and pushed my down . I resisted and told him I never done that before . “There has to be a first time for everything Amanda” he replied . Doubting , but I got down on my knees , hot water running over my back as I kept stroking his cock . Alex laid his hand in my neck as I looked at his cock for a while . I didn’t know where and how to start . I opened my mouth and slowly guided his hard shaft into my mouth . I closed my mouth and wrapped my lips around his shaft . It felt so soft on my lips . Like an amateur I started to move my head back and forth , his shaft inside my mouth . My hand kept stroking his cock . “Use your tongue sweetie” . I looked up at Alex and I touched the head of his cock with my tongue . His hips arched back when my tongue made a few circles around his cock . “Yes baby , that’s it , see you can do it” . I smiled , this gave me confidence . I started to move a little bit faster now , stroking and sucking on his tick shaft . It was so big my jaws started to hurt . His hand , laying in my neck , pulled me closer towards him , his cock guiding deeper into my mouth . I tried to pull back but he was too strong . His cock touched the back of my throat . It felt like I was shoking and I gagged . Alex released my head and I pulled his cock out . I was couching for a few seconds till he said sorry to me . I said it was okay and continued to give my new boyfriend the blowjob he wanted . This was the least I could do since he made me cum so good last night . Alex started moaning louder and louder , specially when I started to caress his balls with my free hand . He seemed to enjoy that very much cause he started moaning loud now . “I am gonna cum sweetie” he moaned . Not sure if I wanted to taste his cum I pulled his cock out off my mouth . I kept on stroking his shaft fast till he removed my hand from his shaft and he started jerking himself off . I looked up at him while he was making funny faces . I turned back to his shaft , his hand moving faster and faster till suddenly his cum flew all over my face and in my hair . I didn’t have my mouth closed completely causing some cum flying into my mouth . I spitted it out , tasted so salty . I let some water run into my mouth to rinse my mouth . I got up and let the water ran trough my hair to remove all the cum that flew around . We hugged and kissed for a while before we got out off the shower and got dressed . I was hungry for food this time .

Another boring day filled with museum visits passed by and the evening arrived . I was feeling so happy , in love , I couldn’t even eat , yes this girl was crushed on Alex . This was our last day in London , our bus was leaving at 11 pm in the evening so we packed our suitcases in the early evening . I didn’t want it to be over already cause this was the best trip I made in years . Maybe Alex got something to do with that ? Around 11 pm we took places in the bus , I sat down at a window , Alex sat down beside me , holding my hand and he gave me a sweet kiss on my check . I smiled . The bus starting moving , yep this was it , we were heading back to Belgium . My eyes were closing , I was tired . Alex told me to lay down a little so I laid my legs on his lap , with a small pillow behind my head I rested against the window . I fell asleep quickly , the sound of the bus worked hypnotizing on me . Alex laid his hand on my legs and softly caressed them , rubbing up and down my legs . A few hours later our bus arrived in France . The sound of the bus riding off the Chunnel woke me up . I looked around , everybody seemed to be sleeping or trying to sleep . Alex was still awake . He couldn’t sleep . I wanted to hug him so we switched places . He placed himself against the window and opened his legs , I took place between his legs , my back resting against his chest , as he wrapped his arms around me , hugging me tight . Alex kissed me on my head , he was such a sweetie . I couldn’t wait to tell my sister about my new boyfriend , hoping also my parents were gonna like him . Alex kissed my neck and whispered in my ear that he enjoyed every second that happened the last few days . I told him I felt the same . I reached behind my back and I laid my hand on his crotch , slowly rubbing his jeans . His cock got harder everytime I rubbed it softly . Alex removed his arms around me and opened the buttons of his jeans and hugged me again . I looked around to make sure everybody was sleeping before slipping my hand into his pants and boxers . I found his hard cock and pulled it out and started to stroke it slowly behind my b
ack . I
could feel his warm breathe against my ears . I kept jerking his cock slowly for about an hour , not wanting him to cum , just wanted to let him enjoy in silence . He closed back his jeans and we both fell asleep , or at least tried to sleep . Two and a half hours later we arrived at our home town , my daddy waiting for me in his car . After finding my luggage I gave Alex a big long everlasting hug and a sweet kiss . We exchanged phone numbers before we went our own way . I waved at him as he disappeared in the crowd to find his parents and I made my way to my dads car to tell him about my new love .

The next morning my mom yelled at me while I was in my bed . It was Alex on the phone , I don’t think I ever ran that fast . It was a start of a 2 year lasting relationship . Somewhere in my heart I still feel love for Alex but life decided that we weren’t meant for each other .

I hope you enjoyed reading this story . Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me or want to read more stories I have written or if you want to chat with me on msn just ask …and maybe I will let you read my secret stories , the one that are not and wont be published on the internet .

I don’t bite …hard !

Hugs and Kisses

Amanda Marais

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