Chris & Joanna – Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chris & Joanna – Chapter 1 Part 1

At noon the next day both found themselves back on the chat line. Neither one slept very well the night beore after their first chat. Joanna & Chris tosses & turned all night. Joanna’s mind kept her up wondering… Could he be the one? How will I know? Did I really admit to a perfect stranger my deepest desire? Will I finally be able to submit to a man and let him take control? Chris’s thoughts were smililar. Could she be the one? Will I finally have a soman submit to me? The thought of a woman’s bare botton facing him ready to be spanked consumed him. Granded, the basic reason to administer DD is to ensure proper behavior, but it still is erotic to him. Apparently it is to Joanna, too. Her mind wandered. She wanted to structure & discipline and knew spankings were designed to be painful in order to correct misbehavior. But still, the thought excited her & soon her hand began to wander to her wet pussy. She rubbed her clit, images flashing in her ind of being told she was to be punished. Of the image of her bare ass across the lap of her lover being spanked. Mild swats, the harder & faster. Oh – it hurt so much. She needed to feel the fire on her ass. Harder & faster she fingered herself as the images of had and fast spanks were laid upon her flaming ass. Yes!!! Release at last!! Release of tears, release of orgasm!!!
So at noon:
Nooneknows – “Are you there?”
Securityman – “Yes – thank you for coming back.”
N- “No, thank you. I was hoping we could continue our conversation.”
S- “Me too. So, how bout we start with our real names?”
N – “Ok, my name is Joanna.”
S – “What a beautiful name. Hi, I’m Chris.”
With that a new chapter in their lives began. That day they chatted for hours when they finally decided they couldn’t wait to meet. The made a date for 7:00pm that night. They agreed to meet in a neutral location – just in case the chemistry was’t there.They met in a secluded park at the fountain.
I don’t know how many people believe in ‘Love at first sight’, but for Chris and Joanna it was real. Within a minute of meeting for the first time, they melted into each other. The held each other for a long time then broke apart to sit at the nearest bench. They held hand and talked – never taking their eyes off each other.
“So,” asked Chris “are you completely serious about being in a Domestic Discipline (DD) relationship?”
“Absolutely,” Joanna replied. “It’s the kind of relationship I want – and need. I believe it will be a fulfillment of my life and make me a better person.”
“I agree that it can – when done lovingly- be very fulfilling, but it required a great deal of trust.” Chris explained.
“I know it does. Funny, though – I already trust you completely. I can see the kindness in your eyes.” she replied.
“You can trust me.” he said. “but I want you to be absolutely sure of that before we enter into any kind of agreement. And, I have one more question for you.”
“What is it?” she asked.
“Well, as a man I believe sex is a key to a good, strong, healthy relationship – for both people involved. Therefore, when I feel the need to engage in sexual activity, it is intended to be for both partners. Sex is healthy and natural and exploring the boundaries is also natural. It is my belief that not only should I take on the role of Head of Household (HOH),
it is also my responsibility to to lead the sexual relationship. I will always be reasonable and I only ask that if I want my partner to try something, then she should try without protest. If she doesn’t like it, then that will be the end of it. So, my qusestion to you is this: Do you agree to be in a DD relationship with me that includes a sex clause having you agree to sexual requests? This clause would include punishments that are sexual in nature for not complying with sexual requests.” Chris asked.
“Well,” Joanna replied, “I honestly have not had that much sexual experience. I have read about various things, but have never tried them. I am terribly shy when it comes to sex. I know sex is natural and healthy and I am a bit curious about some things. So, I believe I can agree to trust your judgement and guidance in matters pertaining to sex.”
“I can’t believe it!” Chris said surprised. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure.” she replied.
“OH God .” Chris exclaimed looking to the heavens, “You have truly sent me an angel.” Joanna just giggled, smiled and leaned in to him and held him in her arms. Could it be that just yesterday she was frustrated and lonely and suddently she was happy and content?
After what seemed like hours sitting together, they agreed to go to the respective homes and meet again the next day for lunch.
The next morning, after another night of restless sleep, Joanna prepared for her lunch date with Chris. As she got into a nice warm bath she began to wander why Chris didn’t even kiss her last night. She felt so comfortable with him, so why not a kiss? She would be sure to ask him later. She bathed, dressed the brushed her hair. After getting dressed she headed off. When she arrived at the restaurant & gave her name, the host led her to a secluded table where Chris was waiting for her. He stood and pulled her seat out for her “You look beautiful, Joanna” he said.
“Why, thank you. And you are quite the handsome one yourself.” she replied.
Chris smiled and said “I’ve taken the liberty of ordering for us. I do hope you will like what I have chosen.” In front of her was a glass of white wine. Since she was still a little nervous, she took a sip.
“I’m sure I will enjoy every bit.” she said.
The enjoyed thier lunch – good food, good wine, and great conversation. They talked about movies, music, books, and more. Finally Joanna felt comfortable enough to ask “Why didn’t you give me a kiss last night? I thought things were going so well.”
“A kiss is a very intimate moment between two people and I didn’t want you to feel I was moving too fast.” he replied.
“Are you kidding?” she asked. “In one night I shared with you my deepest desire, we discussed a whole major lifestyle on our first meeting, and you didn’t kiss me because you thought it was moving too fast?”
“Well, yea, I guess you could say that.” he said. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“I’m not upset, just…” she trailed on.
“I’m sorry.” he said. “If you trust me, I believe I can make it up to you.”
“Oh really,” she asked. “How’s that?”
Chris just smiled and said “You’ll just have to wait and see. But first, I have brought you something.”
“Really, what?” she asked
With that, Chris pulled out a manila folder from a leather case sitting next to him. He handed her the folder labeled “Contract – Chris & Joanna”. She looked up at him curiously. “After our discussion last night, ” he explained. “I took the liberty of drawing this up. I want you to read it carefully.

to be continued…

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